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An amulet to attract love for those who want to have strong feelings

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An amulet to attract love and your fate

If you are familiar with my “Spellcaster Maxim” website, you already know how powerful my amulets and talismans are. If it is your first time here on my website, then let me congratulate you on your first contact with magic and an opportunity to buy an authentic amulet to attract love made by a professional spellcaster capable of attracting the strongest and the most beautiful love.

Amulet to attract loveThe purpose of this article is not to promote my magic products. Should one promote the artifacts which have been proven to be highly effective helping thousands of people from all over the world? Today I want to tell you how a love attraction amulet impacts not other people or the energies of love and family, but you. The thing is many people are unable to find love because their energies are too far from being perfect.

You want to meet the right partner, do you not? Why can your potential partner not want the same? Why can they not push you away if they do not like something about you? And why do you judge people who start a relationship with someone they do not really like only because they do not like being alone, while you yourself usually date or live with someone who you cannot say is perfect for you?

It is time to change it! You no longer have to spend your evenings alone in your house feeling sorry for yourself and blaming the looks you were born with. You no longer have to be jealous of your girlfriends who are happily married because you have not met the one yet. And men no longer have to be jealous of their friends who get to have sex with the most beautiful and sexiest women in the city.

You can change your life with a love amulet. Love will no longer be just a dream. You will no longer have to beg your fate to help you meet a good person and have a relationship. You will definitely not need to use love spells. With this amulet, you will attract the smartest, funniest and the most handsome of guys simply by being yourself. The only thing you should do is buy one of my very powerful and effective love amulets.

A love attraction amulet and your two main chakras

As you know, every person has seven chakras. The three lower chakras are considered primal chakras for feeding us with primal energies. The three upper chakras feed us with the energies of the Higher Worlds. If these chakras are healthy and function normally, they make us demigods. There is also one intermediate chakra, the fourth chakra, which is also known as the chakra of the soul. This is where our divine and primal natures unite making us humans.

Energies mix up in different ways in this chakra. If lower energies prevail in a person, this person is greedy, mean, rude, lustful, and not very smart. If higher energies prevail, the person is sensitive, smart, thoughtful, generous and gentle, but also can be weak and insecure.

Mystics believe that love is birthed in this fourth charka, so they prefer to make amulets (for example, a Wiccan attraction amulet) specifically for this chakra. However, they make a big mistake as they forget some important magic principles. These are:

  • 1. This chakra is underdeveloped in men;
  • 2. This chakra is usually strong but out of control in women;
  • 3. The man can love his woman, his job and his hobby equally strong;
  • 4. The woman can love either her man or her job;
  • 5. If a man is bound to a woman through the fourth chakra, his love for her will never die;
  • 6. A woman’s love for the man transforms into her love for her children;
  • 7. The fourth chakra is intermediate in the energy development of men, therefore it is secondary;
  • 8. This chakra is fundamental in women.

For this reason, when a magic practitioner tries to make a Thai amulet for attraction or any other love amulet designed to influence the fourth chakra, the chances of him succeeding are not that high. It is the opposite when people are bound though the second chakra and their sexual energies, or through the third chakra that is in charge of our desire for wealth, power, success, stability, and travel.

The second chakra creates coupes with an amazing sexual compatibility, while the third chakra creates couples striving to build a prosperous and comfortable life and feeling happy when they do.

A Wicca attraction amulet – To buy or not to buy

Love attraction amulet

The cruelty and unpredictability of today’s world makes people seek salvation in quite exotic religious and magic teachings. Thus, more and more people turn to Wicca which is understandable. Wicca is all about harmony with nature. It offers its followers to perform rituals away from the city which is actually a great way to relax, rest, de-stress, meditate, and restore energy levels. 

Nevertheless, I cannot talk about Wicca as a serious branch of magic. Also, I cannot be serious about the rituals performed by its followers. Therefore, I would not count on the help of a Wicca attraction amulet. I am sorry but I cannot take it seriously when I am told that an acorn that you wear around the neck can make you rich or a willow twig put under the mattress will make you skinny and young again. It is not magic. This is a placebo. People who choose to believe in the placebo effect are people who do not wish themselves well.

There are several levels of magic power. The lowest level is when you call up spirits and energy entities and ask them for help. The next level is when you engage various egregors. The highest level is when you work with spellcasters like I am who work directly with Higher Powers.

Despite the fact that Wiccans are considered to be magic practitioners trying to work with egregors, they can hardly be called powerful ones. The thing is the egregors behind Wicca are quite weak. They can make a difference only within their area of habitation. So you should understand that such love amulets can bring two people together only if:

  • - Both of them are Wiccan;
  • - Both of them believe in the power of Wicca;
  • - Both of them live close to the place where the amulet was produced;
  • - Both of them will stay loyal to Wicca.

In all other cases, Wiccan amulets prove to be unreliable. They are expensive and their production takes quite long, so it seems pointless to me to pay a lot of money and then wait for many months to get the amulet which can work only if the above requirements are met.

