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Candle magic love spells – White and black magic rituals

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Candle magic love spells – History

Candles have been used in magic for centuries. The first candle rituals were performed at about the same time candles came into general use. Candles have several functions. They protect the magic practitioner against the influence and attacks of evil entities living in astral worlds. Also, candles are like a beacon pointing to the spellcaster’s location. Thanks to their light, those called up by the spellcaster can find him. Candles are able to destroy negative energies which can hamper the ritual, as well as enhance positive ones by means of their purification.

Red candle magic love spellsThe simplest and therefore least dangerous rituals are performed with the use of one candle (rarely three candles). If you need to perform a complex ritual to fight a disease or ill luck, you are going to need dozens of candles. Sometimes the flame needs to be so big that you have to use oil or coal burners or make a big fire instead of candles.

You will not need to do that to perform simple rituals. To cast one of the candle magic love spells listed on my website, you will need 1 to 7 candles. Here is one tip for you to help with this. The more candles are required to perform a ritual, the more complex and dangerous the ritual is. If you are a beginning spellcaster, do not try to perform rituals requiring 12 or more candles, especially black magic rituals.

Later I will tell you how to cast red candle magic love spells and how to do black magic love spells at home. In the meantime, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that candles offered by magic stores come in a variety of colors, and each color has a meaning and should be used for a specific purpose. Here is a short memo about candle colors:

White candles are used to cast love spells on people who have never been married before or who have never loved;

  • Yellow candles boost your libido and help find sexual harmony with the partner;
  • Orange candles are used to cast spells on stubborn and proud people;
  • Blue candles are used to improve emotional compatibility;
  • Lettuce-green candles remove jealousy and promote reconciliation;
  • Green candles are among the best candles to attract love;
  • Red candles are considered “men’s candles”;
  • Brown candles are good to influence people who have been betrayed or cheated on;
  • Purple candles which are also known as “the candles of the wise” are intended for very smart people;
  • Gray candles symbolize the end of a relationship and are used only in black magic rituals;

Black candles are the strongest candles in black magic.

Candle colors can be combined but not within a single candle. Never use candles which are green on one side and, for example, red on the other. Such candles are not used in magic. To cast one of the powerful white candle magic love spells, you can use a multi-colored braided candle.

Single-color braided candles can be used as well. They are known to strengthen the spellcaster’s energies. Each braided candle is counted as one candle, while the number of thin candles it consists of is irrelevant.

Red candle magic love spells

Despite numerous articles which can be found on the Internet stating that red candles can be used to put love spells on women, they cannot, unless the woman is a widow, has not had sex for a long time and is used to be on her own. Red candles symbolize wild, primeval powers. If you use a red candle to put a love spell on a weak and vulnerable girl, the spell will harm her. Influenced by positive yet rough and heavy red energy, the girl can get sick which will affect your karma. Negative karmic effects should be avoided at all times.

Red candles are used when people lack courage. Let us assume you are having an affair with a married man who is unwilling to divorce the wife he does not love anymore or to propose to you because in his opinion you cannot be happy together for some reason. If a red candle is used to put a love spell on this man, the spell will boost his courage and he will finally do what you want him to do.

Beginning spellcasters should not cast multi-purpose spells designed to make the man:

- Have a fight with his wife;

- Divorce his wife;

- Start a relationship with you.

First of all, two of those three things are possible only if you use black magic (I will tell you about how to do black magic love spells at home later) and only one can be done with white magic love spells without candles. Beginning spellcasters should not mix two types of magic in one ritual. Secondly, you should not even think about using black magic, unless you have been studying it for at least a few years. On my website you can find a lot of sad stories about people who violated that rule. If you want to know why I warn you against black magic love spells, find and carefully read those articles.

Your red magic candle should be made of red wax. This rule applies to all candle colors. Its wick should be red as well. Otherwise, the candle is considered unsuitable for magic rituals.

White candle magic love spells

White candle magic love spellsAs a rule, simple love spells are cast with the use of white candles. From the list above you know that white candles should be used to influence people who have never loved or who have never been married before. However, this is not their only untended use.

In most cases magic practitioners recommend white candles to cast love spells because white candles neutralize and purify the energies around us, which is critical when white magic love spells are cast. When a white magic love spell is cast, you charge neutral energy with your love and send it out:

- To your loved one;

- To a Higher Power which help you need.

It is quite dangerous to cast the second type of love spells. Since you are unable to see astral worlds, you cannot know for sure what forces you are reaching out to. If your pleas are intercepted by some evil entity, it will feed off your energy and go straight to you. Focused on your ritual, you will be helpless when it attacks you. A white candle made by a professional magic practitioner can protect you but there is no guarantee of it turning out well. To be fully protected, you need a very powerful amulet which I, spellcaster Maxim, can make for you. I do hope you will contact me and buy one of my protective amulets because every beginning spellcaster needs one, even if the love spells they cast are simple.

