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Protection talisman – Talisman of full protection

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What a protection talisman is used for

I should make it clear that everything you are going to learn in this article applies only to one talisman – a protection talisman produced by and purchased from a professional spellcaster.

Protection talismanI, spellcaster Maxim, have told you repeatedly that amulets and talismans purchased at shady online stores do not work. I wrote several articles to explain to my readers why they are unhelpful. Today I want to focus on people trying to make money from spellcasters and their work. They buy various talismans and resell them with a huge markup. However, these products turn to be useless eventually. Customers file their claims against the spellcasters accusing them of incompetence, while in fact they should blame the resellers or themselves for violating the fundamental magic rules.

According to the key rule,

authentic protection amulets and talismans can be held by two persons, the manufacturer who brought them to life and the owner. As soon as an amulet or a talisman is touched by any other person, it loseS all its magical properties.

This is the way it works. So people trying to resell authentic magic products to make some money are actually selling faulty goods, even though they may think they are selling magic products. You think the same when you buy such products from resellers. In fact, you buy empty packages which once contained magic. Sadly, these packages cannot be refilled no matter what you do.

If that is the case, I can only feel sorry for the owner of the damaged magical item, because good-quality magic talismans and amulets can:

  • Protect you against fools and crazy people;
  • Protect you against aggression and theft;
  • Protect you against competitors and envious people;
  • Protect you against negative energies;
  • Protect you during travel;
  • Protect your marriage and your money;
  • Protect you against hardships;
  • Protect you against wrong choices and risky ideas.

People who know it try to buy such protection talismans, but 90% of them never get the desired results. They buy talismans from resellers (you already know why it is a bad idea) or they buy useless replicas. Also, they can try to make a talisman for themselves by following the tips they find on the Internet on how to make a talisman for protection which is even a worse idea. It turns out the list of talisman properties specified above is no longer valid, because the talismans can protect only those who buy them from professional magic practitioners.

Protection amulets and talismans against mean people and enemies

Protection amulets and talismansHuman destinies are like rails. Some of them move apart or go parallel to each other allowing each other to move forward pursuing their goals without blocking way for others. But sometimes rails intersect causing terrible collisions.

No argument and no fight is ever accidental. We are brought to it by our choices, decisions and behavior. Although sometimes they can be programmed by our karma.

You go outside, enter a store and see a robber. I, spellcaster Maxim, am using this very unlikely scenario for a reason. I do not want you to be distracted by anything. The robber is in the store not by accident. Just like you and every other buyer in the store are. Every person is in here for a reason which can be determined by reviewing their fates. But at the moment we should focus on something different. Specifically, what is going to happen to you within the next few minutes.

The possible scenarios are:

  • You attack the robber and take away his gun;
  • The robber gets nervous and shoots you;
  • The police arrive and the robber takes you hostage;
  • The seller or one of the buyers tries to take the gun away from the robber, it shoots, and the bullet hits you;
  • The police catch the robber and you as an accomplice.

These are the scenarios possible if you do not have talisman protection. If you have one of the protection talismans amulets,

  • 1. You will never go to a store which is being robbed;
  • 2. You leave the store before the robber arrives;
  • 3. If you become a witness to a crime, the robber will not pay attention to you;
  • 4. Even if the robber does pay attention to you, he will not harm you because you are protected by your magic talisman.

This happens because such talismans untie the knots of human destinies. Like experienced and skilled switchmen, they make sure the trains never collide. Let your talisman take care of you and you will always be protected against all kinds of bad people, including your enemies, coworkers, relatives or just people with mental disorders. The talisman will influence such people to ensure they will never want to hurt you. Even if someone is plotting something against you, the talisman will make this person change their mind and just move on. Why? Because the talisman will remove all negative thoughts about you from your enemy’s mind.

How to make a talisman for protection

Protection talismans have been very popular lately, so more and more people are trying to find information about them and type “how to make a talisman for protection” in their search boxes. For some reason people think the best talisman is the one they make for themselves, rather than the one produced by an experienced magic practitioner.

I have never understood what is driving these people. When you get admitted into a hospital, you do not say to your physician, “Hold on a second. I’ll start my own IV and I’ll mix up my own injection medication.” When you are told at a car repair shop that your starter is broken, you do not reply, “Perfect! I’ll start making a new one using old beer cans tomorrow morning!” You are sure not to use handmade plans for travels and prefer to fly proven airlines.

But as soon as you hear that you can make a protection talisman by yourself, you exclaim, “Perfect! I can do that! Why don’t I start right now?”