A Thai amulet for attraction

As for the Thai amulet for attraction, I suggest that you keep an open mind. In fact, some Thai amulets have been proven to be highly effective in love matters. The thing is they are produced by Buddhists who preach love and are against violence, suffering and evil. They consider reaching the state of pure love to be their life mission and they are happy to make such love amulets for the people who need their help.

However, this is when another major problem comes up. The problem is powerful Buddhist magic practitioners are rare. Most of them live in monasteries located in Thailand and bordering states. Monks leave their monasteries not very often so you should go to them if you want an amulet.

When you get to Thailand for the first time, you experience the so-called cultural shock. Talismans and amulets are offered at every corner. As soon as you show any interest in some marriage amulet, the seller assures you that it is the best thing you can buy for yourself and it is sure to make you happy. Interestingly, amulets are a big deal in this country. They are used by people of all social classes. Soldiers and officers of the Thai Army are equipped with protection amulets under a decision of governmental authorities. Local policemen are provided with special amulets and talismans as well.

Nevertheless, never buy Thai talismans on the street, as most of them are counterfeit products. To get an authentic love amulet, go to a Thai chapel, find a monk and ask him to make an amulet for you. However, the monk may refuse as it is not his duty to make amulets for everyone who expresses a desire to have one. It is also believed that monks refuse to work with people with bad karma, as well as arrogant and selfish people. Thus, chances are your trip to Thailand will not make you a happy owner of an authentic amulet to attract love.

Fortunately, a spellcaster like I am will never refuse to help you. Contact me and I will produce a powerful love amulet for you as soon as possible. This amulet will be able to help you throughout life, provided you handle it with care and respect.

A loveamulet vs psychoanalysis therapy

Wicca attraction amulet

The society has convinced us that magic belongs in the past, while the present belongs to science and art. As a result, people prefer psychoanalysts to a love attraction amulet. In my opinion, unlike magic which is immortal, psychoanalysis has long been dead. To be more precise, it never became a discipline useful for people.  

Let me remind you that psychology was invented by highly intellectual and intelligent people who knew a lot and also knew themselves. Freud hacked his subconscious mind becoming the first not to lose his mind while traveling to the dark parts of the brain. Jung is still one of the greatest experts in energy who studied and explained the function of our chakras, as well as unraveled many mysteries of energy Buddhism and karmic yoga.

If you do not like the word “chakras” for some reason, you can use “seven steps of development” instead. They take you from the primal level up, making you a demigod and connecting you to the energies and knowledge of the Higher World. When Jung managed to reach the top, he connected to the higher information fields. This is where he took his knowledge from, the biggest part of which he could not share for obvious reasons.

This is why psychology does not work and it looks more and more like a pseudoscience. Besides, it is often used to make money from the people whose problems it is supposed to solve.

Initially, psychology was a science that helped people not find answers to some questions but get closer to higher entities. Fools… They forgot that it is almost impossible. There are very few people like me in the whole world who managed to attain enlightenment, merge with the Universe, and discover my Higher Self in just one lifetime.

Besides, instead of the great minds which stood at the origin of psychology, today it is used by those who can barely put their theoretical knowledge to practice. These are ignorant people (above all, energy-wise) trying to use psychology to heal people who never made it above the three lower levels – food, selfishness, pride, greed, and sex. As a result, psychology does not help.

Luckily, a loveamulet produced by a professional magic practitioner will let you reach the top applying very little effort. As a result, your bond with your loved one will be strong to the point of being indestructible.

A marriage amulet as a guarantee of getting married

Many people buy a marriage amulet considering it a guarantee that they will get married in the near future. They believe they do not need to do anything for it except just waiting for a prince or a princess to find them and propose to them.

Speaking of the energy people using such amulets need to put to find love, its amount is less than when people try to find love without using amulets. Yet, effort is critical. You should put effort mostly into believing in success. Do not expect magic to help you if you keep saying to yourself and the people around you that you will never get married, that it is too late, or that no one will ever fall in love with you.

Even if you are joking, the Universe does not understand that you are saying it not to jinx it. Superstitious people often lie to themselves and others preparing for a defeat but secretly hoping this is the only way to avoid curses, hexes and evil entities. As soon as you get your amulet, you should forget all your doubts, fears and superstitions, and believe that your amulet will bring you to a path where you can get married, start a family and become happy.

The more you believe in success, the sooner you will reach it. Your faith is what helps your amulet work wonders, while your lack of trust destroys the magical properties of your amulet.

At the same time, do not brag of your amulet while talking to your friends claiming it will help you get married. Some of your friends can be jealous people who do not want you to be happy. However, do not try to present your life as a drama, either. Try to stay neutral when it comes to discussing your life and your future and deep inside hope that everything will be the way you want it to be.

Proper handling of an amulet requires some skills. For this reason I, spellcaster Maxim, have posted dozens of articles teaching readers how to use authentic love talismans and amulets. Moreover, I post videos about it once in a while on my YouTube channel, and today I am excited to present to you another one.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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