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Best love spells by a real-life sorcerer

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What are the best love spells?

When you browse the Web reading about spells, you see “best love spells”, “best love spells”, “best love spells” everywhere. Someone promises you to cast them for you, assuring you love magic is their specialty. Others put the word “best” everywhere they can to make their offer look more appealing. This is how you end up being offered the best candles, the best fortune-telling methods, the best rituals, and many other products and services that are supposed to be the best too.

Here is what inspired me to write this article though. I, spellcaster Maxim, have noticed that lower qualified magic practitioners, those who are barely known in their country or on the Internet, tend to use the word “the best” more often. I checked my articles and realized I have only one which has this word in its title. Here it is – which magic love spell is best for you.

Read it and you will learn more about professional magic.

Best love spellsThis word is almost never used in my other articles. Do you know why? All my clients are equally important to me and all my spells are equally effective. None of my spells is better than the others. Spells are just a tool to give people freedom. The freedom of being rich. The freedom of being healthy. The freedom of being in love and being loved. Since spells are a tool, the word “the best” cannot be applied to them. Magic practitioners either can use them or not. The world’s greatest sculptures were made with tools which art school sophomores would refuse to use today. Despite that, those ancient sculptors still have not been excelled by anyone.

This is because the key is not the ritual chosen, but the skills of the magic practitioner performing it. For example, I can take two hairs, tie them together, blow onto them, say a few words, and put a very powerful spell on a person. Does it mean it is the best love spell ever? Of course not! Because the key is the spell caster. So you should evaluate your magic practitioner not by the spells he casts but by the results he delivers. So, try to stay away from the magic practitioners overusing the word “the best” because it is usually used to mislead people and trick them into doing something they would never do otherwise.

Well, I have explained why there is no such thing as the best love spell. Just to remind you, it is because spells are just a tool and it is not true that one ritual can bring better results than another due to the specifics of this ritual. It is like saying that the type of PC you are using determines your success. Give ten PC’s to ten different people and you will get completely different results:

- One will write a beautiful novel using his PC;

- Another one will spill some coffee over it and break it;

- One will build a fantastic 3D world with it;

- The fourth person will use it to participate in random political discussions on forums and news websites;

- The fifth one will use it to store her pictures;

- Another one will edit her videos and become a YouTube star.

Let ten magic practitioners perform the same ritual calling it the best love spell in the world, and you will get ten different results, good and bad, or no results at all. So do not be fooled by the name “the best love magic spells” but always look for good spellcasters who are respected and well known in their field, because they are the only ones who can really help you.

About the best day for love spells and the best moon phase for love spell

best candle love spellsHowever, the word “the best” can still be applied to certain things in magic. One of them is the best day for love spells. For love spells this day is when there is a waxing moon. Also, good days are considered sunny, clear and warm days or days when it is warm and there is little rain. Lucky days are always good days for such spells because they tend to charge you with special energy. Bad days for doing love magic are considered days when you are depressed, when there is a waning moon, when you are sick, have your period, etc. Do not cast any spells on such days and do not even read books about magic.

Speaking of books, do you know that I have written a great guidebook about magic revealing some of its most fascinating mysteries? You can download it on my website. Reading it is like finishing school distinguishing regular people from spell casters. Read it till the end, put its ideas and suggestions into practice, and you will automatically undergo an initiation becoming an adept of the lower magic levels to cast love spells and other spells, including health and money spells, almost like a professional magic practitioner. Download this book and the world of magic will welcome you making you a part of it.

But let us get back to discussing terminology.

The best moon phase for love spell. I have told you about it earlier. Such days are days when the moon is waxing. It seems insignificant, but in fact the moon phase and its position relative to the sun and the earth have a huge mystical meaning. When the moon is waxing, positive energies prevail on the planet, while when there is a waning moon, negative energies flow in.

The best herbs for love spells. Actually, there is no such thing. There are herbs which can be used in certain rituals and they are the best for these specific rituals. There are herbs that should not be used in certain rituals, so despite their power they will only harm the spell. If you think otherwise, it is like producing a medication for chest pain using the ingredients intended for dental health care. No matter how effective they are, they will not help people with heart diseases.

Speaking of herbs used in magic spells, specifically in the best spell for love, they are:

Plants for protection – hazel, oak and pine tree;

Herbs for energy purification – fir needles, nettle, thyme;

Herbs to break loneliness spells – thistle, green ginger, wormwood;

Herbs for celibacy wreaths – aconite, jimson weed, bourtree, buckthorn;

Herbs for love spells – mistletoe, jasmine, mint, oregano, lily;

Herbs to bring harmony into a relationship – wild ash, hedge rose, rosemary;

Herbs for beauty and sex appeal – wild rosemary, wormwood, anise.

Speaking of terms again, let us remember one more, that is very common in your letters about the best love spells reviews. I am also talking about the truthful ones. However, the number of haters and magic practitioners promoting their services through fake reviews has been growing lately, so it gets more and more difficult to believe such reviews.

