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The Islamic talisman – Everything you wanted to know about it

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The Islamic talisman in today’s world

The fact that people are suspicious about the Islamic talisman is an understatement. People have been scared of everything related to Islam since 9/11. Xenophobic and intolerant, they are terrified upon hearing about Islamic talismans as if they were a bomb or contained some Siberian plague spores. These people are too narrow-minded to understand that the percentage of bastards and terrorists is negligibly small in each nation.

MuslimThis attitude is wrong and dangerous. First of all, spells cast with love and care cannot be harmful. Refusing to be helped by the most powerful Islamic talisman is like refusing to be enlightened for considering Buddhism alien and dangerous, refusing to have your health improved for considering Chinese medicine dangerous, or refusing to have faith because there have been a few really ugly pedophilia-related stories lately with some Catholic priests involved.

Priests are not a measure of faith. They are people thriving on a teaching that was originally based on nothing but calls for kindness and forgiveness. Terrorism is not derived from Islam. Moreover, terrorism is beyond the law in true Islam. It is condemned by Islam and Islam encourages people not to commit ungodly actions. Islamic magic is not a minister of evil. Thus, if compared to voodoo magic, it looks completely innocent and harmless.

So if you reject very powerful Islamic talismans because they are Islamic, it is not a mistake. It is a crime you commit against yourself, missing a unique opportunity to make some positive changes in your life.

The most powerful Islamic talisman and astrology

I, spellcaster Maxim, have already told you how Muslim and Arab amulets and talismans work in my articles. They can be found on my website and are available to all users. Still, I would like to remind you that a powerful Islamic talisman can:

- Heal;

- Improve your health;

- Improve your love life;

- Bring love back into your relationship;

- Remove the thoughts about getting divorced or cheating on you from your spouse’s mind;

- Make you rich;

- Look after your children or parents;

- Protect you against enemies;

- Protect you against love or black magic spells;

- Make you look and feel younger;

- Help you think more clearly.

Yet today I would like to tell you about some details about magic amulets for you to better understand what they are in general, and secondly, evaluate the quality and reliability of such Muslim magical items, as well as the professional level of their producers.

You should know that astrology plays an important role when the Islamic talisman Taweez is produced. Your date of birth is of most importance. Inscribed on the amulet, it helps adjust magic to you, literally connecting you to the sources of creative and healing energy. If an amulet is designed to bring good luck in some specific matter, two dates are used, the beginning, when you start making your wish come true, and the final date. This can be the date of the business meeting, an important premier or presentation.

When a sorcerer makes a family amulet (for protection, love, prosperity), he specifies the date of its manufacture. If you are not married, do not worry. If you remember the date when you started living together, you can use it. If you are friends with benefits, the sorcerer will use your dates of birth. Also, your future wedding date can be used, even if it is only in your dreams and plans.

In Arabian amulets for the protection against specific enemies, no astrological dates or personal symbols are used. If your date of birth is indicated, it will weaken your protection exposing your energies. If your enemy’s date of birth is indicated, it will create a strong union of two people, a union full of violence and hostility, which destruction can take more than a lifetime.

Very powerful Islamic talismans and the guardianship of angels

Islamic talisman

I would like you to know that unlike other types of magic (perhaps except Buddhist or Thai talismans), Muslim magic rarely uses talismans in order to cause harm. It does not try to return the evil back to the sender, the person who hurt you, robbed you, or put a curse on you. Muslim magiс expects you, as a true believer, to take control of your anger and desire for revenge and just move on. This is the only way the angels can help you for seeing your spiritual maturity. 

Islamic talismans use their help quite a lot.

There are several powers a magic practitioner relies on while creating an object of power or protection:

  • The power of Allah;
  • The power of the Quran;
  • The power of individual sutras;
  • The power of Muslim saints;

The power of Muslim sacred places (in this case at least some of the materials of the amulet should be brought from a sacred place);

The power of angels.

Please remember that all amulets engaging genies or demons are black magic, even if they are used to do good. It is like catching a poisonous snake. Let it go and it will still try to bite you. The same is true for such amulets. The genies serving to the amulet will take any change to take their revenge on you for trying to control them.

