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Talismans and amulets are magical items which can both drive the evil off and attract happiness and good luck. In ancient times, people understood that, apart from physical, they needed spiritual protection and support. This is when powerful symbols helping to maintain contact with the world of gods were created. These magical signs were used to bring harmony to life, change one’s fate, as well as for protection. Luck, love and health talismans were widely used by people in their everyday life.


As a result of various cataclysms, as well as technological progress, the ancient knowledge was forgotten, yet the talismans’ magical powers didn’t grow any weaker. Nowadays, people display growing interest in it. In the past, talismans were handmade, while today you can go to a store and buy a really nice one. But don’t hurry. The value of each talisman is not its design, it’s its energy. Made by hand and charged with the right energy, it will help you attract good luck, love, improve your energy, discover new talents and abilities, achieve harmony with yourself and the world around you.




Charging a talismanA talisman needs charging (make sure it’s clean).


There are several ways how to charge a talisman.


Talismans can be charged with a candle, consecrated by the church. Take the talisman, face down, quickly over the fire three times, while reading a spell.


A gold or silver talisman can be rubbed over with holy water, a spell being read. Or, to charge a talisman, when the moon is full, put a plate with your talisman on the windowsill lit by the moonlight, and speak to it as long as you can. Speak with love, admire it; tell it how beautiful it is and how much you like it, how much you believe in its powers. Ask it to save you from the evil. Tell it what exactly you need (it’s better to prepare a speech in advance). When you feel tired, wish it good night and leave it until morning, making sure the first light touches it.


In the morning, you should be the first to touch the talisman. From that moment on, be sure that you’ve created a powerful protection shield for yourself and no professional magician will be able to break it. Your life will start changing for the better; you’ll be able to solve many of your problems.




Keep your talisman in a closed medallion or wrapped in a cloth. Don’t leave it unattended. You can tell your friends about how to make a talisman but don’t let them touch yours. It’s magical and for private use only.


A protection talisman I charged with blood (better use a horse’s or bull’s blood).


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