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Pantacles shouldn’t be confused with talismans. Talismans polarize fluids: they are kind of condensers of magicians’ will, whereas pantacles contain polarized fluids and are more powerful than talismans.



There’re three types of pantacles:  


- Common – to call up spirits.


- Personal – for personal use.


- Complex – which are common and personal at the same time.


How to make a pantacle


Draw a sacred symbol. Draw a double circle around it. Write a sacred name or poem above the drawing.


Apply some perfume to it (corresponding to the planet connected to the pantacle.)


Say a prayer and spell.


Wrap the pentacle into a silk scented cloth.


All pantacles should be engraved on the metal which corresponds to the planet connected to the pantacle.


Pantacles can also be drawn on new parchment or china.


A pantacle should be consecrated according to the date and time of the corresponding planet.


When you want to use the power of your pantacle, pronounced the names of the Angels and Powers written on the pantacle.


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