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Evil Eye and Hex Protection

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Today, in the era of industry and atheism, people completely forgot about such mystical and magical things as the evil eye and hex. But if we don’t believe in something, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Sometimes we have to deal with things that terrify us, make our blood creep, and can’t be explained. Some people are haunted by bad luck. Some have all male members of their family die under suspicious circumstances. Some have something in their house that walks, flies, makes noises and strangles them at night. It can be a coincidence.

Victim of evil eyeBut when coincidences are strangely regular, even most fervent atheists ask themselves a question, “Maybe it’s the evil eye?” This is when you recall a hunched old lady whispering something as you go by, a neighbor coming to your place exactly when another argument breaks, a weird tall guy that stopped you on the street and said that troubles were ahead and very soon something bad was going to happen. This century has blunted our consciousness which witches take advantage of. Now, when we are so unsuspicious, our subtle matter is vulnerable. Even when a person says something in a fit of temper and then forgives the one he is angry with, what he says covers the person the words are addressed to. We should be more restrained and careful with other people, and remember that none of us is a saint. Try to learn to see what others can’t, and you’ll be able to save you and your family.

Energy is the key element in putting an evil curse. It is concentrated in personal belongings and things that were created with one’s own hand. But most energy is concentrated in the person himself: his hair, nails and skin. Rituals can involve things we use in our everyday life, words and such attributes as a dagger, killed animals, hand-made candles, and blood.

The evil eye is someone’s mean word or envy

This person can be a warlock or he can know nothing about his powers. Not feeling well does not always mean the evil eye. You may as well have eaten something. If you don’t get better and there is a strange feeling that you want to beat somebody up for no reason, cry and rush about the room, it’s not food poisoning. You have to take a shower, lie down, calm down, and pray. Ask somebody to take some salt and carry it around you counterclockwise, and then throw the pinch away over the threshold. To protect yourself from the evil eye, wear a pin close to your heart, its head down.

A hex is always dangerous and hard to remove

Hex protection with candleWhen white magic witch doctors can’t help you, go to a black magic one. To protect yourself from a hex, follow the rules below:

 - don’t give your photographs to anybody, personal things and things you love, jewelry

 - don’t pick up things from the ground that belong to other people: crosses, coins, buttons

 - avoid being called by your name in public

 - don’t wish anybody ill and don’t envy

If you find strange things in unusual places (pins and needles in the doorway, a dead animal in front of your door), get rid of them immediately. Don’t touch them with bare hands and don’t throw them out to crowded areas. You’ll be safe but someone will touch it and be cursed for nothing. If you don’t want to throw away the thing that you think is cursed:

 - if it’s a piece of clothing, wash it in cold water

 - if it’s a picture, put it to an icon, face to face, and leave it there for a week

A curse is a never-ending process that brings death to entire generations

Even after death, a spirit of the deceased can’t find peace and suffers. You can stop it if you find the regularity and break it off. Go to a magician, a church, lit candles, and pray.

Treat such things with due respect and remember that often they happen to those who don’t notice signs.

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