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How such amulets benefit their owners

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Perhaps, today you cannot find a single person who has never heard about such things as an amulet or a talisman. Almost all of us have our own “lucky” charms, such as a pendant with a mysterious inscription, a photo in the wallet, or just a favorite toy.

The most amazing thing is that these things really help. But how, you ask? In fact, almost everything that surrounds us has magical properties due to an ability to accumulate and keep energy. And this energy, by interacting with ours, creates a kind of protective bubble around us.

But remember that talismans and amulets do not start working immediately. First the talisman should get used to its owner and tune in to his energy vibrations. Only then will it act in full force.

Rules and guidelines for selecting magic amulets

AmultesThe proper choice of your amulet is critical for your future happiness. Below is an algorithm to help you choose the right amulet for yourself.

1. Determine the future owner of the amulet (gender and age of the owner are very important).

  • Child;

  • Teenager;

  • Young man / girl, pre-wedding age, unmarried people;

  • Adults, men and women with children;

  • Adults, men and women who have grandchildren.

Our energies change as we age. Consequently, the way we exchange energy with the world changes, too.

Thus, we need different kinds of protection depending on our age. Small children need better protection than adults who are stronger and spiritually and emotionally mature.

Rule 1: The older you get, the less protective amulets you need.

2. What amulet to choose?

For amulets which are to be worn as jewelry, an important property is their closed shape (generally, circle-shaped amulet). Also, it is best to wear such amulets 24/7.

The protective power of an amulet depends on its owner faith in it.

The best level of protection is provided when a person wears the following amulets and talismans: necklace, belt, rings, earrings, bracelets, etc.

Rule 2: Unfortunately, modern clothes barely have any protective features, so additional talismans are strongly recommended.

3. What materials should amulets be made of?

Magic amuletsRule number 3. First of all, all materials should be natural. Thus, I never use plastic materials or synthetic clothes as they are useless in magic.

What materials are suitable for amulet manufacture?

Natural threads – linen, woolen, silk, cotton – of different colors.

As for genuine leather, leather belts can be used to attach your amulet to and wear it on you.

Wood – signs can be applied to household items made from this material.

Bones and horns are somewhat peculiar materials, but they are warm, exquisitely beautiful, and known for their unique mystical properties. These materials have been used in rituals and in everyday life for centuries.

Metals (mostly noble ones, such as gold, silver; rarely other metals and alloys). The most popular amulets are metal ones. They are beautiful and durable, and their precise meaning and effects and usually well-known.

I hope it is more or less clear with the procedure for choosing amulets for adults. As for children, on the one hand, we want to protect them from evil, but on the other hand, overprotection can affect the natural defense mechanisms in the child making him or her more vulnerable to everything bad that is out there.

Children should not wear protective talismans. Such talismans and signs should be applied to the things surrounding the child, such as the crib, dishes, blanket, pillow toys, rugs, clothes. Your child’s clothes can be made of your old clothes, as clothes can absorb the energy of the person wearing it, and parental energy is the best way to protect a child.

Teenagers can wear protective talismans. I have earrings and pendants designed for teenagers which look cute and stylish and at the same time protect your child against evil forces.

Teen boys should wear pendants with sun symbol, totemic animals, and mini bells. Girls should use Earth symbols. For your information, such talisman as a lunula should not be worn by girls younger than 12 years.

…Regardless of our desire, the connecting threads between us and the world are constantly exchanging with subtle energies. There are a lot of these thread-channels; amulets and talismans are one of the most powerful connectors between the man and the Higher Powers, And we can use these flows, strengthening our own capabilities and harmony with the world, and help our children like this…

I hope you will make the right choice and buy some inexpensive but highly effective talismans to protect yourself and your children.

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