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Each person wants to be happy. However, different people see happiness differently. For some, happiness means money, for others, it’s family peace, power or fame. Nevertheless, good luck is what all people want. With a good luck spell, you can become lucky.

Good luck spell ritualMany of us are tempted to use white magic. It’s so simple and it yields great results. A good luck spell is one of the most popular spells. However, before casting one, find out how to do it right:

  • Any powerful good luck spell should be cast during the waxing moon;
  • Casting a good luck spell, you have to believe in what you do;
  • The room where a good luck spell is cast should be cleaned up;
  • No animal is allowed in the room where a good luck spell is cast;
  • Never cast good luck or money spells out of curiosity;
  • Never discuss the spell you cast with others. Otherwise, it will lose its powers;

You must know for sure that you really need it.

If you are not sure that you can perform the ritual correctly, ask a professional to do it for you. An experienced spell caster will help you resolve your problem.

An everyday spell

This is a very simple spell. To cast it, you will need an incense stick (preferably, a lavender one) and three candles of any color and size. Take the stick and light the candles. Bring the stick to the fire so it starts smouldering. Holding the stick in your hand, walk around the room clockwise, saying, “I opened the door, called good luck, and I will live happily, merrily and nicely.” Put out the candle and let the stick smoulder. This ritual can be performed every day, any time.

A spell to make a good bargain

This spell is cast before making a deal to ensure success. To perform the ritual, you should wake up early in the morning and, looking at the rising sun, say,

“Sun, sun, give me strength. Light the area around. As for me, (your name), give me good luck, so I manage everything. Sun, sun, give me strength. Warm the area around. As for me, (your name), give me success so I am stronger than everybody else. Sun, sun, give me strength, so the deal is lucky, and a bag full of profit.”

A spell to attract success

This good luck spell is activated by coins. Take a coin in one hand. With the other hand, blow a kiss three times and say quietly,

“I’m blowing away what disturbs and attracting what I need.”

Repeat the ritual three times using different coins. Throw the coins away at the intersection and do what you have to do. Have no doubt that you will be lucky. This spell can also be used to make you lucky in respect of your studies.

Trying to fulfill your dreams, don’t forget that not all rituals will work out for you. Keep looking, never give up, and luck will come to you.

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