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A money talisman – The key to wealth and prosperity

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A money talisman from a skilled talisman producer

Poverty is not a state of mind or a reflection of your intellectual abilities. It is a reflection of your energies and the connection between your chakras and the energies of the world. You can know a lot, have professional expertise, have a goal, really want to get rich and be motivated, but if your chakras are disconnected from the world, you will never get rich no matter what you do. You will stay broke no matter how many business and professional training seminars you finish.

Money amulets and talismansNevertheless, it is not a reason to give up. You can still change it if you buy a personalized wealth talisman. Buy such talismans only from professional talisman manufacturers. Otherwise, it will not help you. A low-quality or faulty money talisman can benefit only one person, specifically a YouTube blogger specializing in exposing liars. Thus, they buy a low-quality magic product expecting to get rich thanks to it. When they fail, they make and post dozens of videos telling users about their experiment and making some money from it. The rest should accept the defeat along with the fact that they might have to stay poor forever.

But today I, spellcaster Maxim, do not want to talk about sad or painful things. The topic of money amulets and talismans is very optimistic and promising as it is. True magic talismans are a great way to attract money into your life. A lot of money. Maybe more money than you can imagine. All that is required from you is just investing a reasonable amount of money into your wealthy and financially stable future and buy a powerful money talisman.

How to make a talisman for money

I have just remembered that there is one more category of people who make money from faulty talismans. These are owners of websites teaching people how to make money talismans for themselves. Here are some tips about it I have come across lately:

“Put a fishbowl with a goldfish on the windowsill and let the fish get used to the new place. Every day you feed it, throw a coin into the bowl. When the coins cover the entire bottom, the fishbowl will start attracting money into your life.”

In my opinion, by the time the coins cover the bottom, the fish will either be dead from infection from the coins which have been touched by hundreds of hands, or you will understand that what you are doing is complete nonsense.

Here is one more tip:

“When someone dies in your family, buy two identical wallets. Put one into the coffin and keep the other. In forty days ask the deceased relative to give you money and your request will be fulfilled.”

This ritual is very dangerous, even if we put aside the ethical and moral issues of not treating deceased people with due respect. All you will achieve by performing this ritual is shortening your life by a few years. Occasionally, it can shorten your life by dozens of years, if your relationships with the deceased person was not good.

Those giving tips about how to make a talisman for money keep posting their misleading articles taking advantage of your ignorance in magic-related issues. They know a lot of people are naïve and can be fooled easily (such people are usually the users visiting such websites). Do you remember how I wrote about frauds offering fake talismans? People giving advice on how to make a talisman for money for oneself are no better than they are.

But that is the way it is. Magic services are too popular for frauds to ignore and not try to take advantage of its potential buyers and clients. But let us not talk about frauds and discuss authentic magic products, specifically money talismans that work.

Effective money amulets and talismans

Money talismanIn case you forgot, let me remind you where your chakras are located:

The first chakra is the lowest energy inlet and it is located between the legs;

The second chakra is located at the bottom of the stomach for being responsible for the energy of sex and creativity;

The third chakra is located above or below the belly button (depending on your inner strength);

The fourth chakra is located in the middle of the chest and it allows us to feel love;

The fifth chakra is located where men have their Adam’s apple;

The sixth chakra is located in the middle of the line connecting the upper points of the ears and it is responsible for our intelligence and cognitive abilities;

The seventh chakra is another energy inlet and it is located on the top of the head.

Why did I bring up the chakras with regard to a powerful talisman for money? Because magic is not necessarily a winning lottery ticket. It is a tool for you to change yourself and thus make some positive changes in your life.

This is exactly what a true big money talisman does. It connects your energies to the universe allowing you to use the energy of your hard work, confidence, friendliness, determination, talent, and charisma to activate the energy of money. The Universe does not give out presents. It works only with people who exchange their energy with it. You give it the energy of your hard work and the Universe gives you the energy of money in return.

This magical cycle can be described as follows: Your hard work and achievements are turned by the Universe into pure energy and this pure energy you get from it turns into money.

Whatever is disturbing this energy exchange process is located in one of the chakras. So when I, spellcaster Maxim, make a money talisman for my client, I examine the client to determine which of the chakras need to be influenced to bring the desired changes into your life.

Through your first chakra, you get the energy of the earth, that kind energy thanks to which there are grasslands and huge trees on our planet, as well as there is life, and death is postposed for an indefinite period of time. Through your second chakra, you transform the energy of your animal nature into the energy of creation, becoming a professional or a genius in whatever field you dedicate your life to.

Through the third chakra, you get the power of a warrior. It is not destructive and it is not filled with violence. It is the power ancient demiurges would use to turn chaos into something beautiful and alive – the power of creation. The forth chakra is in charge of transformation. Its goal is to transform your passion for something into victory and success to enable you to reach your goals.

