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Our ancestors’ centuries-old experience and knowledge is still used by people. Trying to solve a problem, that can’t solved, by casting ancient magical spells is increasingly common.

A spell is a word formula. Found in various cultures, it is believed to have magical powers. Today, there are millions of spells designed to be used by fishermen, merchants, hunters, herdsmen, farmers, etc. There is a large group of healing spells designed to cure diseases and obesity, as well as spells used by spell casters in love magic.

How to tell a white magic spell from a black magic spell?

Magical effective spellsWanting to avoid black magic, all beginning spell casters and witches wonder how to tell a white magic spell from a black magic spell. Experienced spell casters advise them to carefully study the text of the spell before reading it aloud.

White magic spells address Saints, Virgin, Jesus Christ, Apostles or Guardian Angel. Even if it mentions pagan or mythical creatures, it can still be a white magic spell (it only means it’s very old). In the past, sorcerers addressed natural elements and phenomena, such as rain, thunder, stars, moon, sun, dawn… Spells which appeared after Christening mention Saints, Virgin, God, Holy Trinity, etc.

Black magic spells usually contain such tokens as,

“Put the cross under the heel,” “Get up without praying,” Walk away without getting a blessing,” “Without crossing,” etc.

Casting black magic spells often requires performing certain actions using certain magical tools and symbols, such as a cross which is turned upside down, grave earth, clothes taken off of a dead man (from the coffin or the grave). Black spell casters sometimes sacrifice sheep and goats, cats, dogs and birds to evil spirits and Satan’s servants which attention they want to attract (information on it can be found in any book on black magic).

Magical spell structure

If you study black and white magic spells, whether you are a beginning sorcerer or healer, you will notice that all of them have a similar structure. Each magical spell consists of:

- introduction. It implies an imaginary travel with a representative of the helping force (pagan gods, natural elements and phenomena, Saints, Virgin, Jesus Christ, God, Holy Trinity…);

- expression of one’s wishes.

- “the key” of the spell or conclusion. It implies imagining a lock and a key which are used to give the words magical powers.

A sample magical spell against alcohol abuse

“I wake up praying, get a blessing and go out into the field. There’s a young spring there, with spring water. I bow before the spring humbly and say the spell, ‘God’s servant (name of the person abusing alcohol) can’t live drinking like people can’t live without water – once he drinks alcohol, he gets thirsty, his body’s aching and his mind falls ill. Let the water wear away the black hex like the drop wears away the stone. Prevent God’s servant (name) from drinking alcohol day and night. My word’s strong, so is what I’ve done. Key. Lock. Tongue’.”

How to cast spells correctly

Witch cast magical effective spellIt is an old custom that spells are said in a loud, stentorian voice. It is believed to help attract the attention of the spirits and natural elements addressed. Healing spells which are supposed to cure sick people should be said in a low voice or in a whisper. Health-improving spells are to be said by deep-throat singing. This technique is still very popular among shamans. They claim this tone of voice attracts the attention of spirits and forces best of all.

Deep-throat singing during spell casting bears a strong resemblance to singing psalms. That’s how spells were said to ask for rich harvest or rain, exorcise evil spirits from a house, etc.

What rules should be observed while casting spells

Experienced spell casters and sorcerers advise people remain serious while casing a spell. They must not joke, laugh, talk to other people, talk on the phone, etc. One has to be alone while performing a ritual. Mockery may insult the spirits and they can become angry. Inexperienced spell casters should understand that it’s very difficult to gain the favor of Higher Powers. They should realize the risk and the responsibility they are taking while casing any spell.

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