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No wonder many people want to get to know the world of magic. It would allow them to adjust their life and change the life of other people. However, to do that one has to learn how to control his own energy, cast spells and perform corresponding rituals. Also, they should study the spells for beginning spell casters.

What is a spell?

Beginer spellcasterPerforming any ritual, the spell caster says a spell that is a special combination of words and sounds. They can accumulate energy to achieve the goals set. There are many spells which can neutralize problems and use positive energy. If the spell is cast correctly, the energy focuses on carrying out certain actions and achieving certain goals which have been set, such as improving one’s financial state, healing a disease, etc.

A beginning spell caster should understand that the power of magic lies not in the words he says or the gestures he makes. The spell caster must believe in what he’s doing. He should imagine the results of his work. By focusing on the goal and imagining the results, the spell caster can achieve the impossible.

How to cast a spell successfully

Beginning spell casters should know that there are three things which will help them cast a spell successfully. They must relax, focus, and visualize the results.

While experienced spell casters don’t pay much attention to relaxation, for beginning ones it’s very important. Relaxation will help you focus on what’s important and control your body and mind. It means relaxation helps magical energy to concentrate. Without it, no spell is cast successfully. What should you do to relax? Try this: close your eyes and imagine a small glowing ball floating around your body. The light of this ball gathers all the negative energy, absorbs your tension. Ideally, the ball should move from your head to your feet and then float away. With time, you will learn how to relax without it. You should learn how to not waste your time on trying to relax because eventually you just won’t have time for it.

You should also learn how to focus. This means you should be able to dismiss unrelated thoughts and focus on the object of your spell. If you have trouble focusing yet, don’t worry. You’ll learn how to do it with time. Meanwhile, try this: watch the hand of any mechanical clock without thinking of anything. Each time, increase the time of observation. This will help you achieve great results and while casting a spell you will think of nothing but magic.

Visualization is very important, too. Visualizing the desired result, you achieve it faster. It takes will to want to achieve one’s goal. There is a notion of “will dominant” in mental magic. It means that the spell caster’s strong will that ensures visualization allows him to cast spells successfully.

Objects which help you concentrate

Various spells for beginnings spell casters may require use of certain objects, such as plants, candles, runes, stones… it can be anything. All objects have energy which can also contribute to the achievement of the goal which has been set. So, while casting a spell, you have to take energy from the object and use it for visualization. I would recommend you to use such objects as candles, photos and crystals which are good absorbers of energies and light.

Magic stone for spellsAny object can serve as an energy conductor, given the spell caster knows how to concentrate. Besides, what happens to the object impacts the result. For example, if a candle burns down quickly, the results will be achieved quickly, and vice versa. A note with a spell burned during the ritual will discharge magical energy immediately. If you bury the object used in the ritual, the magic will influence its target slowly.

In addition, spell casters should pay attention to their health. If a spell caster who is under the weather casts a ritual, the energy and strength of his body will be used not to achieve the goal but to help the body recover.

By the way, beginning spell casters shouldn’t start casting white magic spells if someone might interrupt them (for example, if a phone call is expected or friends are on their way over).

Calmness spell

White magic for beginning spell casters has a lot of spells designed to improve people’s life. One of them is a calmness and peace spell.

To cast a calmness spell, you will need a bathtub filled with warm water, bowl, tablespoon of warm milk, rose leaves. Pour the milk in the bowl and say,

“There’re breeze circles on the water…”
Throw the rose leaves in there, saying,
“Calmness is floating in the air…”
Stir the water with your right index finger and say,
“As calm as the grand seas…”
After that, pour the water into the bathtub and say,
“Peace comes to us.”

You can take a bath with this water. Let it absorb all your anxiety and negative thoughts. This will be the moment of healing calmness. You should know how to sink into this state of complete calmness and bliss outside of your bathroom, too.

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