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It’s a proven fact that thoughts can materialize. A wish is a thought and a thought is energy. If you learn how to control energy, you can easily make any with of yours come true. How can you do it? With the help of visualization of the desired. There are many methods of visualization, but most effective are creative (for creative people with fertile imagination) and constructive (for rational and skeptical people) methods. It should be noted that there’s no magic or mysticism in it. Both methods help a person program his subconsciousness to make a wish come true, introduce a program for it to implement. Both mystics and psychologists believe that the power of our subconsciousness is limitless.

Make your wish come trueTo make your wish come true using the creative method, you have to make a “Wish Map” symbolizing the objective for your subconsciousness to pursue. But before that, you have to define your wish, figure out what exactly you want. After that, take a sheet of Whatman paper and write down your wish with a pen, pencil or felt-tip pen. Be short and write something like “MONEY,” “HAPPY FAMILY,” “CAR” or “NEW HOME.” Be honest with yourself. If you want money, don’t be ashamed to write it down. Stick your picture in the middle of the sheet. Take a pair of scissors, glue and a bunch of magazines to cut out pictures symbolizing your wish. For example, if you dream of having a family, cut out and stick to the paper pictures with married couples surrounded by kids; if you want to attract money, stick pictures of monetary units and rich people. If you can draw, draw everything you are dreaming of. That way, your wish will come true even faster. The next step to take is to draw lines connecting your photo with the pictures you stuck or drew. Your “Wish Map” is ready. Leave it in a prominent place (but don’t show it to other people). Look at it every day for half an hour, imagining that your wish has already come true.

The constructive method, just like the creative one, starts with defining your goal for your subconsciousness to achieve. Take a pen and a sheet of paper, and write down what you want and under which circumstances you will get it. Don’t be vague writing something like “good job” or “wealthy husband.” Instead, write down something like “This year, I’ll meet a smart, good-looking man who makes a lot of money (specify the sum), owns a house and is ready for a serious and long-term relationship with me.” Imagine this man and the circumstances under which you will meet, as well as the final result of your relationship (wedding). Do your best to believe that it’s exactly the way it’s going to happen. Hide the paper in a secure place and forget about your wish (let it go and don’t think about it). That way, the energy of your wish will go from your consciousness to subconsciousness that will start looking for a way to make it happen.

To make sure your visualization method works, follow these simple rules:

Your wish should be realistic. As you understand, if your wish is going to the Moon in a month, it’s unlikely that your subconsciousness will be able to find a way to fulfill it.

Believe that everything will be okay. Optimism will charge your subconsciousness with positive energy necessary to make your wish come true.

Don’t rush things. Don’t expect that your wish will come true the next day after making it. Your subconsciousness is going to need some time (a week, month, half a year). Besides, the more difficult your wish is, the more time it might take.

Don’t expect life to give you the desired on a silver platter. You are going to have to work on it, too. So, don’t miss any chance to make your wish come true sooner. For example, if you dream to meet your future husband but don’t go out, refuse party invitations and never visit dating websites, you are making it more difficult for your subconsciousness to fulfill your wish.

It’s easier for your subconsciousness to focus on fulfilling one wish than several wishes at once. So it’s better to choose only one wish, which is especially important to you, visualize it and wait. If you do everything correctly, it’s sure to come true.

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