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Chrysoprase. It is light green (sometimes blue-green) and transparent. It is believed to be able to attract money and luck.

If you’re going to a business meeting, put on a chrysoprase ring on the ring finger of your left hand. It will help you be up to the mark and achieve success. When the negotiations are over, take the ring off your index finger and put it on the ring finger of your right hand. Doing this, you’ll speed up profit.

Magic stones for luck

If you have no such ring, carry the stone in your left pocket and remember that the stone is most effective in April and May, as well as in fall – in November and December. 

Chrysolite. This transparent stone is, as a rule, yellowish-olive, which makes it look elegant. If you put on a pair of chrysolite earrings, you will feel confident and firm while negotiating with your business partners.

If you have some unfinished business or are expecting to receive profit, remember that a chrysolite ring can speed it up. Just put it on the index finger of your left hand and wear it without taking it off.

If you don’t have a ring, carry the stone in a pocket or a purse and remember that chrysolite is most effective in March, May and February.

Chrysoberyl. This semitransparent stone is yellowish-green and can help people find a way out of their financial troubles.

Put a chrysoberyl ring on the long finger of your right hand or simply put the stone into your pocket. It will attract money. At first, people who start carrying such a stone notice that their losses reduce and then start gaining profit, which gradually turns into steady income.

The stone is most effective in December and January, as well as in May and September.

Rhodonite. This mottled stone can be pink or crimson, red or fiery red. Besides, rhodonite can have tints of grey or unique black veins.

This stone gives people confidence, ability to focus on the important things. Those wearing it getmore purposeful and therefore earn more money. For this stone to work and develop your intuition, it should be worn in the left pocket. The stone is most effective in January, May, August and September.

Bull’s eye. Its color is terracotta and it’s not transparent. It will help you a lot if you’re about to start a risky and difficult undertaking, as well as will help you carry it through and gain profit regardless of any problems which may stand in your way.

This stone can communicate with its owner. It changes its shine and color depending on your financial state.

Stones that work to attract money

Wear it on the index finger of your right hand to overcome difficulties, and of your left hand to always make the right decision. The stone is most effective in February and April, as well as in June and August.

Tiger’s eye. It is not transparent. Its color is brown or dark-brown with yellowish veins. It can warn its owner about upcoming financial troubles by getting heavier and causing discomfort, thus protecting the person from bankruptcy.

It should be worn on the ring, long or index finger of your left hand. It’s most effective in April, June and august, as well as October and November.

Carnelian. The color of this semitransparent stone can vary from orange-red to brown-red. Wear it on the long finger of your right hand so it could prompt you the 100% profitable business plans. If you put it on your ring finger of your right hand, it will attract reliable and serious partners and protect you from frauds.

You can put it under your pillow, then tell it about  your dreams and problems. The stone will help you overcome difficulties. It’s most effective in March, June, as well as July and September.

Citrine. This transparent stone is usually yellow or yellowish-brown. Put it on the index finger of any of hand and it will protect you from the evil eye curse. Besides, if you wear it on the index finger of your right hand, it will also help you increase your earnings.

Keep in on your desktop (at home or in the office). It should always be close by. Also take it with you when going on a business trip, especially if it takes place in May, July or November.

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