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Which spell binding is the best for you?

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Spell casters are often contacted by people looking for a spell binding. As a rule, these people believe that there is just one multifunctional binding spell that can be used by anyone. However, our reality is complex and multiversion, so each spell binding is perfect of just one individual and can help only this specific person.

A lot depends on the client, too: whether or not he loves the one who he wants to cast a love spell on; whether he wants to spend his whole life with this person or considers it a short-term love affair; whether he uses a binding spell out of revenge or to solve his financial problems, and so on. That’s why each spell binding is chosen individually. Depending on the spell, different magic tools and skills of the spell caster are required. This explains why the spell caster charges his clients differently for different love spells. 

Simple binding spells

The simplest binding spell is cast when you truly love the one who you want to cast a love spell on, while this person likes you too, but is afraid of starting a romantic relationship with you. Influencing this person, the spell caster removes his (her) self-consciousness and fears, giving him (her) the confidence he (she) needs to take the first step towards the one who really loves him (her). 

Simple binding spellSometimes, a spell binding is cast on someone who is already under the influence of a love spell. Let’s suppose, once upon a time there lived a handsome young man. One girl fell in love with him and went to a witch who cast a binding spell on him. Influenced by magic, the young man fell in love with her too, they started dating and living together. Then you meet this man and fall in love with him as well. You know you can’t live without him. All your attempts to make him like you prove unsuccessful. That’s when you contact me and ask me to cast a spell binding on him. 

Of course, I agree to help you. But before performing the ritual, I need to warn you that binding spell alone is not enough. First of all, I need to break the magic influencing him and make him break up with his beloved. Only after than I can use magic to cast a love spell on him. 

That’s why this spell binding is more difficult to cast and therefore more expensive. In addition, it takes effect slower than other regular spells. 

Casting spell binding

The most difficult love spell is a love cast on someone you don’t love, but want to make be with you. In my opinion, casting such spells is wrong, but I never judge my clients. Moreover, I always try to help people when they ask me to, and I always do my job professionally. 

When a love spell is cast on someone you don’t love, prepare that this person is going to turn into sort of a zombie. This means that I’m going to have to crush his will, ability to analyze things, or even a part of his subconscious mind to ensure that this person will fall in love with you and this love will keep him next to you, despite the fact that you’re going to give nothing in return. 

Such rituals are not only very complex, but also extremely dangerous, for most of them belong to black magic and always require some payment. Also remember that such relationships rarely make people happy. I understand that now you think that if you don’t cast a love spell on someone rich who will financially support you, you won’t be happy. But think about having to please someone who you have no feelings for (including sexually), share the bed with him, when he makes you bored and disgusts you… Is that the life you want?

Binding spells must be cast only for true love

Casting spell bindingHowever, it doesn’t always happen this way. Sometimes, indifference or self-interest gives way to real love. This happens very rarely, while as a rule black love rituals bring people pain and disappointment. The most severe punishment ensues when you cast a love spell and destroy the family of someone who is deeply in love with another person and this person loves this someone, too. According to the law of energy conservation, your suffering will be as severe as that caused by you. Perhaps, it won’t happen right away. But believe me, sooner or later you will have to work off your karmic debt.

On top of that, you may receive extra punishment such as infertility and ugliness, poverty and homelessness, divorce or having to go to a low-paid job that you hate.

Luckily, there is a way to find out the outcome of using a spell binding. It’s called “fortune telling.” I provide these services, too. So I offer you not to jump to conclusions but first let me see into your future. What if it turns out to be so bad that you change your mind regarding use of that binding spell? What if you decide to wait for a while instead, until Higher Powers grant you the love you crave for?

By the way, I know a few rituals that will allow you to attract love without breaking any karmic laws, meaning without incurring punishment. Moreover, I can ensure that the person you meet after contacting me will look like the one you’re currently in love with but who doesn’t love you. Besides, the two will have similar personalities and fates, too. 

How I can do that is my professional secret that I just can’t share with you. But you still need to understand that binding rituals vary and I can always find the one that will be perfect for you, giving you love, joy and happiness. 

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