If you read authentic Arabian fairy tales (not their revised versions for children), you know that genies are always negative characters. They either attack those who dare to bother them or take them to the world’s end. Also, they can lock them up in a lamp or inside a ring instead of themselves as a punishment. Aladdin, who is also a popular cartoon character, was not friends with the jinn for knowing how dangerous it could be.

The relationship of the people using amulets and talismans with angels is completely different. Angels wish people well and they try to help them with everything they can. When an amulet is produced, the spellcaster can engage up to four angels, depending on the purpose of the amulet. At the same time, you need to follow some rules when angels pay their attention to you. Your amulet designed to give you happiness and health as well as to protect you, will stop working if you start doing evil. The angels will turn away from you considering you not worthy of their help.

A powerful Islamic talisman and Islam’s attitude towards you

Let us ignore the most radical opinions about the Islamic talisman and we will see that coryphaei are quite tolerant to amulets, unlike Christians trying to monopolize access to the sources of vital energies and declaring the use of any talismans sinful. Even the founders of their religion allow Muslims to use such items on some conditions.

Firstly – the owner of the talisman should count only on Allah and nothing else.

Secondly – understanding that help can come in different ways and therefore not creating personal scenarios for problem solving.

Thirdly – the owner of the talisman should not do evil things and should use the amulet only to do good.

Fourthly – if the talisman has made its owner rich and successful, the owner must avoid arrogance and pride. Moreover, the owner has to give a significant part of the money he got thanks to the talisman for charity.

Fifthly – the amulet must not be a source of arrogance. According to Islamic priests, one should never buy an amulet which costs more than it is needed to produce a good amulet. Unfortunately, this is pretty common. Many people buy amulets which are as expensive as a house in New York City or London, are encrusted with precious stones or made of bones of extinct animals.

As a very powerful magic practitioner, I would like to add some important rules. Follow them and your most powerful Islamic talisman will serve you for eternally long. Do not ask it for more than you need. Do not ask it for something that will make others feel inferior or less happy than you are. Do not hate or be afraid of your enemies. Do not boast of your amulet. This will lead to the discharge of your powerful Islamic talisman Taweez. When this happens, it becomes quite difficult to acquire a right to get a new talisman.

The Islamic talisman Taweez – Q&A

Very powerful islamic talismans


Women are basically deprived of rights in Islam. Will very powerful Islamic talismans help a woman then? Or does inequality also apply to Islamic magic?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

The majority of Islamic sorcerers are men. However, the majority of European magic practitioners are men, too. As for women, they are usually their clients. It is not 10 to 1, but women use magical services more often than men. It is a fact. Magic practitioners cannot ignore it in their work. So do not worry that your spellcaster will refuse to make a talisman for you or to work with you because you are a woman. Do not hesitate to contact the spellcaster you like and place your order.


“I have to go on a long business trip in one of the Muslim countries. I’ve been using magic talismans for a long time so I know a lot about magic. I don’t know one thing though. Should I buy an amulet upon arrival or should I order it in advance?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Buying magical products in a place you are not familiar with always puts you at risk of falling for a scam. So this is what you should do. Buy a talisman from the spellcaster who made the talismans you are using now. If he for some reason does not know how to make a powerful amulet or talisman you need, he should refer you to someone who does. Such advice is always valuable.


“The other day I disassembled my powerful Islamic talisman and was really surprised. There was a note inside with some Arabian symbols. They were beautifully written, as a colorful spiral. But that was all. Have I been using a fake talisman for almost a year?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

It looks like you had an authentic Arabic talisman. You had one because by doing what you did, you broke it. While putting the note with the sacred text into the talisman, the sorcerer sealed some magic into it which was helping you. When you tampered with it, you broke the spell. Now instead of a magical talisman you have a souvenir which cannot protect you or make you happy.


“Can I take revenge on a fraud using magic if he is protected by some Islamic amulets?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

There is such thing as a contest of sorcerers. It is used in cases like yours. If you find a magic practitioner who is stronger than the spellcaster who made that talisman, you will get what you want. But the magic practitioner fighting for you is weaker, you will both get hurt, while the fraud will get away with it.

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