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How to find a real amulet?

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Amulet is a magical object that protects from negative energies.

The main function of the amulet is to activate the defensive powers of the man.

The Arabic word “Hamule” means “to wear”, “to have”.

Real amuletsAmulet repels failure, disease, accidents, magical attacks, etc. It is designed to protect the owner from unwanted influences. It smooths out internal motives that can damage us, improving our immune system and helping the body cope with diseases – within the scope of its influence. Also, the amulet improves our intuition allowing us to stay out of danger.

All people want to be happy, healthy, rich and independent. They want to have a house, family, children, and a good job. They hope that a talisman can make their dreams come true, while protecting them from negative influences.

In order to choose the right talisman, figure out what problem you want it to solve.

How does the real amulet work?

I am sure you all have heard about amulets, talismans, charms, and other objects with magical powers. These things are used to bring luck and protect people from trouble.

There are amulets designed to solve love, business or relationship problems, and those that make shy people more confident. There are amulets that protect against harmful habits (alcohol abuse, smoking), and those that help recover from serious illnesses. Let us figure out how these things work.

What is a real amulet?

An amulet can be a mineral, stone, wooden item or an item made of some precious metal, or a rune sign. Usually such items are unique and strictly individual, meaning they are intended for a specific person or made with a specific purpose.

Not every amulet has magical powers. A lot of products offered at specialized stores (including online stores) are just beautiful pieces of decorative art. They are as effective in solving your problems as any other piece of jewelry. In order for the amulet to get real magical properties, a professional magic practitioner needs to participate in its creation. It is necessary to put energy into the object to enable it to help its owner.

Only charged objects can have an actual influence on people and the world. They are connected to the world of subtle energies giving them their strength.

An experienced magic practitioner can charge amulets in different ways:

  • To attract money;

  • To connect to divine energies;

  • To bring harmony in the family;

  • To improve physical power and health.

When you purchase an amulet, you must understand that it power is directly proportional to the strength of your faith in it. It is another matter when your amulet is made and charged by an expert and a qualified person. In this case, its power does not depend on your faith or beliefs. Obviously, such talismans have a greater influence on various aspects of human life.

The action of an amulet charged by a professional spellcaster is always targeted. If the amulet is intended for health improvement, it redistributes the energy within the human body, directing it to the area that needs support. If the object is made to attract attention, its action will be directed outwards.

If you need a real magic amulet for protection, luck, health, or other purposes, I can make it for you if you place an order. Such products are made by hand, in accordance with the character traits and individual features of the future owner. Therefore, to make a talisman, I need to get at least basic personal information from the customer.

But if you feel enough strength in yourself, you can make an amulet on your own. Here are some guidelines for you to follow while making your talismans.

How does an object become a magical talisman or amulet?

Magic amulets and talismans are made in two ways:

  • As a rule, this is an item charged by the occultist with his or her own energy;

  • It is an object with a symbol, sign, rune, or a hieroglyph applied to it. In this case, the symbol emits a certain form of energy.

But the energy of the talisman charged by a magic practitioner is gradually drying up, and the talisman ceases to have magical properties.

If the power of the talisman is in the symbol (sign, hieroglyph) depicted on it, and the symbol is poor quality, the talisman does not have the expected effects.

If you want to have an effective and long-acting talisman and amulet, you need a permanent source of energy. That way, the power of the talisman does not depend on the amount of energy invested by the occultist.

If a talisman or amulet has a sign (symbol, rune, hieroglyph) on it, then this sign should have a positive energy, and the spectrum of the energy radiated by it should be consistent with the goal pursued by the owner of this talisman.

Handmade amulets

Real magic amuletYou can make this amulet with your own hands. In esotericism, handmade magic objects do not have to be pretty. The key is the result they give. You can use almost any materials to make this amulet, including cheap ones. The most important thing is a positive charge of the amulet for the fulfillment of your desires. So, how do you make an amulet with your own hands?

The parameters. To begin with, figure out what goals you want to reach, what your talisman should look like, and what materials you will use to make it.

For example, to make an amulet for luck in love, you need to remember that it should look like a love amulet but not like a business amulet. It can be made in the form of two clay hearts and an arrow going through them, or a couple of swans. Your love talisman should not be a banknote folded in a special way, because such amulets are better suited to bring luck in business.

The form. As for the form, I can distinguish the following forms:

Square – helps you make the right decisions;

Round – brings harmony in your live;

Oval – you will succeed in any difficult situation;

Triangle – opens a window to one of the parallel worlds allowing you to use its help in your world.

The materials. You can use clay, wood, metal, fabric, and other materials to make your talismans. Wood is believed to have more power than other materials and was a very popular talisman material in ancient times. Even a simple wooden circle with some runes on it was considered is very strong amulet, not to mention wooden figures.

A pouch or a bundle is another powerful amulet that you can make with your own hands. In ancient times animal fur was put into a bag and the bag was sewn up – this amulet gave the owner the strength of that animal which fur was in the bag. The loved one’s hair was used to make the loved one fall in love with the owner of the talisman. Coins with holes were used to attract money.

Magical symbols. When amulets are made, magical symbols are of great importance as they strengthen the power of magic and point it in the right direction.

You can wear your amulet on your neck, keep it in your wallet or at home in a safe place. It is recommended to keep your amulet and your cross apart (for example, do not wear them on the same chain).

These rules will help you achieve better results faster. I offer a wide variety of talismans. If you want, I can custom-make a personal talisman to meet your specific needs.

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