How to make love black magic easily

How to make love black magic easily

What is a zombi love black magic through a doll

A zombie spell on a doll of volts is a black magic that through an object associated with a person (doll), acts directly to the mind and subconscious to create the desire to be in a relationship with the person to whom the love spell works.

Spell of black magic love with zombification - effects and risks

Love black magic candleEven before you start to practice, read these warning. Probably, all the witches are like the old grumbling women who are worry about the safety and risks, but it is worth to repeat again:

  •  if you do not feel sure in yourself that everything will be done right, do not try to get a fortune,
  •  if you are afraid that someone will interfere, do not do the ritual,
  •  in no case do not invent anything on your own, do not add or subtract, even if it seems to you that your changes will benefit,
  •  do not try to charm the man (or woman) who is in marriage, and before the spell making, free him (or her) from other relationships by making a breakdown, cold, breeding fates or some other damage to the relationship,
  •  Do not tell  to anyone about your magical work.

And if you thought that these are all precautions and warnings, then you are mistaken. One of the most important rules - be sure to make protection from the negative, from the reverse reaction of the situation to your acts, especially if you use black magic love.

Remember that with zombies there are quite obvious risks of negative consequences. Invading the subconscious and the consciousness of a person, you can violate it, which will lead to a change in personality, internal mental conflicts that cause self-destruction.

Zombie ritual with the manufacture of dolls – volts for black love magic

We begin with what you need for a love spell, and then we will consistently go on to when to conduct it, how to do it and in the form of what results you will see manifestations.

What will be required in black magic for love?

You need a thing that belongs to your loved one. Best of all, if it's a T-shirt or shirt, it must be worn by him.

You will also need a black and white thread, a needle with a big ear, a black (completely, not painted) wax candle, a photography (preferably) of a bewitching one, a handful of grave ground, a paper envelope, scissors.

When to conduct zombi spell

All preparations must be completed before the new moon, and the spell is made at the very beginning of the growth of the moon. You can get ready for work at any time of a day, but make a love spell only at night, from 1 to 3 hours.

Make a spell by yourself

Make black ritual of love with dollWe said that you need a handful of ground from the grave. So at the preparation stage you need to go to the cemetery, the closest to you. Walking between the graves, find one where the name of the deceased person will coincides with the name of the one to be charmed.

Come closer, wait, put the presents and ask for help. If the soul of the deceased agrees, then you will feel inspired and understand that everything will come true. If not, then you need to look for another grave.

From the grave take a little grave ground, without grass and sand. Put it in a paper envelope. Say: "As a gift to you, the name of the deceased, I offer gifts, for this I will take away the ground for my love."

Taking your own, leave the cemetery and prepare the rest of the items and materials for the ritual.

When the time for the spell came, put a table in the center of the room, put a candle in the center of the table, light it with a match (if the match or candle goes out, the ritual must be immediately interrupted). Put on the table all the ritual objects, and turn off the electrical light.

Sit down at the table so that your face would be turned towards to the cemetery from which you took the ground.

Place a photo of a loved one next to a candle, look at it and think about what you want to do, what you want to change in his thoughts and behavior.

Now take the scissors and cut the shirt of your beloved so that you have two sides - the lower and the upper, of the future doll. They must match in form. Do so that the doll is not very small, about 15 - 20 cm in height.

Take a white and black thread, unwind the same length for both of them, cut twist the thread with each other and thread into the needle. The edges join with three knots.

Now sew the doll around the edges. Sew it so that a tight seam is obtained. But do not sew completely, leave space for the doll to fill.

To fill the doll use the remaining pieces of cloth from the shirt. In the doll you can (but not necessarily - if someone once finds a doll and opens it, sees a photo and finds out a person - it can be a big problem) to put a photo of a loved one. And, what is obligatory, is that carefully from the envelope put there the grave land. If you have not a tight seam, do not pour the ground. Better put inside the doll ground with the envelope. Otherwise, through a loose seam, your ground will crumble all over the room. That means that you will bring the energy of death and the afterlife to your home.

When everything is filled in the doll, sew it all up. When you have finished, tie three knots and tear off the needle with the rest of the thread.

Here you have a doll, which at the level of subtle energies is associated with a fascinated person.

Then take the needle and in the forehead of the doll make a puncture, but not through, but so that the needle does not come out from the other side.

Lean the index finger of the right hand to the tip of the needle. Now you must do, give to the doll (that is, the zombie man) instructions.

We will not bring here complex spells, as your desires and your attitudes will still differ. Just think about what you want to change in a person, what he should do, how to behave and so on.

When it is finished, do not remove the needle! Leave it so in the doll, and the place where it enters the doll, drip with a wax from a black candle.

When the wax solidifies, put the doll in a paper bag and collect all other ritual objects (scissors, thread remaints, etc., even a candlestick) in a separate package. You need to throw it into the garbage, and it's better to bury it somewhere far away from your house.

The next day, bring the package with the doll to the cemetery, where you took the land. Take a small shovel with you. Make it look like you are caring for a grave, you are cleaning up. And, between the deals, in the center dig a deep hole and place the doll in it, bury it, and loosen the ground around the whole grave.

When you put the doll, say: "What's in you, is out of you. The world of the dead will help my wish come true - a spell with zombies will come true. Let it be so".

Before leaving, put more gifts on the grave, thank the soul of the deceased mentally for help.

Manifestation of the results of the spell with the doll

The results of the spell will appear until the full moon. They will be expressed in those changes that you by yourself have invested in the consciousness and subconscious minded. We note that the spell, which is described here, shows how a woman makes a spell on a man. But there's no difference what kind of sex you want to bewitch. It can be making also as black magic for love back, and as first spell – so that bewitched person will fall in love in you for the first time.

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