But these are all just lower chakras responsible for making sure your hard work brings results.

The charkas of God and money talismans that work

What will happen if you dedicate your life to something you are not passionate about? Diligent and hardworking people are good workers but they rarely become rich. Money does not come to those who focus on pleasing the boss or performing their duties well. It comes to those who work hard developing professionalism and then decide for themselves where and when to work, whom to work for or with, and which projects to do.

In each company there are a few employees who stand out. They are not afraid to be fired and are paid as much as they think they deserve. You can try to become one of them all you want, copying their manners and work methods or even their charisma, but it will not change anything. No matter how hard a baby tries to copy his dad pressing random computer buttons, he will not create anything useful.

It is pointless to copy leaders and successful people. You should either become one or forget about big money. Money amulets and talismans know how to make a person a leader. One needs to develop the three upper chakras which, after starting to shine like precious stones, take you, an ordinary guy, to the level of gods. They help you achieve fantastic social and financial success.

Do you want to feel such powers inside you? Buy an authentic money talisman with targeted action on your energies and let it become your guide taking you away from the world of poverty, hopelessness and lack of prospects. It knows what to do to help you achieve success. It will be a mediator for Higher Powers to manage you and change you and your life. Buy this amulet, and your Guardian Angel will take you by the hand after you access him through the talisman, and never let go of it.

A big money talisman and your destiny

Money talismans that workYour destiny depends not only on your chakras. Yes, energy development is vital because it is by climbing up the ladder of your improved chakras that you, a winner, cease to be a loser, a wise man ceases to be a baby, and a leader ceases to be an obedient follower who thinks he does not have it to become successful. There is also such thing as destiny, so do not forget about it either. Also there are mean people who can cast a spell on you blocking access to the energy of money for you.

I, spellcaster Maxim, customize all my talismans based on the needs of each particular owner. For this reason I examine my clients in order to detect their:

  • - Energy health issues;
  • - Karma problems;
  • - Traces of magic attacks;
  • - Fate problems.

When I know the problem for sure, I customize the talisman to make it target this specific problem. In addition I study your family tree. Sometimes the problems can lie in your family tree and some of your family members. For example, one of your ancestors was cursed a long time ago for something he did and the curse has been haunting your family ever since.

There are three signs suggesting that such a curse is present in your family. First of all, none of your ancestors ever managed to get rich. Secondly, you are used to the fact that you were born to a poor family and you will stay so forever. Thirdly, your ancestors were once rich but then got broke and you have been poor ever since despite everything you have been doing to improve your financial situation.

As for your personal problems standing in the way of your financial growth, they are detected when your parents and your siblings are very successful while you can barely make ends meet. It means it is not your family’s fault and the problem is in you. There can be a lot of problems but one of them is the most difficult to fix: before you were born, you decided to live your life in poverty; or you have been a really bad person in your last few lives and you deserve to be a loser with no money in this one.

Can I remove such karmic knots? I, spellcaster Maxim, will be able to answer this question only after carrying out a complete examination of your energy and karmic health. In the meantime, you should know that 50% of patients can get help, which is not bad because it means that you have a chance to be one of the lucky.

A powerful talisman for money and readers of the Spellcaster Maxim website

It is not my first article about money talismans that work. So once in a while I receive questions from my readers. Some of them ask me for clarifications. Others tell their opinion about my articles. Some readers come to a conclusion that magic discriminates against them and express their indignation about it. Do you know why they believe magic discriminates against them? Because they cannot and do not want to understand that their talismans will not help them unless they work hard doing the job they love and know what their goal is.

Below are some examples of such letters:

From a letter:

“Why can’t you make a talisman that will attract money for me without me having to have a full-time job? For example, I go outside and find a wallet. I buy a lottery ticket and win the jackpot…”


To win the lottery, you need a special lottery talisman that can bring you gambling success. To find wallets and jewelry, you need a talisman for a successful treasure hunter which is rare and very expensive.

From a letter:

“You condemn people for being lazy as if laziness makes you a bad person…”


We come to this world to work. If you disagree, you end up at the periphery of your personal history and may get stuck in poverty and failures for an indefinite amount of lifetimes. I condemn lazy people like you condemn drug addicts or suicide killers, as it is wrong to expect the world to give money to those who do not want to work because they are lazy.

From a letter:

“Are there any talismans which can help one overcome one’s laziness and apathy?”


Both are caused by subtle body diseases which promote a sudden decrease in energy levels. Such diseases are treated with spells and subtle body purification. After that a big money talisman can be purchased helping you achieve financial success.


“Can you make a talisman to make the bank offer me a high interest rate on my deposit account?”


Even the most powerful talisman for money can influence only its owner. To make a bank offer you a better interest rate, you need to influence the bank’s manager plus the world’s economy in general, which is obviously beyond the powers of magic practitioners.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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