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Reality-Changing DREAMS (the story of a letter)

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What is a dream and why do some of them break into our reality, changing it and disturbing its calmness? They say that a dream is a little death for the one sleeping. The person falls asleep in one reality and wakes up in another, with new information waiting for him. The only “but” is that we are not always ready for the changes in life and moreover death the dream is foreshadowing…

Crosses in dreamsWhat happened to me in 1994 changed my attitude towards my future life, death and dreams. That year, a hard winter gave place to an early spring and hot summer. It was about 90 degrees Fahrenheit and it hadn’t been raining since May. People with heart diseases and asthma suffered most of all. My aunt was no exception as she had had asthma for a long time. So, she had spent in a hospital close to two months. Only doctors could relieve her asthma attacks.

There are dreams which produce a strong effect on your mood upon awakening. It’s like you saw a dream, there was nothing special about it, but you feel uneasy! I woke up and recalled everything I saw in that dream. At that time I was only learning how to interpret dreams, so I went to an elderly woman living next door. She listened to me attentively…

… In my dream, I saw different people, who I know and don’t, gather at a table. Some of my relatives were there, too. It was a strange celebration of something. Some people were having a lively conversation, while others were cooking dishes and serving them right away. I clearly remembered that wooden table covered with an oilskin cloth. But its weird legs struck me most of all. They were made of unplaned beams and knocked together as a cross.

Upon hearing it, my neighbor looked at me strangely, probably not knowing how to say it. My dream foreshadowed death. Upset, I headed home. While unlocking the door, I heard my phone ringing. I answered the call to realize… that I was having that dream while my aunt was dying in the hospital. She suffocated due to the heat and lack of oxygen. Lying in the coffin, she had a smile on her face. It indicated that she didn’t suffer anymore and death was not scary.

She died on July, 27th. Two days later it began to rain. Can you believe it? Fate. However, it’ wasn’t the end of the story. About two weeks after the funeral, I received another phone call. A woman introduced herself as my aunt’s friend. She asked in a worried voice, “How’s Olya? I couldn’t get through to her so I decided to call the other number she gave me.” I replied that my aunt died on July, 27th. The woman fell silent for a moment, but then pulled herself together and told me about her dream she had the same night.

… She’s standing in the street near her house and sees Olya running by with a huge bouquet in her hands, in a nice dress, and with a smile on her face. “Olya, where’re you going? We haven’t seen for ages. How’re you doing?” the friend asked. But my aunt didn’t stop and only cried out in reply, “I’m in a hurry! I need to put myself on the waiting list, but don’t worry, I won’t put you on, only your mother!”

That woman’s mother died on July, 29th. This is when I realized that all dreams have a meaning. People just don’t know yet how to interpret them.

Unlike our body, our soul is awake, absorbing information from the Universe, while we perceive it in the form of codes – dreams.

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