What is a talisman of full protection or any other magical item? It is an object that keeps some energy program inside. When you are fine, the program is hibernating. But when you are in danger, it comes out of hibernation to influence your energies or the energies of the person posing danger to you.

Talisman for protectionA professional magic practitioner knows not only what shape a talisman should be to suit your needs. He also knows the properties of various metals, stones and other materials used for amulet production. He knows which symbols make amulets or programs stronger. Of course, he knows how proper energy protection programs are designed and how they should be put inside an amulet to remain intact for as long as possible.

Do you think you can get the same results by using some guides outlining the principles of amulet production? Are you good enough at molding or forging to make a proper silver or copper talisman? Have you made good progress in growing magical herbs or gem cutting? To make high-quality protection amulets and talismans, the spellcaster has to master dozens of professions or find other experts specializing in it. Nevertheless, for some reason you believe you can replace them all or that you are no worse at it than a professional and experienced spellcaster.

I honestly do not understand why people are so confident when it comes to magic. I also do not understand how you can trust your fate with a talisman that is unable to protect you. It is like jumping with a parachute made of a bedsheet with holes in it or trying to catch a bullet wearing a bullet-proof vest made of toilet paper.

Talisman protection against negative energies and evil entities

Why am I so sure? To begin with, we live in the world where half the energies are pitch-black. All people are exposed to them. Roughly half the dangers threatening you are caused by these negative energies.

As long as we keep our emotions under control and do not do evil, we are safe. We are filled with light energies and negative ones simply do not see us. However, our emotional and energy state is always changing. As soon as we get angry, jealous or upset or sometimes even get tired, we become visible to the dark energies and the entities feeding on them.

This happens every time we are feeling bad or make other people feel bad. In this state we become highly vulnerable to negative energies, so they start to devour us. By devouring us, it negatively impacts our abilities and shortens our life. For example, a mean person dies 20 years earlier than he was destined to because he developed cancer due to his meanness and anger. Besides, he never managed to develop his talents because he pushed everyone away with his meanness.

It is convenient for negative energies and entities to keep you in a trap like that. It is very difficult to get out of it. So if you feel you have been unusually unlucky lately and you do not understand why, maybe you need talisman protection because negative energies are ruining your life.

  • Firstly, it will protect you against negative energies and evil entities;
  • Secondly, it will clear you of your own negative energies;
  • Thirdly, it will purify your chakras causing pure energy to flow into you in the form of joy and happiness;
  • Fourthly, it will pull you out of the dimension where negative energy exists;
  • Fifthly, it will not let you go back to the state it saved you from.


This is another magic rule you should always remember.

Protection talismans amulets to protect you against yourself

We are responsible for about 30% of our own failures. We make mistakes, say things without thinking, and lie to ourselves, understanding what happened when it is already too late. Every person remembers the major mistakes made in life and we all promise ourselves that we will not repeat them in the future. But after a while, we forget about it and break our promise, making more mistakes.

Surprisingly, a talisman of full protection can protect you against yourself. However, this talisman is effective only if it is made by a professional magic practitioner and customized to fit your energies and meet your needs.

A talisman of full protection – Questions and answers

Not many people know about these talismans so I get a lot of questions about them.


“Is it true that this talisman protects the owner against everything?”


Yes, it provides full protection shielding you from all troubles.


“If I order this talisman, when will I get it?”


You will have to wait for a while because not one but several protective programs need to be sealed inside the talisman.


“Do you produce such magical items?”


I do, when I get an order from a client.


“Are such protective talismans expensive?”


They are. First of all, they are produced from rare and expensive materials. Secondly, it takes a lot of skills and energy to make such talismans. As a result, their prices are rather high.


“How long will it protect me for?”


If you handle it carefully and never tell anyone about it, the talisman will serve you for your whole life. I guess you want to know now if you could give it to someone as a gift or pass it on to your children. Well, the answer is no.


“Can I use it to protect my children?”


Only indirectly. By protecting yourself from poverty, you will protect your children from it. By accumulating large amounts of energy, you will shield your children against black magic attacks. The stronger you get thanks to your talisman, the more you will help your children or other people you care and are responsible for.


“Will such talisman help a terminally ill person?”


I discuss amulets and talismans having healing properties only in person.


“Do you have any tips on how to buy a good protection amulet?”


I already have. If you want to use reliable and proven amulets for protection, buy them from me. If you want to buy some magical talismans from another magic practitioner, please watch the video below available on my YouTube channel which contains some guidelines for buying magic talismans and amulets.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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