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Secrets of magical jewelry talismans

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Should you trust magical jewelry talismans?


“It seems to me that amulets shouldn’t be made of precious metals, because magical jewelry talismans attract unnecessary attention which can damage or disturb the setting of the talisman or even break it.”


Magical jewelry talismanEach person has their own ideas of what their talismans should be like. Some people like simple talismans or prefer ancient-looking ones, while others are confident they deserve only talisman jewelry. Professional magic practitioners always take the client’s wishes into account to make the amulet meeting all their needs.

Speaking of unnecessary attention, it cannot be avoided when you wear an amulet no matter what it is – a seashell, piece of wood, unusually shaped or carved amulet, or a platinum pendant. Amulets always attract attention. Therefore, when I give one to a client, I always tell the client about the precautions to take to minimize the unwanted attention and to protect the amulet.


“Which protective talisman jewelry is better, silver or gold?”


Modern pop culture has made us believe the best protective material is silver. According to many authors, the best protective, relationship-improving and good luck bracelets, pendants and chains are those made of silver. However, you should remember that it is gold that was the most worshiped metal in ancient cultures. This was not because it was a rarer metal than silver, but because it was associated with the sun and sunlight which were believed to be able to dissolve and drive darkness away.

You should know that the metal choice is not that important, unless it is clearly specified in the talisman description that only gold or silver should be used to make such magical jewelry talismans. By the way, there are also some talismans which should be made only of copper or bronze. But that is not the point. The point is it is not the metal that matters but the skills of the spellcaster turning regular jewelry into talisman jewelry.


“It seems to me that protective talisman jewelry is not very effective. It is worn by conceited people. By wearing an expensive talisman, they let everyone know that they are rich. Their conceit causes damage to their energy protection putting the person at risk of getting hurt. Isn’t it better to wear more modest talismans?”


Your question is similar to the one I have just answered, so my answer is the same: the power of a talisman is directly proportionate to the power of the magic practitioner who made the talisman. The more powerful the spellcaster, the better the talisman. It does not matter if your talisman is made of gold or wood. It is like with your cookware which can be plastic or made of some precious metals. It does not matter how they look, because the quality of the dishes you cook totally depends on your cooking skills.

Thus, if your magical jewelry talismans are made by a powerful spellcaster, they can be trusted just like any other talismans made of any other materials.

Can talisman jewelry be inherited?

Protective talisman jewelryQuestion:

“My grandfather left me a women’s ring with a huge sapphire. I like it a lot. But when I put it on, it gives me a really bad headache. A friend of mine said I needed to find a spellcaster and have the ring cleansed. I loved my grandfather and I know he loved me. I believe he’d be pleased it if I wore that ring. However, I want not only to have it cleaned. I want it to be my personal talisman jewelry. Can you do that for me?”


You should always be very careful with old jewelry. You do not know their history, as well as the fate or karma of the people who wore them before you. Precious metals and gemstones tend to absorb the energies around them which may affect the future owners of the jewelry. Well, do you know where your grandfather took that ring from? You should have asked him about it and found out what happened to the woman it belonged to, given that the ring gives you headaches.

It is well-known to professional spellcasters that protective talisman jewelry should not be made from the following types of old jewelry:

Lost or stolen jewelry;

Jewelry that was sold or given out to forget about the person who passed away;

Jewelry keeping the memory about betrayal or infidelity;

Jewelry which former owner was murdered or robbed;

Magical jewelry talismans should not be made from the jewelry that was sold out in the time of need or a famine;

Jewelry that was pledged and never bought back;

Jewelry given to someone as a sign of love without love;

Rings with a curse inside;

Jewelry which was used as a talisman which lost its power;

Jewelry that belonged to mentally ill people or people suffering from terminal diseases.

I am not blaming your grandfather for anything. I just want you to remember that this ring could have gotten to him already having some bad history. If you start wearing it now, you can take over a part of that history ruining your life. I can cleanse this ring erasing its history, but in my opinion you should not try to use it as your talisman jewelry.


“My mom died when I was a little girl. I’ve kept her wedding ring all these years. I’m getting married soon and I want my future husband to put my mother’s ring on my finger at the ceremony. My mother loved me very much and I believe her wedding ring could be used as some good protective talisman jewelry for me.”


We do not know much about the laws of the world of the dead, so we believe people do not change when they get there, but it is not exactly like this. Even if you loved someone who passed away, try to minimize your emotional and mental connection with this person. You should just remember your deceased loved ones with warmth and gratitude. If you do not feel that way, try not to think about them at all.

When you turn something that belonged to a deceased person into your personal protection talisman jewelry, you drag this person from the world of the dead into the world of the alive. As a result, the spirit has to feed on your energies as the only source of food available to it. Thus, even if you manage to get a protective amulet, you will still have to pay for its help with your health, luck and family happiness, which is wrong. So let this ring be just a good memory of your mother and interact with it as little as possible. To protect your marriage, buy a new amulet with a clean history requiring no payment for its help.

How to make protective talisman jewelry


“I want to buy your magical jewelry talismans to be both, protected and stylish. So I’d like to ask you if you can make a talisman according to my requirements regarding its shape and size. Can I design my own talisman for you to manufacture it?”


If you have some requirements regarding the appearance of your protective talisman jewelry, go ahead and tell me about them. You can design your own talisman, and if I can, I will manufacture your talisman according to your design. However, you should know that it is not the appearance but the content of a talisman that matters, and sometimes I have to sacrifice style for effectiveness.


“Do you always make magical jewelry talismans from the ground-up or can you turn the jewelry I have into my personal talisman jewelry?”


It depends on the goals you pursue. Amulets to protect you from powerful and targeted spells should be made, as you said, from the ground up. If you want a talisman with general protective properties to protect yourself against minor losses, rudeness and infidelity, the jewelry you already have can be transformed into your protective talismans. There is one more option. I let you know what to buy, you buy it and ship it for me to set it up and charge it. Let me remind you that protective talisman jewelry should always be adjusted to fit the master’s energies.

Speaking of the jewelry you have, before telling you whether or not I can transform it into a talisman, I need to examine it and study its properties. I need this information to give you my decision.

To find out if your jewelry can be transformed into a talisman, watch the following video.

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