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How to cast a white or red candle love spell correctly

How to cast a white or red candle love spell correctly
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Before telling you about the red candle love spell and white candle spell, I would like to stress the fact that not all candles can be used to perform the ritual at home (I know many of my readers often perform simple rituals at home). Thus, even if you have a white or red souvenir candle which, however, wasn’t made in accordance with the corresponding mystical traditions, you can’t use it in your ritual.

How to make candles for spellsThis is also true for all candles purchased anywhere but specialized candle stores. I can explain why. The point is any candle received as a present from someone will always connect you with this person. Even if this connection isn’t that strong, the ritual will enhance it. As a result, the ritual will have its effect on the person who gave you this candle instead of the object of your ritual.

Candles you bought or brought from a vacation can’t be used in candle love spells, either. A candle which hasn’t been changed with magic and which you’ve had for some time, will direct the energy you create white performing your ritual at you or one of the members of your family. It’s not a big deal if you’re performing some money-attracting ritual. But if you perform a ritual to punish someone or for revenge? In this case your ritual can backfire turning into a self-curse.

That’s why candles for candle love spells should be bought at specialized stores. Try to avoid online stores but visit physical stores instead. Before buying a candle for your white candle love spells or red candle love spell, hold it in your hand for a while and look at it closely. Remember, the efficiency and safety of the ritual you’re going to perform will depend on the quality of your candle as well as its manufacturer and date of manufacture.

Visiting an esoteric store, ask the sales consultant to show you the candles designed for the kind of magic you’re going to use. Then ask who, where and when made these candles and what kind of magic was used to charge them. Strange as it may seem, the place of manufacture is essential, too. Do you know that locally-grown vegetables and fruit are the healthiest? This is true also for candle manufacturers. It’s better to buy candles produced by a local candle manufacturer.

Then, purchasing candles for your red or white candle spell, examine each candle carefully. Pay special attention to the following nuances:

- Make sure the candle has no inscriptions, especially in a language you don’t speak; if the ritual involves making an inscription on the candle to cast your white candle love spells, the inscription should be made by the spellcaster who casts the spells but not the candle manufacturer;

- Make sure there are no foreign objects inside the candle; if the ritual requires it, make a candle by yourself instead of looking for one in candle stores;

- Most importantly, make sure your red or white candle is not painted but made of red or white wax; red candles have to have red wicks, too; this rule applies to candles of all colors intended for candle love spells.

It’s also very important to make sure your candle has no cracks or scratches. Your candle has to be perfectly straight and you should be the first person to light it.

That’s why I insist that you should avoid buying candles for your white candle spell or red candle love spell online but visit physical stores instead.

Many esoteric books and websites claim that both white and red candle love spells can be used in love rituals as they are equally strong but I have to disagree. A red candle love spell is stronger than any white candle spell, so red candle spells should be used when the object of the spell is, let’s say, married or has a girlfriend (or boyfriend).

White candle love spells are used as purifying spells, to strengthen relationships or stop arguments and quarrels. Also, they are used in fortune-telling rituals, especially those involving tarot cards.

After each ritual, regardless of how short it was, throw the candle away. If you performed a white magic ritual, you can throw the candle into the fireplace if you have one, or wrap it in paper and throw it into a garbage container. Make sure no wax is left on the candlestick or the table the candle was on while you were performing the ritual.

If a black magic ritual was performed, make sure you don’t touch the candle used in your candle love spell until you wrap it in paper or some cloth which you will have to throw away, too. Secondly, you need to burn the candle used in your candle love spells in a fire you make in a solitary place, or bury it in a place far from your home. Thirdly, after throwing the candle away, don’t look back. If you do, the energy accumulated inside the candle during the black magic ritual will strike you, even if you fail to notice it at first.

Some spellcasters recommend buying candles for future use if you cast white candle love spells or red candle love spells. However, if you perform your rituals in the same apartment or house you live in, keeping the candles for candle love spells is unwise. A candle or candles kept near your altar where you perform your rituals will involuntary absorb part of the energy of your spell. So when you use these candles in your future rituals, your magic won’t be as pure as it should be.

Some spellcasters prefer to make red or white candles by themselves to use them for their red or white candle spell that they’re going to cast as part of some ritual. It’s hard to say whether it’s the right thing to do. If you have enough inner strength and all other tools required for candle making, you can try to make one by yourself. Otherwise, don’t try to make red or white candles for your red or white candle love spells.

There are two methods how you can make a candle by yourself. The first one is when wax is poured into a form which already has a wick inside. The second one is when a weight is attached to the wick and the wick is dipped into the melted wax. The wick is dipped into the wax many times adding new wax layers, and several hours later you get your perfect magic candle to use in magic. In the past, white candles for the white candle spell, just like candles of all colors, were manufactured according to the second method. I would recommend you to use the second method too, even though it’s more labor-consuming.

However, you should remember that before making candles for your white candle love spells, you have to cleanse your chakras to remove negative energy and bad thoughts. While casting a red candle love spell, you will feel excitement as you will fall into a state called the state of the warrior.

Both these things are very difficult to achieve. That’s why authentic red and white candles designed for the red and white candle spell are very expensive. It takes the spellcaster a lot of time and energy to manufacture one which is why he expects to be justly rewarded. Candle love spells are very strong so I don’t recommend inexperienced and amateur spellcasters to cast them and warn against using candles in their rituals.

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