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Science regards the “evil eye curse” as a form of “magical thinking” or superstition. A lot is written by those sticking to the materialistic opinion on the human nature. Such interpretations can be found in different encyclopedias, from specialized ones to Wikipedia.

Others believe that the evil eye curse is a possibility to influence other people in certain ways. The majority of people connect it with such everyday problems as “murrain,” “bad harvest,” etc. From the point of view of the esoteric approach, those problems have nothing to do with the evil eye curse and are caused by something else. So far, no official explanations of the phenomenon have been advanced.

Evil eye curse ritual with scullThe study of the human biofield with the help of tools and aurovision, as well as clairvoyance practices, allowed drawing a conclusion that the evil eye curse has its own origin and nature. They introduced the notion of the external biopathogenic factor or EBPF, developed a theory of its possible origin and provided appropriate examples. This shows the way the evil eye curse works, as well as what happens in the human biofield as a result of its influence.

Traditional healers and esoteric researchers have always pointed out the interconnection between the man’s health and his chakras that is an energy biofield shell. Both psychics and biophysics who studied the human biofield together have always noted that the man’s aura deforms long before the man falls ill. There can be a significant interval between the changes in the biofield and development of a disease.

Our biofield can influence plants, animals and even devices. It’s a scientifically proven fact. We also know that energy carries information. So the esoteric approach regards the evil eye curse as consequences of a personal individual energy-informational influence of one person directed at another person.

Biofield changes are shown as aura deformation, such as a discharged aura or its asymmetry. An experienced spell caster will notice alien energies presented as dark clusters and spots on the aura. A strong EBPF causes chakra failure and some of them may even get blocked.

The detected changes in the human aura can be divided into four groups: EBPF1, EBPF2, EBPF3, EBPF4.


EBPF1 usually appears after being in contact with people with a different energy field power, or when two people dislike each other. Antipathy and rejection may be caused by an argument or a temporary psychological conflict.

Eventually, EBPF1 disappears, especially if the person’s biofield hasn’t changed much. If it’s blurred or grey, it disappears completely when the aura purifies itself. In this case, no help of the biotherapist is required.


EBPF2 appears when a person with a weak biofield spends a lot of time in the neutral-negative areas of influence of a person with a strong negative energy field. In this case, two-sided aura deformation occurs with asymmetric change of its shape. It still can’t be called the evil eye curse. The energy shell of the man’s biofield gets discharged later. Often, when the contact is discontinued, the man’s aura gets fully restored. Psychotherapeutic or psychological help is required for neglected cases. This kind of aura deformation is characterized by neurotic symptoms. Anyway, if changes in the biofield are revealed, appropriate recommendations are required to remedy the situation.


Witch casting Evil eye curse

EBPF3 is characterized by alien energies sticking to the aura or extreme aura asymmetry. In this case, the man can’t name the source of the negative influence. Diagnostics of a man with biofield disorder usually requires psychological analysis of his relations. As a rule, the patient thinks no one hates him as he’s on good terms with his co-workers and family. 

Often, such people have a boss, a colleague or a spouse with a strong bioenergy field. The patient feels tired all the time, which is the so called asthenic symptom complex. Some rest, biotherapist’s advice, yoga and other energy-exercises would be enough to remove the deformation. The biotherapist will stimulate the victim’s chakras and intensify his aura. A few sessions will be enough.


EBPF4 is the evil eye curse. It appears as a result of intentional negative influence on another person by sending a negative energy impulse. The impulse can be transmitted by the words spoken by a person with a strong biofield, or by the look (accompanied by a mental curse or other forms of ill wish). Experienced black spell casters use different channels and tools to influence a man’s biofield (average people consider them rituals).

Spells put on objects such as ground, ropes, hairs, pins, etc. are energy-informational impulses. Esoteric researchers don’t attribute them to the evil eye curse. People call it hexes.

In esotericism, the evil eye curse is the consequences of EBPF appearing as a result of a conscious or unconscious influence on another person.

The clinical presentation of curses varies and depends on the duration and power of the influence. The influence is caused by the development of alien energies that penetrated the person’s shell. It damages the person’s biofield. It’s very similar to the way cancer cells develop on the man’s healthy cells. Atypical cells grow faster than normal cells (often at the expense of the latter).

In case of an evil eye curse, the aura is deformed in many places. Its visualization looks as a shell rupture, an artificial channel. Psychics feel coolness with their hands in these places. The torsion balance indicates a strong field. In the picture of an aura taken in the high-frequency field, a dark straight or spring-like strip is seen in the rupture area.

People with EBPF4 usually have such symptoms as fatigue, irritability, pain (localized).

Symptoms of the evil eye curse vary. That’s why diagnostics and energy-visual examination of the possible victim is strongly recommended. One of the signs indicating the evil eye curse is the resistance of the clinical presentation towards medical treatment. If the victim doesn’t receive biotherapeutic help in time, the evil eye curse may transform into chronic aura disorder and its traces will cover the development of a disease. Symptomatic therapy (drug therapy) won’t have positive effect on the patient.

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