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How to make love black magic easily

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What is zombie love black magic performed by means of a voodoo doll?

A zombie spell is a kind of black magic that influences the consciousness and the subconscious mind of a person through an object associated with the person (known as voodoo doll), invoking a desire in his person to be in a relationship with one using the spell.

A love spell of black magic involving zombification. Effects and risks

Love black magic candle

Read the following warnings and precautions before you start to practice magic. Probably, you think I am just an old grumbler always worrying about something, but it is worth repeating it over and over again:

•         If you are not sure you will do it right, do not do it at all

•         If you are afraid that someone may interfere, do not perform the ritual

•         Strictly follow the procedure, do not make up things, do not add or delete anything even if it seems to you that the changes will benefit the ritual

•         Never put love spells on married people; before putting a love spell, free your loved one from his or her current relationship

•         Do not tell anyone about your spells

If you think these are all the precautions and warnings, then you are mistaken. One of the most important rules is to ensure your personal protection from negative energies and kickbacks, especially if you use black magic.

The risks associated with zombie love are quite obvious. By invading the consciousness and the subconscious mind of a person, you can damage it, causing personality and mental conflicts and possibly self-destruction.

Black love magic. A zombie ritual to be performed with the use of a voodoo doll

Let me start with telling you about the ingredients you are going to need for this love spell, and then I will tell you about its casting procedure and the results to be expected.

What are the ingredients to perform black magic for love?

To perform this ritual, you are going to need something that belongs to your loved one, such as a T-shirt or a shirt worn by him.

You will also need a black and white threads, big eye needle, black wax candle (not painted but made of black wax), photograph of your loved one, handful of grave ground, paper envelope, and scissors.

When to cast zombie spells

All preparations must be completed before the new moon, and the spell is cast as soon as the moon starts growing. You can prepare for the ritual any time of the day, but cast your love spell only at night, from 1 a.m. to 3 a.m.

Casting a spell by oneself

As I said, you need a handful of the ground from a grave. So you need to go to a cemetery that is the closest to your place, walk between the graves, and try to find one with the same name as that of your loved one.

Come closer, wait, put the presents you brought down, and ask for help. If the soul of the deceased person agrees, you will feel inspired and know that everything will be great. If not, look for another grave.

Take a handful of the ground from the grave making sure it does not have any grass or sand in it. Put it in the envelope and say,

I am offering you, (the name of the deceased person), some gifts and for this I will take some ground for my love.

Leave the cemetery and prepare the rest of the items and materials for the ritual.

When the time for the spell comes, put a table in the center of the room, put the candle in the center of the table, light it with a match (if the match or the candle goes out, the ritual must be discontinued immediately). Put all the objects on the table and turn the lights off.

Sit down at the table facing the cemetery from which you took the ground.

Make black ritual of love with doll

Place a photo of your loved one next to the candle, look at it, and think about what you want to do, what you want to change in your loved one’s thoughts and behavior.

Now take the scissors and cut the shirt of your beloved in half (to get the lower and the upper part). They must match in the form. The doll should not be very small –about 15-20 cm high.

Take the white and black threads, unwind the same length of each one, interlace them with each other, and thread the needle. The threads should end in three knots.

Now sew the doll around the edges to obtain a tight seam, leaving some space to fill the doll.

To fill the doll, use the remaining pieces of the shirt. If you want, put a photo of your loved one inside the doll (it is not necessarily because if someone finds the doll and opens it up, he or she will sees the photo and understand everything, which can be a big problem to you). Carefully put the grave ground from the envelope inside the doll. If the seam is not tight enough, put the envelope with the ground inside the doll to prevent the ground from spilling which brings the energy of death and afterlife to your home.

When the doll is full, sew it up. When you finish, tie three knots and tear off the needle with the rest of the thread. Now your doll symbolizes the person you are in love with.

Take the needle and make a puncture in the forehead of the doll, but not pierce it through – the needle should not come out from the other side.

Now you can give the doll your commands. Just think about what you want to change in this person, what he should do, how to behave, and so on.

When you are done, do not remove the needle. Drip some wax from the black candle onto the place where the needle pierces the doll.

When the wax hardens, put the doll in a paper bag and collect all the other ingredients (the scissors, thread remains, candlestick, etc.) in a separate package. You need to throw it into the garbage or bury it far away from your house.

The next day, bring the package with the doll to the cemetery you took the ground from. Take a small shovel with you. Pretend that you are taking care of the grave or cleaning it up and dig a deep hole in the middle, place the doll in it, and bury it.

When you place the doll, say,

What is in you, is out of you. The world of the dead will help my wish come true – the zombie spell will come true. So be it.

Before you leave, put more gifts on the grave and thank the soul of the deceased person for help.

The results to be expected from the doll spell

You will notice first results of the spell before the full moon. You will see the changes in your loved one which you asked for. Note that the above spell in intended for women and should be put on men.  

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