Another property of white magic candles is that they can protect people against backfiring spells. Let us assume you cast one of the white magic love spells without candles and fail. The energy you put into the ritual comes back to you. If a white candle gets in the way of this energy, the energy will burn down and you will be safe. For this reason you should not put the candle out even when the ritual is completed. Let it burn all the way down. This is how you can protect yourself or at least minimize the negative consequences of your spell, meaning you will avoid serious damage.

White magic love spells without candles – Are they dangerous?

This brings us to another important nuance which is disregarded by almost all beginning magic practitioners. Despite the fact that most Internet articles claim otherwise, white candle magic love spells can be very dangerous. No one can guarantee you that you will cast a spell successfully and nothing will happen to you afterwards, unless you cast one of the simple love spells designed for beginners which can be found on my website, as well as provided you perform the ritual exactly as required, meaning:

  • - The ritual is performed at the right time;
  • - The spell is put on the suitable person;
  • - The ritual is performed with the use of the right magic accessories;
  • - You have the right mindset.

Even if all of the above requirements are met, negative consequences are still possible. The most common one is a rapid energy drop. It takes beginning spellcasters up to several weeks to recover from it. The second most common negative consequence of an attempt to cast a love spell without being a professional magic practitioner is having one’s access to magic blocked. It means you will not be able to cast candle magic love spells for yourself anymore and have to work with a professional spellcaster.

In my opinion, it is even better that way and this is the way to start your history with magic. A powerful love spell can be put only by an experienced magic practitioner and only a professional spellcaster can ensure your safety. Safety is critical in magic. Misused spells can result not only in energy wounds but they can also disfigure your fate. When you cast a love spell, you put your energy, your health, your sanity, and your future on the line. Occasionally, you put your children’s and grandchildren’s future on the line, too.

Black magic love spells to do at home

Black candle magic love spellsThis is especially true for black magic love spells to do at home.

When you reach out to a white energy entity (this is how white magic spells are cast), the entity weighs your soul checking it for love, kindness, and a desire to make another person happy. If the entity fails to find any of those things, it just walks away. The only thing that indicates its presence is the swinging candle flame, while nothing happens to you, except for the fact that your spell fails.

When you are dealing with one of the black magic love spells to be cast at home, a black entity arrives and weighs your soul to check it for darkness and evil. This entity comes to feed off your energy. However, very often it does not give you anything in exchange for the energy it devours.

I get numerous letters which start with the following line: “I tried to cast a black magic love spell but failed. But then I got sick…” or “I tried to cast one of the red candle magic love spells which I found in the book of black magic recipes. The spell didn’t work, but in about a week I realized something was wrong. I was losing my mind…” Such letters prove that black magic spells are very dangerous and must never be cast at home. The entity you call up will not leave you until it finds another victim. If you turn out to be too tough for it, it will switch to one of your loved ones, such as your child, your old grandmother, or one of your parents.

Sometimes the evil entity can lay low in your house for a while, after failing to get what it wanted. After a while you fall in love, get married and start a family. Your life seems perfect. This is when the evil entity attacks you or your family members turning your life into hell.

How to do black magic love spells at home

My readers often ask me why I do not tell them how to do black magic love spells at home. As a professional magic practitioner, I cannot do that knowing that such spells cast at home will turn against my readers.

Every black magic practitioner is a warrior fighting against evil entities and their own vices on a daily basis in order to preserve their integrity. If they lose, they will go insane losing touch with reality. Also, the evil entity can invade the magic practitioner causing personality changes indicating demonic possession, or this can ruin their health and they will die of some serious disease within a few months.

Black magic practitioners take big risks, but it is their choice. Besides, they improve their fighting skills all their life. Thus, black magic practitioners cast their first simple black magic spell after many years of training, which is still associated with big risks because to become a truly powerful black magic practitioner, one needs to study and practice magic for at least 10 years.

People who are not professional spellcasters believe spells are not dangerous. They find some random black magic love spells on the Internet and cast them, dooming themselves to eternal suffering or voluntarily pledging allegiance to evil forces.

I do not want to be one of those people promoting their website through black magic recipes. First of all, I am already quite famous as a spellcaster. Secondly, I, spellcaster Maxim, practice magic to help people but not harm them, and it will never change.

To show you that I am telling the truth, I want to draw your attention to the fact that all love spell recipes available on my website are safe white magic spells. Today I am excited to present to you another video of mine which is about white magic love spells without candles. These loves spells are perfectly safe, meaning nothing bad will happen to you if you try to perform the ritual. In the worst case scenario, the spell will not work. In the best case scenario, you will make your loved one fall in love with you and want to marry you. To find out more about it, please watch the video below.

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