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Spiritual amulets – The most consistent protection tool

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Specifics of spiritual amulets

The main difference between spiritual amulets and all the other amulets is their internal essence – their soul or the energy they contain. Such amulets can be created by spellcasters using objects that are empty or neutral energy-wise, as well as objects of power. Since the latter are quite rare, spellcasters have to rely completely on themselves, their experience and skills in creating strong protection amulets.

Spiritual amuletsNaturally, other amulets and talismans do not work unless they are charged with energy. But unlike a spiritual protection amulet, any other amulet derives strength only from what it has been charged with. It is very important what material the amulet is made of, what kind of stones it is incrusted with, as well as what signs and symbols are applied to it.

The most common materials used by magic practitioners to produce spiritual amulets for protection are gold, silver and copper. There are no strict guidelines for the use of such materials and none of them is better than another. The choice is made after a thorough analysis of the problem. I want my future clients to know about it in case they already have an ideal of what their spiritual protection items should be like. In fact, if you seek all-round spiritual protection, you do not have a choice. You should have full confidence in me and my experience of many years allowing me to make a protection amulet that best suits your needs.

Such talismans have another interesting feature. They like to help people who consciously work with their energies, want to have a pure heart and be a better person. By fighting for inner purity and integrity, they automatically move to a higher level of existence. As a result, powerful energies supplied to them through such talismans are easily processed by them and can be used for protection.

Do not worry. You do not have to perform any rituals or take any special actions. With an authentic spiritual talisman, you do not have to do anything, because such talismans are originally designed to:

  • Push away negative energies;
  • Eliminate the repercussions of magic spells;
  • Make you invisible to problems;
  • Make enemies back off;
  • Protect against poverty;
  • Protect relationships and marriages against corruption;
  • Protect your loved ones;
  • Protect your property;
  • Beat your fears, grudges and other negative emotions that are holding you back.

Thus, if you choose this amulet as your protector, one day you will realize the world you are living in is actually a safe place.

How to work with a spiritual protection amulet

Spiritual protection amuletInteraction with spiritual amulets is very similar to that with all other amulets. It begins with creating a unified energy flow connecting you and your amulet. This is done through calmness, meditation balance and your full trust.

If the amulet is supposed to be worn around the neck, put in on as soon as you get it and never take it off. Do not take it off even when you sleep, work out and even take a shower. The only exception is having sex. Sex causes intense energy outbursts which can affect the amulet’s integrity and the channel connecting you and your amulet. Besides, you can never know what kind of energy will be attracted or released by your partner. So taking risks here is not the best idea.

When you work with this amulet, take it off your neck and squeeze it in your hand. You will figure out how to do it by yourself – put it on your palm, hold it in your fist or in your hands folded as if for praying. You will figure it out within the first few hours and find the most convenient way to hold your talisman, or it will be prompted to you by your talisman. There is one rule in magic. According to this rule, everything should be as convenient and simple as possible in magic. If anything you do causes discomfort, stop doing it.

Spiritual amulets for protection and your energies

Since we are talking about spiritual amulets, their owners should pay close attention to the state of their energies – their thoughts, desires, passions. It is very difficult for such amulets to work with people radiating mostly black energies, as darkness attracts disease, enemies, hexes and curses, problems and accidents.

When an amulet gets to a person radiating black energy, it has to switch from fighting external sources of danger to fighting the internal evil. It purifies the owner’s chakras blocking the channels feeding his conscious mind with vengefulness, jealousy and envy. The amulet has to make the owner a completely different person which is not a typical task for spiritual amulets which is why it is always very difficult.

No, you do not have to be absolutely pure when you get your spiritual amulet from your spellcaster. Nevertheless, you should always control yourself. On the basis of such amulets’ common nature, keep reminding yourself that the amulet will absorb all black energy resulting from evil born in your heart. If bursts of anger or hatred occur rarely in your heart, the amulet can handle them with ease by neutralizing the negative energy and purifying you. But if you are angry all the time, one day it will be too difficult for your amulet to handle your negative energy and it will simply break down.

