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Up till now, in the era of computer technology and innovation, magic and spells have been helping people cope with difficult situations. The centuries-old know is still highly valued by the people worldwide.

Sometimes, even skeptics who always treated magic as vestiges of the past resort to it. It takes time to understand how magic works.

Magic and spells with bottleIt is believed that there are only two types of magic, white and black. However, magic is multibranch. For example, there’s green magic that is used for healing people with the powers of nature and its bounty, such as herbs, stones, mountain crystals, etc.

One of the types of black magic is the powerful African voodoo magic. It uses pretty harsh methods, such as turning people into zombies, casting hexes with the help of dolls, etc.

Which forces do spell casters use?

Various tools, esoteric attributes, prayers and spells are used to perform magical rituals. Depending on the spell they’re casting, spell casters call up dark or light spirits, angels, saints, apostles, or demons.

The power of the elements is used in magic as well. In pagan cultures, the elements were attached much importance to. For example, the power of fire is often used in cleansing rituals and rituals to exorcise demons from people. Fire and its symbols are used to clean homes, residential and non-residential buildings in which people suspect evil spirits. As a rule, evil spirits cause murrain, while pets run away and the owners’ personal belonging disappear. The energy of fire radiated by church candles, together with prayers and old spells, can exorcise demons from a place.

The energy of air and water is extensively used in healing and love magic. These two elements are great for remembering and communicating spell information. Prayers and spells are usually said outdoors, at sunrise, because the energy of air coupled with the powers of the morning sun makes the power of magical spells stronger.

Water is one of the most favorite tools of healers and spell casters. Not that long ago, scientists proved that fluids, especially water, can “remember” the information of the words said at the molecular level. Saying a prayer or a spell changes the water structure. Scientists said a spell and then froze the water and studied its molecular structure. There’s a dramatic difference between the molecular structure of the water that was said a prayer to and the one that was cursed. When it comes to healing people, the positive energy of prayers and the light magic of spells work wonders.

Who can use magic?

The ability to use magic and witchcraft is transferred hereditarily together with the knowledge of previous generations. However, sometimes people who don’t come from a family of spell casters display certain unique abilities. Some notice they can heal people, others can contact the world of the dead or are good at spell casting.

At the same time, not everyone can master magic. Moreover, it poses danger to those who try to use it for fun or misuse it. Our real world and the world of magic are two different things. Those who obliterate distinctions between them should be ready to be held responsible and face the consequences.

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