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Candle Magic spells

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Candle magic implies using new candles

Candles which were lit even once or used as part of the décor for a long time (even without lighting) can’t be used for candle magic spells. Such candles absorb the energy of the events occurring around them and can’t be considered pure.

For candle magic, use candles bought or made specially for magic rituals

Witch candle love magicThey can differ in shape, size, color, and material. While selecting a candle, trust your intuition. Pay attention to its color. The candle should be soaked with color, not coated with it. Two- or three-color candles are used sometimes. For example, a black-and-white candle can be used in a ritual to help good win over evil. Green-white-red candles are lit when one wants to get a blessing or achieve success in business. The choice of a candle depends on the goal you pursue. Candles in a glass candle case are good for spells.

They are safe and give less smoke. Traditional straight candles, paraffin or wax, are, perhaps, best for magic. They can burn for several hours and can be of different colors. Before casting a spell, a candle can be consecrated. Plunge it into some pure mineral or distilled water and run it through the smoke of burning incense. The energy of a burning candle, along with you being focused on the process and your concentration, will help a miracle to happen.

Your thoughts can drive energy, empowering you to influence elements of the reality. However, if you just say a spell by the light of a burning candle, nothing will happen. The energy of your efforts and concentration has to be also involved.

Never put out candles, let them burn down, unless a ritual provides otherwise. Putting out a candle means giving up on your goals and your wish will never come true! Altar candles can be put out with one’s fingers or a special cap, and reused.

When the moon is waxing, candles are lit for creation, growth (finances, power, energy, etc.), to attract luck, find a job, improve health, and cast love spells. When the moon is waning, candles are lit for destruction, to get rid of something, hold rituals to keep troubles away, relieve pain and overcome difficulties to achieve success and become happy, weaken the power of other spells, and lose weight. On full moon days, candles are lit for a wide range of spells. This is when spell casting is most efficient. It is believed that casting a spell three days prior and after the full moon (meaning a seven-day period) is as efficient. On new moon days, certain candles are lit. Before the moon is new, exorcism, hate and other rituals are held.

Moon Candles

 The Moon has been worshipped for centuries. Moon candles are intended to help you make your wishes come true and overcome difficulties. Each candle contains herbs which will help you achieve your goals. Candles should be lit depending on the moon cycle. The moon is waxing: The Moon of Love – Harvest Moon; the moon is waning: Purifying Moon – Healing Moon; the moon is full: Full Moon; the moon is new: New Moon

Herbal Candles

Herbal candles are hand-made. They contain herbal mixes made according to old and modern magical recipes. Herbs, roots and resins used in herbal candles have been used in magic and witchcraft for a very long time. One should only light a candle at the right place and time to activate its “built-in” program. These candles are perfect for candle magic rituals. The time and moon cycles are chosen according to the goal pursued. Before lighting a candle, scratch your wish on it with a knife or needle, as well as the names of those the influence should be directed at. Light the candle, focus on your wish, keep your eyes on the fire for a while, and leave the candle to burn down.


Candles are hand made by spell casters to be used for corresponding spells. To activate the program, just follow the instructions on the packing.

Candle magic ritual

Candles-Talismans and Other Candles

The fire of a candle concentrates the effect, setting free the talisman energy. The fact that you have a candle in your home is enough to get a positive effect. However, if you want to activate the talisman to help you solve some specific problem, light a candle with corresponding intentions and let it burn down. Before lighting it, write on it what you want to achieve and what you want to happen to you, plus the names of all people involved (if available). Light the candle, look at the fire, say to yourself and think of your wish, visualize your goal. Make sure nobody puts out the candle while you’re away. After it burns down, take the string from the candle top (without untying the knot!) and dig it into the ground (“marriage prevention,” “vengeance”), throw it into the river with the stream or dig into the roots of a young tree (for all other candles-talismans). The time and moon cycle is chosen according to the goal pursued.

Double and Triple Effect Candles

Double and triple effect candles are a goal-oriented self-maintained system which helps achieve best results. Picturing what you want and simultaneously dispersing negative energy, they act as two or three spells in one. In some cases, only these candles can be used. The time and moon cycle is chosen according to the goal pursued. Besides, some candles (like black-red) may serve different purposes depending on the moon cycle. Before lighting a candle, scratch your wish on it with a knife or needle, also stating the names of those involved. Light the candle, focus on your wish, keep your eyes on the fire for a while, and let the candle burn down.

Chakra Candles

Lack of chakra energy leads to body systems malfunctioning, so it’s important to occasionally charge chakras, especially the first and seventh ones. Aroma and herbal therapy combined with the candles are great for it. Smells are carriers of bioenergy information, and each aroma can boost a particular body center of the person. The same can be applied to incense or herbs sealed inside a candle and burning together with it.

As a rule, results don’t come instantly. Often, one has to wait for it patiently. Sometimes, in order to achieve some complex goal, one has to repeat the ritual to turn the energy in the right direction and speed up the fulfillment of one’s wish. The magical ritual with a candle is a good means to achieve the desired, but don’t rush things and don’t give up if you fail. Repeat the ritual, focusing on your wish, as many times as it takes.

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