If it does not break down, the negative energy absorbed by it will form a clog preventing you from accessing light energies coming from the Higher Worlds. These energies are what can provide the best protection. By depriving yourself of such protection, you push away a valuable gift which one day will no longer be offered to you.

Higher Powers never insist on anything. They offer you help and if you are willing to accept it, they help you. If you keep refusing to accept their help or if they cannot reach out to you (the portal between you and Higher Powers is your spiritual protection amulet), one day they will stop trying. An invisible stop button will be pushed, leaving you alone with your dark energy and the problems attracted by it.

If you want to reduce your anger or decrease negative energy levels in your chakras, this protection amulet will help you. However, you should participate in this process as well. In my opinion, you will be great at it, fighting not only for yourself but also for your safety and the good luck and happiness you will attract into your life when you stop attracting enemies and dangers.

FAQ about spiritual protection items

Spiritual amulets for protectionQuestion:

“I can’t help myself. I try to control my anger and avoid fights. Moreover, I try to help people when I can, forgive people, and be the first to apologize whether I’m right or wrong. The problem is my memories. For example, when I remember how someone hurt my feelings, I get outraged and think about nothing but revenge… How can I protect myself against myself?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

I can choose a suitable formula for you and make an amulet. This amulet will influence the part of your mind that is in charge of your memories. However, it is important that you understand what exactly is happening to you. Perhaps, you are under the influence of some program feeding on your hatred. Seeing that your present does not make you mad, it had to find a loophole to pull out only the memories that caused you pain. As a result, you get mad feeding this program. An authentic amulet will break the connection between you and this program and you will stop having negative feelings even with regard to the most unpleasant memories from your past.


“I know that my number one enemy is my father. First of all, he doesn’t love me. Secondly, he devours my energies. Thirdly, he disrespects and humiliates me all the time to make me feel weak and insecure. I’m not a teenager. I’m in my thirties. Nevertheless, I still can’t escape his control. Will your protection amulet help me? Won’t it be a karmic crime to use magic against my own father?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

You should understand that the most severe karmic crime is refusing to live your fate. Yes, we have to help people and we serve our parents as we owe them, even if it means sharing our energies with them. However, everything should be done in moderation. If it impacts you negatively, it should be stopped.

If you buy one of the spiritual amulets for protection, it will not fight with your father and it will not try to harm him. It will restructure the energy channels within your family. Your father will start getting the energy of Earth or cosmos and cease to be an energy vampire with regard to you. This will free you from his negative influence and let you live a normal life.

We will discuss the details of how you can be helped in person.

A spiritual talisman made of religious items

My readers often ask me if religious items can be turned into spiritual protection items and whether or not this is considered sinful. Below are my usual answers to such questions:

  • 1. Initially all religions were branches of pure magic which were later surrounded by strict rules and bans causing them to lose their magic essence and power;
  • 2. A priest is a magician – someone who can use his own energies and the energies of the Higher Entities he serves to change people’s lives and mindsets. The fact that modern priests are no longer capable of doing that does no credit to them and is a topic for a different discussion.
  • 3. Nevertheless, all religions have followers capable of working wonders.
  • 4. Since religions are based on magic, religious items can be turned into amulets and talismans.
  • 5. Since the majority of churchmen no longer possess any knowledge of magic, the items they offer are not magical and have a symbolic or souvenir meaning.
  • 6. When such items contact the energy of a powerful representative of some cult, the object can turn into a powerful amulet capable of protecting its owner for life.

To put it shortly, religious items can serve as reliable protection amulets only when they are made by people who can work wonders. All other items sold at stores located right next to churches have no magical properties. They are similar to mass-produced amulets and talismans which can be found in multiple online stores offering poor-quality and faulty goods.

Importantly, you can make a spiritual talisman for yourself using a religious item, provided you agree to spend a few years doing it. If you do not have that much time, do not hesitate to contact professional magic practitioners.

To find out how to make such amulets, please watch the following video which I, spellcaster Maxim, uploaded to my YouTube channel just a few days ago.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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