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Today’s strongest real love magic spells

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I, spellcaster Maxi, just realized I have not talked to you in a blitz-interview format for a long time, which is one of the favorite formats of my loyal readers. I will be interviewed by you, my readers who just took an interest in real love magic and do not know much about it yet. My today’s article will cover some of the questions which are frequently asked by the people who have just been introduced to real love magic. Well, not only questions but also my answers to them.

Real love magic and its ancient spells

Real love candle magic- Whom should I trust? The one claiming to be a general magic practitioner or the one assuring that he knows real love magic?

- You should trust only the one who gets the result they want by performing their magic rituals. It is proven by many years of effective work. Do not trust words. They do not mean anything unless proven with actual results.

- How can I verify the magic practitioner casts ancient spells but not any other spells?

- You cannot do it. However, the job of your spellcaster is to fulfill your order, is it not? Does it really matter how he fulfills it?

- But I’m paying specifically for ancient spells. Is there a way for me to make sure I’m not being lied to?

- Only frauds charge their clients for some specific spells. Professional spellcasters are interested only in the results of their work and that is what they charge their clients for.

- Does it mean the ancient real love spell isn’t that powerful?

- Ancient or modern spells are just tools used by the spellcaster. It is up to the spellcaster to choose which tools to use to help you. As for you, you should trust your spellcaster and have faith. Miracles cannot happen without your faith. Besides, it does not make any sense working with the spellcaster whom you do not trust.

- What can love magic do? How can it help ordinary folks?

- Its main goal is to give you love. However, it is not limited by love spells. Thus, I, spellcaster Maxim, offer the following services:

Putting a love spell on any person you want to bring you together;

Restoring romantic relationships;

Removing celibacy wreaths and ending loneliness;

Strengthening the key female or male traits;

Making the lovers make up after a fight or a divorce;

Improving sex life;

Creating same-sex couples;

Creating love or convenience-based marriages;

Bringing two people together despite their social or age difference;

Breakup spells and spells designed to eliminate rivalry;

Spells to end infidelity or eliminate rivals;

Other spells.

- Is there a minimum age requirement to use love magic?

- Professional magic practitioners work only with adults and put their spells only on adults.

- Is there a minimum age requirement to use ancient real love magic?

- The older you are when you start casting ancient real love magic spells, the better. If possible, avoid using this kind of magic at all. Let professionals do it to make your dream come true and at the same time keep you out of danger.

Modern real love magic spells

Casting real love magic- As far as I understand, there is ancient magic. But what do people mean by “modern magic”?

- Magic practitioners never stop learning. Magic is like physics which is very old but still has a lot of unresolved problems. Moreover, the more people know about it, the more questions arise. This is also true for magic which never stops offering new prospects and opportunities to magic practitioners. Besides, it is impossible for true spellcasters to stop learning. Therefore, many of them say they specialize in modern real love magic.

- Doesn’t ancient magic impact modern people?

- It does. But new times bring new challenges. Thus, today there are magic practitioners who can cast spells over the phone or other gadgets; there are some spells designed to make your loved one call you or spells to be put on the people you met using social media.

- Aren’t those claiming to be “modern magic practitioners” lying just like those referring to themselves as “spellcasters specializing in ancient magic”?

- According to marketing specialists, a legend is the easiest thing to sell. So some magic practitioners tend to associate themselves with some legends. But these are not professional spellcasters. Experienced and professional magic practitioners never describe themselves as guards of some ancient traditions or new school wizards. They just inform you they are doing real love magic and let their work speak for itself.

- But why don’t voodoo sorcerers learn new rituals?

- I am afraid I have to disagree with you on this. Life is impossible without growth and development. When a magic practitioner stops growing professionally, he stops being able to cast magic spells successfully. His energies weaken and fade, and his spells become completely unhelpful. So voodoo sorcerers learn new spells as well, if they are true magic practitioners and not fake ones.

- Is science pushing magic forward with its discoveries?

- Of course it is. The more we learn, the smarter and stronger we become. So magic is inseparable from quantum physics, psychology, genetics, socionics and sociology, and partially from biology and metallurgical science. But this was also true for ancient magic practitioners thanks to whom the above listed sciences appeared in the first place.

- Can I make up my own spells like sorcerers and witches do?

- Yes, you can. If you know some patterns of words or actions which allow you to get what you want or protect yourself against problems, go ahead and use them. But please do not try to use them to harm other people. The Universe is merciless in its justice and people always get what they do or give. My second piece of advice is as follows: no matter what branch of magic you use, always count only on yourself and never count on some otherworldly forces to avoid getting into their debt. Many real love magic rituals make inexperienced spellcaster pay for the things they are not supposed to pay for.

The strongest real love magic spells

- Why can some magic practitioners cast real love magic spells successfully and others can’t?

- The answer is the same as it would be if the question was about sport or music. Why do some people become popular singers or Olympic champions and others do not? Besides, such thing as personal history is of critical importance in magic. Personal history encompasses thousands of rebirths. For true spellcasters their current life is just one of the many lives they have lived studying magic and its specifics, while others are just starting learning real love magic.

- But can magic make people happy? It’s self-deception for those buying love spells and an illusion for those the spells are put on.

- Is it an illusion when your dream comes true? No, it is not. So do not be afraid that magic will not make you happy. Speaking of the target of the spell, it is more complex. Unskilled magic practitioners try to influence people by turning them into zombies, messing with their natural settings, placing some astral creatures into their subtle bodies, etc. Fortunately, when a love spell is cast by a powerful and professional magic practitioner, the target does not notice or feel its influence, meaning in this case love and happiness are real.

- What do I do to get a permanent love spell?

- Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to get a permanent spell. When you expand your knowledge of magic to the point when you understand the essence of energy and karmic processes, you will realize there is no such thing as permanent spells. There are long-lasting spells which still wear out at some point. But cheer up! Magic rituals can be re-performed, so a permanent love spell can be described as a love spell cast many times.

- I think I have a spell put on me. Is there a way to find out if it’s a real love magic spell or not?

Please watch my video below which is just about that.

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