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Rituals with stones

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Do you remember that fairytale where a stone showed a bogatyr which way to go? Our ancestors worshipped stones and considered them a symbol of eternal wisdom and immortality. Some stones heal, others help cognize the universe. Some of you may think, “How can a rock be useful?” Stones are a part of nature. Born by it, they adopted the essence of entity. They bring luck, cure illnesses, become amulets and talismans. They were used by shamans and sorcerers in fortune-telling and always gave the right answers. Why can’t a modern man get back to the source of true cognition?

Stone magic ritualAll stones are divided according to the element and zodiacal sign. Some signs will be represented by Slavic gods. There are four elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Air.


  • Lamb (Aries) – opal, ruby, amethyst
  • Kitovras (Sagittarius) – chalcedony, topaz, silver nitrate, obsidian
  • Leo – diamond, ruby, rock crystal, garnet


  • Zemun (Taurus) – emerald, agate, tourmaline, sapphire
  • Maya Zlatogorka (Virgo) – amethyst, topaz, sapphire, calaite
  • Dyi (Capricorn) – onyx, ruby, quartz, cat’s eye, malachite


  • Cancer – pearl, emerald, moonstone, opal
  • Skiper-zver (Scorpio) – malachite, topaz, tourmaline, garnet
  • Pisces Navi and Yavi (Pisces) – moonstone, amethyst, coral, sapphire


  • Kupala (Gemini) – chalcedony, topaz, aquamarine, tiger’s-eye
  • Veles (Libra) – topaz, aquamarine, calaite, silver nitrate, corals
  • Kryshny (Aquarius) – aquamarine

Rituals are held with respective stones. It is an obligatory rule. And now let me tell you about the rituals.

“Help me, stone, remember my dream”

Has your dream ever been interrupted by an alarm? You jump up from your bed and can’t remember anything…

Before going to bed, take a stone in your left hand and ask it to help you remember your dream. Leave the stone near the bed or under your pillow.

“Help me restore my energy”

Magic rituals with stonesYou come home from work tired, sit down in your favorite chair and doze off. But you have a lot of work to do around the house, like making dinner, cleaning up… In this case, the energy of a stone can help you. You’ll need a stone (according to your zodiacal sign) and some quartz. Hold the quartz in your right hand and the stone in your left hand. Lie or sit down in a soft chair, make yourself comfortable, and focus on your feelings, anxieties, questions. The stones will absorb all your negative energy and tiredness, while filling you with energy. 

“Stone, cure me”

Precious and semiprecious stones have healing properties. There are stone-based treatment courses. Stones are used for health improvement and rejuvenation. Go to a forest, sit down in the lotus position, relax. Pick a stone (depending on what you want to cure). Focus on your illness, imagine it. Blow at the stone three times and put it to the place that hurts. Run it over this place as if gathering the bad, absorbing it. Blow at the stone again, to blow the bad away. Don’t go home right away. Stay in the forest for a while, holding the stone in your hand. It will give you some of its energy.

“Make my wish come true”

Sit at a table southwards. Take three stones according to your horoscope and lay them out as a triangle, the vertex of the triangle facing south. Focus and ask the stones to make your wish come true. Think about something good. Stones easily fulfill non-material wishes, like a wish for health or love. It’s unlikely that you’ll get a brand new car or an apartment the next day after performing the ritual.

While holding rituals, don’t forget about the stones. They absorb negative energy and need to be taken good care of. Purify them. Wash them in cold running water or dip them in a glass with holy water, so the stones can protect you and your health for many years to come.

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