The best love spell websites – these are websites containing useful information. Such websites are not for entertainment. They are intended to teach and enlighten users, explain to them what is what, and keep them out of trouble. If a website makes you more careful, it is a good one indeed. At least it is good for you.

Casting the best spell for love at home

Casting the best spell for loveNow let me describe some simple spells for you to cast at home. They are so good that I am pretty sure you will consider them the best spells for love. All of them are cast with some rainwater which is used in different ways.

Rainwater spell for love #1. This ritual is good for people who know a place where they can be out of sight when it is raining or for people who are brave enough to get naked in front of others. When it begins to rain, take a shower and go outside without putting your clothes on. While standing in the rain, whisper the name of the person you love and imagine his face in front of you.

Go back inside and take a pack of white napkins. Wipe your skin with them carefully collecting the rainwater from your body and squeezing it into a container with a lid. Wipe your arms, shoulders and your intimate parts. When there is about 2-3 tablespoons of rainwater in the container, wipe yourself dry with a towel and get to the second part of the ritual. Add three drops of this water into the food and drinks of the person you love, and in about a week he will develop similar feelings for you.

This spell is so powerful that it can be called the best spell to get love back and the best easy love spell. Let me remind you that if you are too shy to go outside naked, you may perform this ritual in the forest or stand in the rain on your patio or on the roof of your house where no one will see you.

Rainwater spell for love #2. When it starts raining, open the window, stick your arms out of it, holding your picture in one hand and a picture of the person you love in the other hand, and repeat the following spell twelve times,

“Help me rain! Press the heart of my beloved to mine. Let us drink love like you let the earth drink your water.”

Press the pictures together and bring them inside. Put them on the table and put four white candles around them. Light the candles and wait until they burn down. See if the pictures have stuck together or not. If they have, the spell is working and you will be together by the end of the current month. If they fell apart, it means you are unable to cast love spells and need to work with a professional magic practitioner.

Rainwater spell for love #3. To perform this ritual, you will need to sacrifice the wedding dress you wore when you were getting married to the man whom you want to get back. This spell is considered to be one of the best love magic spells to make up with a husband after a fight or get an ex-husband back. To begin with, collect some rainwater into a bucket. You need a lot of rainwater, around 7 liters. Then soak the dress in this water and wash the floor in your house with it, saying,

“It is not dirt but the fight that I am cleaning up. It is not dirt, but my (ex-)husband (his name) that I am getting back. When he comes back, seeing our house sparkling clean will revive his feelings for me and he will fall back in love with me. He will love me again. We will not fight anymore. He will never want to leave me again.”

Keep saying these words until you have cleaned up all the floors in the house, including the threshold. When you clean up the threshold, take the bucket outside and pour the water out. Put the dress in a plastic bag and throw it out. Yes, unfortunately, this is the sacrifice you have to make. On the bright side, your (ex-)husband is almost sure to come back to you. In the worst case scenario you will get a chance to start over and this time build a stronger and happier relationship with the man you love.

As a matter of fact, this ritual can be performed by widows. They just should omit the part when the spell is said. Just clean up the floors in your house with your wedding dress, pour the rainwater out and throw the dress out as described above, and you will get a chance to meet another man and fall in love and be happy, no matter how old you are and whether you are pretty or not.

Q&A: What are the best love spells?


“What are the best love spells in voodoo magic and in Wicca?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Wiccan magic does not work. It is a known fact. Whether you are familiar with magic or not, you should know it. Speaking of voodoo magic, you should always remember that it is very dangerous. All its spells work in the same manner:

- They take control of the target;

- They destroy this person’s conscious mind and will;

- They rebuild them the way the client wants them to be;

- The target feels love but it is making them unhappy;

- It triggers a wide range of negative effects.


“What is the best spell to make someone love you? Who can cast it better, men or women?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

It is also a known fact that men are better at things related to releasing energy. It is not only spell-casting but also art, science and even cooking. So when your spell is cast by a male and a female magic practitioner with similar magic experience, the results delivered by the man will be a little better. At the same time, a skilled witch is more powerful than any inexperienced sorcerer. So this question is philosophical, rather than practical. So here is my answer to it: if you are lucky to find a skilled witch, work with her. Otherwise, work with male magic practitioners.


“Every time I want to cast what is known as the best spell to make him love me, my cat – she is 6 years old, starts going crazy. Is she trying to protect me?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Remember that cats not always want to help and protect their owners, so do not jump to conclusions. It is also possible that your cat is controlled by some mind parasite which wants you to stay single and feel lonely because it feeds off your unhappiness. If your cat is really trying to protect you, do not perform this ritual at all. If a pet is warning you, you need to talk to me, spellcaster Maxim, or any other powerful magic practitioner.


“Could you tell me about the best love spell to cast at home? Thank you!”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Watch my video that I made specifically to answer your question and you will find out how to cast the best love spell at home.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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