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Gemstone magic for love

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Some gemstones can help people who want to attract love and keep it. In this article, you’ll find out which gemstones should be used to achieve this or that purpose. I’m going to tell you about gemstones which acquired a magical status and can fill your life with passion, tenderness and love.

Pink quartz is a symbol of infinite love and peace. One of the best romantic stones to attract love, it helps to understand the true essence of love.

Gemstone magic for loveTo achieve love and harmony in a family relationship, the stone should be kept near the bed. It helps to restore lost trust, frees from unspoken words and mental anguish, soothes old pain.

This beautiful stone relieves guilt and improves self-appreciation. It should be worn close to the heart.

While picking a gemstone, think about what you want most at the moment. Let your hand reach for the right stone, the one your heart wants.

Garnet is a stone of faithfulness and eternal love. It can boost your sex appeal, decrease the feeling of disharmony and improve potency.

Tuning in to your heart energy, it stirs up old feelings and passions. Garnet is a powerful energizer that allows opening up the heart and gives moral strength. It can be worn as a ring, earring, or close to the heart. Make sure it contacts your skin.

Carnelian is the main love talisman. It helps to restore confidence and love. It also protects home from outside dependence and negative emotions, and helps cure impotency and frigidity. Kept not far from the entrance door, it attracts luck and prosperity. It is especially good for the vivacity of your soul, body and relations. The stone turns negative energy into positive energy, and can pure the energy not only around itself but also in other stones.

Carnelian is to be worn as a pendent. Carnelian figures bring luck as well.

If you also have a carnelian talisman or amulet, the magical effect will exceed all your expectations

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