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Casting white candle love spells fast and very successfully

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White candle love spells

White candle love spells are traditionally very popular all around the world. White candles represent the purity of intentions, love, dream to be happy, and are also very powerful magic items.

They are so powerful that they can reveal the true intentions of the person using them in their rituals. If there is true love, the candle flame is bright and still. One candle seems to be enough to light up the entire room. Even though it is not really like this, a candle is not only a measure of a person’s love but also something that can protect this person. Its flame, despite its relatively small size, can beat off and sometimes burn down negative energy which is always attracted by spells cast by amateurish magic practitioners.

White candle love spellsBesides, when used to attract true love, candles tend to enhance energies. This is how inexperienced sorcerers can cast white candle spells as good as professional spellcasters and achieve amazing results, meaning the spells prove to be highly effective, wear out very slowly, and satisfy all of the client’s needs.

However, completely different effects occur when white candles are used by people having evil intentions. While the candle will still protect the sorcerer and will not leave him one-on-one with the darkness, its flame will be weak, burning smoke. Its fire will be shaking or trying to go out. It means the candle is unable to find the right light energy in you to enhance it and use it to make the ritual successful.

White candles work only with light energies. If you do not have light energies in you, you will not be able to take full advantage of their protection properties. For a love spell to make your mercenary or sexual dreams come true, you will need to work with a professional magic practitioner. He will offer you some special rituals to make your wildest dreams come true.

Of course, professional sorcerers are of much help to those who love as well. I can assure you that you will never be able to cast a powerful love spell with white candle as well as I do, unless you truly love the target and have studied magic for about 20 years.

White candle spells – Important preparation details

There is a great and proven method to understand whether or not one is allowed to cast white candle love spells or white magic love spells without candles for oneself. This method has been used by magic practitioners for centuries. Ask someone of the same sex as you are for his or her wedding ring, provided the ring meets the following requirements:

1. It is more than 44 years old;

2. This person is married;

3. It is this person’s second or third marriage;

4. You consider this marriage perfect;

5. This person has a child older than 8 years of age;

6. This person likes you;

7. The ring is gold and is not encrusted with gemstones and is not engraved;

8. This person gives the ring to you without expecting anything in return;

9. This person lets you use his or her ring for at least 24 hours.

It is better if you get the ring in the morning. Put it on a lace and put the lace around your neck hiding the ring under your shirt or sweater. In the evening, lock the door in your room, lower the blinds, turn the light off, and light a candle. Sit down as far from the door and the window or windows as possible.

Take the ring off the lace and roll the lace into a ball or a ring. Press the ring with your thumb and forefinger of the hand you write with and say the following short but very important spell,

“I want to look inside the ring. I want to see my future. This ring is not mine but the future is. I want to see what the magic will bring to me. Will I be happy? Will there be my tears? Will the person I want to put a love spell on love me and appreciate me?”

Now count from ten to one. Upon saying “zero”, lift the ring to see the candle flame through it. You will see some scenes from the future you will have if you cast one of the white candles magic love spells for yourself.

Do not worry no matter what you see. I can fix any future with my magic spells if you ask me for it. There is nothing that cannot be changed fate-wise and this should give you hope and consolation. Keeping that in your mind, put out the candle and put the ring either into a jewelry box or into a locking drawer. The next day give the ring back to its owner as soon as possible.

A powerful love spell with white candle

Powerful love spell with white candleBelow you will find a description of a very powerful love spell with white candle. To begin with, buy three magic candles. When you come home, put them in the room where you spend more time and cover them with a white sheet of paper to avoid unnecessary attention. If you have kids in the house, keep the candles out of their reach. Also think about how to keep the candles out of the sight of all your curious family members.

In the evening, when a new moon rises, take one of the candles and put it in the moonlight. Let the moon charge the candle for at least 2-2.5 hours. If you have enough time, keep it in the moonlight for a few days. In the morning take another candle outside. The candle should be in the sun for a while. But be careful because wax candles melt easily in direct sunlight. So keep the candle outside for five minutes and then let it cool by taking it to the shadow, and then take it out in the sun again. The candle should be kept in the sun for at least two and a half hours in total.

As for the third candle, wrap it in a clean cloth and put it into your bag. Visit three families whose relationships you consider perfect. Just talk to them over a coffee or a tea and let them share their energies with you. These energies will be absorbed by this third candle that should always be with you while you are spending time with the families.

