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Higher Powers

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Today nobody gets surprised hearing about Higher Powers. Almost everybody believes in their existence. Higher Powers tend to appear when you least expect it, and help in a way you can’t predict. They bring both good and bad news. Higher Powers emerge in our life due to religions, magicians and shamans who try to interact with them. They try to be an intermediary between Higher Powers and people.

Higher powersSomehow magicians achieve the goals they set. With their help, people can see the unknown they call a “miracle.” And science can’t explain this “unknown” yet.

All magicians and shamans work with elements – Water, Fire, Tree, Metal – which are the basis of our existence. As an intermediary between Higher Powers and people, they direct the energy of thought at one of the elements or their combination. Magicians and shamans carry our similar sessions which differ only in the rituals they perform. It means that all religions and cultures share the same scenario.

How can you contact Higher Powers on your own, without intermediaries, magicians and shamans? You should apply to your consciousness and subconsciousness. We all understand what our consciousness is, while subconsciousness is something we will have to cognize. When your consciousness is clear, it’s hard to understand the work of subconsciousness. A man consists of two most important parts of the five elements – Water and Earth, which control his development. People’s consciousness is their mind. Ego which always counteracts subconsciousness appears in a person together with his mind.

Following your intuition, you follow your subconsciousness which is in respect of people a Higher Power. When Ego wins instead of intuition, the subconsciousness programs come into a conflict. A negative influence is perceived when instead of your mind you follow your Ego. That ether each person has in the form of thoughts and words is that element that can control subconsciousness programs. When there is no conflict between the elements and programs, wonderful events occur. A smart and wise man understands that a Higher Power is a matter consisting of five elements. The matter is given a subconsciousness which is handed over to the elements through which control is exercised.

A Higher Power can be controlled by means of consciousness and subconsciousness interaction. Although it’s important that a big Ego doesn’t suppress subconsciousness. When Ego suppresses subconsciousness, Higher Powers work against the person. It’s impossible to control Higher Powers, although one can learn how to interact with them.

Inside each individual is an element part called a Higher Power. It can modulate the controlling subconsciousness in different ways which is inherent in the world.

Some people refuse to accept the fact that Higher Powers influence the humanity. They simply refuse to believe it. They think that God exists in another, unknown world and cares about them. It’s pointless to argue with such people. Stick to what you believe in and go your own way. Let them find an explanation to the fact that the earth, being lifeless, has plants growing on it, as well as to an expression “родючая земля.” How can it be possible if the earth has no subconsciousness?

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