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Herbs and plants which may help you arouse and keep love

Herbs and plants which may help you arouse and keep love
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Today we’ll talk about herbs and plants used in love magic

Herbal magic ritual to keep loveAnd in my next article, I, spellcaster Maxim, will tell you how to store and use them in love rituals.

SWEETFLAG. Gives control over a person and is strong enough to keep your partner with you forever.

ANGELICA. Protects those who get married at a young age or spouses of the same age.

ANISE. Helps put a love spell on a sleeping person. Very useful in fortune-telling and reading the joint karma of the people in a relationship.

ANISETREE. Protects a relationship from the evil eye, accidental or intentional.

BASIL. Clears love of black love witchcraft. Removes love spells. Helps reunite with the husband if he left his wife for another woman because that woman used magic.

HOARHOUND. Protects against any love and sex witchcraft.

BERGAMOT. Helps marry a rich person.

SPANISH MOSS. Brings money, health and kind and helpful friends into the family.

HAWTHORN. Brings victory over rivals. Protects marriages from infidelity.

BETONY. Makes spouses sexually attracted to each other.

BINDWEED. Helps control the person under a love spell.

HIBISCUS. Boosts sex drive in men.

DAMIANA. Restores potency in men and is widely used in sex spells.

Herbal love magic plantsINULA. Helps make accurate love predictions. An inula bouquet given to a girl may have the effect of a love spell.

ALLSPICE. Helps put love spells on people who value money, stability and comfort.

BLACKBERRY BUSH. Prevents couples united with love magic from breaking up.

HOLY ANOINTING OIL. Protects against evil spirits.

GINGSENG. Breaks spells cast on menstrual blood. Breaks loneliness and fertility curses.

ST. JOHN’S WORT. Drives evil spirits away sent by a witch to ruin your love.

SNAKEROOT. Helps get pregnant or put a love spell on a woman with children.

GINGER. Enhances the effect of love spells. Can be used as a catalyst in love potions.

FIG TREE. One of the strongest ingredients used in Druid love rituals. Throw it into a fire and its smoke will make any person yours for the night. Helps overcome needless shyness and lack of confidence.

ROPEWING. Protects against witchcraft while you are sleeping.

CACAO TREE. In small doses, helps spot alien entities sent to destroy your love.

CAMPHOR. Used in cleansing rituals. It can help you get back together with your ex-husband, break unwanted love affairs and suppress passions.

CARDAMOM. Used as a catalyst while casting love, longing and sex spells.

CEDAR. Makes your mind clear and helps perceive reality as it is.

CLOVER. Drives ghosts away from home sent by a witch to break your marriage.

HEMPSEEDS. If used together with a candle, helps clear homes of negative energies. A hempseed-based infusion (with spring water) can be used as a mirror in love fortune-telling.

MANGRAGORA ROOT. One of the most powerful love amulets. Extensively used in black love rituals.

CINNAMON. Use cinnamon in love rituals to boost your sex appeal to attract men.

MULLEIN. Brings good luck into a relationship. Brings peace and prosperity into a marriage.

CATMINT. Used in love spells put on women who have had over 7 sexual partners.

STRINGING NETTLE. Sends black spells back onto the spell casters.

RED PEPPER. Helps cast spells designed to turn people into mental or sex slaves.

CUBEB. Protects against cemetery rituals. Heals the victims of the dead who are feeding on their energies.

INCENSE. Breaks spells designed to make people possessed and fall out of love with somebody.

LIQUORICE. Boosts sex drive in men.

SILVERWEED. Protects against witches using love magic. Can be used as a very strong love spell if mixed up with soot. Shouldn’t be used to put love spells on people with poor mental health.

LEMONGRASS. Breaks even the strongest marriages and relationships.

HAZELNUT. Makes the husband the head of the family. Helps make peace after infidelity.

THROATWORT. Can be used to make love potions.

BUCHU LEAVES. Helps see prophetic dreams showing the future of your relationship or marriage.

COMFREY LEAVES. Improves your connection with your family’s Guardian Angel.

BURDOCK. Protects from love or breakup rituals.

LOTUS. Helps perform astral projection to influence your beloved.

LUCERNE. Brings luck into love affairs. Improves attractiveness.

GALBANUM OIL. Helps put a love spell on a person by engaging this person’s Guardian Angel.

MYRRH. Used in rituals performed by the husband to cleanse his wife and vice versa.

JUNIPER. Used in complex rituals performed to take the spellcaster to the upper levels.

DANDELION. Reignites the lost spark in a relationship.

MISTLETOE. Makes lovers and spouses invisible to magic practitioners.

WINTERBERRY. Drives evil and troubles away. Turns wedding rings into powerful protection amulets.

PARSLEY. A powerful aphrodisiac.

WORMWOOD. Helps predict how a relationship will end.

GREEN BROOM. Protects marriages from relatives and friends who want to break them. Protects against cemetery witchcraft and voodoo love rituals.

ROSEMARY. Helps find out what your spouse is hiding from you.

CAMOMILE. Creates love that brings happiness and prosperity.

RUE. A powerful anti-magic herb which can be used be people who have never used magic and witchcraft before.

LILAC. Helps turn an aggressive partner into a submissive lamb.

CARAWAY. Breaks spells put to influence the sexual behavior of a person. Protects against evil spirits influencing people through sex. To ensure that no one will steal your husband from you, put a caraway seed into his pocket.

INDIAN BALSAM POPLAR. Breaks curse-based breakup spells.

HOP. Helps spell casters protect themselves while performing rituals.

THYME. Makes the bed the best place to have sex for spouses.

BILBERRY BUSH. Prevents spouses from cheating on and lying to each other.

GARLIC. Gives courage to those who need to fight for their love. Gets people who are ready to break your family out of envy out of your life.

SAGE. Helps get a man to propose to his woman, and prevents women from cheating on their men.

YUCCA. Unites a man and woman for good.

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