Since everything is ready for the ritual, start performing it immediately. Remember that everything that is described in here should be done before the full moon. Put three candles in a triangle and put a photograph of the person you love in the middle of this triangle. Light the candles. Put your photographs outside of the triangle. Let one third of the candles burn and say,

“With the power of the sun, with the power of the moon, with the power of true love I am urging you (the name of the person the love spells with white candles are put on) to let me in your heart. Let me stay there, keep me there, protect me there, and love me there.”

Having said that, transfer your photograph to that of your loved one. Let the candles burn about one third more and blow them out simultaneously. While the wax is soft, drip some from each of the candles on the photograph of your loved one and press your photograph to it face to face. Everything that is left from the ritual, such as the candle ends and the photographs, should be put in a box. Collect all wax and put it in there as well. Close the box and put it in a drawer. The spell will stay effective for as long as you keep that box intact.

This is how one of the most powerful white candle spells is cast.

White magic love spells without candles


“Which ritual is better, with or without candles?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

The one in which powers you believe with all your heart. If you believe all rituals can make your wish come true, use the one involving some candles. As I said earlier, such spells have the best protective properties.


“Which white magic love spells without candles would you recommend?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

My recommendation to you will depend on your knowledge of and experience in magic. If you are a beginner, perform a ritual involving the use of photographs or gris-gris bags. Some of such rituals are described on my website. If you are a professional sorcerer, you can choose a good ritual to perform by listening to your heart, hearing your intuition, and using your inner vision abilities.


“What is the best way to predict the outcome of a love ritual?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Of course, it is tarot cards. If you are going to do it yourself, use only your personal deck. Never use the cards to predict the outcomes of magic spells which you used to tell other people’s fortunes. The results predicted by such cards are usually inaccurate. Besides, this is how other people’s hardships and karmic problems can spread onto you.

White candle magic love spells

white candle spellsQuestion:

“Can I use church candles instead of white magic candles?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

First of all, only magic candles possessing certain features can be used in magic rituals. Secondly, as far as I know, church candles are usually yellow so they cannot be used in love magic where only candles made on white wax are used.


“To get love back, can I use the candles from my church wedding ritual?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Such candles have amazing powers, so it would be very frustrating if you spoil them and you will, because 99% of the rituals performed by amateurs at home fail. So I suggest that you give these candles to me and let me cast one of my effective white candle magic love spells for you.


“How can I make a candle by myself?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

The process is simple but labor-intensive. To make a candle for a love ritual, get some white wax and melt it in the sun for one week. Then boil the wax for two days over a low heat. Some wax will evaporate so make sure you have enough. After two days of boiling, take it off the oven and dip a long thread into the wax and then take it out. When the wax starts to harden on the thread, put the thread into the wax again. Keep doing it until your candle becomes the right length and diameter.

However, this does not make the candle magical and such candles still cannot be used in love spells with white candles. For a candle to have the required magical properties, you need to reach a certain energy state. Its description and the methods to reach this state can be found in my book which can be downloaded right here on this website.


“Is it bad if someone puts a black candle love spell on another person?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

If this person is a widow or a widower, it is not bad. But if this person has never been married or is currently married, the side effects of this love spell can be very serious. They are described in my previous articles.

Love spells with white candles

Candles used in light magic rituals can become great protection talismans. Thus, the candle you used in a love ritual will protect your love. Candles used in purification rituals will protect you from infection for as long as you keep those candles. Candles used in money rituals can ensure your good income.

However, it is important to know how to keep those candles properly. By the way, you can keep not only candles but also candle ends as they have the same protection properties as candles.

Candles are kept properly if the following rules are observed:

·         Keep candles as close to yourself as possible;

·         Make sure no one can touch your candles;

·         Keep them wrapped in fabric or paper (if you want, you can write down the wish you want magic to make come true);

·         Buy a new jewelry box, preferably a locking one;

·         Do not take the candles in your hands and do not light them up over again…

·         Unless you need it to recast a love spell because the first one started to wear out;

·         Check the condition of your candles once in a while. If they look darker than before or got twisted or broke into small pieces, it means your agreement with Higher Powers has been terminated and you need to think about a new spell to use.

The candles used in a magic ritual can also be used to cancel the ritual or give it a retroactive effect. To this end put the candles in the middle of the table and put new candles around them. Light up all the candles using one match or splinter. Then focus and make contact with those inhabitants of the Higher Worlds which helped you before, when you cast that spell, and ask them to cancel it.

Then wait until the candles burn down or go out without taking your eyes off of the candles. You are not allowed to get up, nap or use any gadgets. You are also not allowed to read, talk to anyone, or even use the bathroom. If you lose contact for any reason, the spell will not be cancelled. Moreover, if you do that and let the candles burn down, it can make the spell work forever. It is very dangerous, especially if you tried to break one of the black magic rituals.

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