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Psychology and black magic

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I believe you already know that I’m quite skeptical about psychologists, especially those trying to remove a hex or curse and claiming this is in fact a nervous breakdown, fatigue or self-doubt, or those trying to help people get back together when someone’s using black magic to keep them apart. Unfortunately, psychology is useless here. To withstand a magic attack, you need an experienced spellcaster.

Book of psychology and black magicSurprisingly, despite the fact that psychology is powerless against black magic, black magic practitioners, especially highly qualified ones, take advantage of their knowledge of psychology quite often. It started not today or yesterday. It started many centuries ago when there was no magic as we know it now. It started at the time when there was just shamanism and various esoteric disciplines associated with it. Back then, the people knew nothing about psychology as a science. However, they understood how the human mind worked and that, by controlling it, one could control people’s energies and, consequently, fates.

The most popular and effective method of psychological influence used in black magiс is LETTING SOMEONE KNOW THAT HE OR SHE IS GOING TO FALL VICTIM TO BLACK MAGIC. Very few people stay calm upon hearing such news. Usually, people get horrified. Moreover, they focus on their weaknesses trying to imagine how black magic will strike their subtle bodies through them.

Do you think people do that simply because they’ve watched too many horror movies and read too many horror stories? No, it has nothing to do with behavioral programming. In fact, all people are perfectly aware of their weaknesses and know subconsciously how black magic will influence them.

Entities used by black magic practitioners couldn’t ask for a better response. Approaching their victims who are preparing themselves for encountering black magic, they get a map of their weaknesses and holes in their energy shields along with the information on how their victims will respond to their influence. Thus, this map makes the work of the entities much simpler.

The only way to fight the black magic sorcerer who is about to start a war on you is to stay calm and focused. The less you fear and the less you think about the consequences of some black magic spells which may be cast on you, the more difficult it will be for the sorcerer to defeat you. Try to feel happy and confident and believe that any spell put on you will only make you stronger, and this is exactly what will happen. Similarly, if you let yourself believe that you’re strong enough to beat back any spell put on you, no black magic spell will be able to hurt you.

Another psychological trick used by black magic sorcerers and witches is


This is very similar to intimidation or blackmail. You come to a witch and ask her to help you. She starts telling your fortune using tarot cards or any other fortune-telling tools. At first, everything she says pleases you – she knows this is how she can win your trust. Without it, she won’t be able to manipulate your mind. Moreover, by telling your fortune, the witch finds out who you care about the most. As a rule, these are our children and/or parents.

As soon as she finds out who that is, she tells you some “terrible news”. She says this person will develop some very serious illness soon, get in a road accident, try to commit suicide, or die. The point is she claims something bad is about to happen and you feel shocked. The witch takes advantage of it and says there is a way to prevent it from happening. All you need to do is to order some rituals from her. Naturally, you agree. You don’t care that she is in fact scamming you into buying some really expensive rituals which you don’t even need – you are ready to pay any price to save the life of the person you love and care about.

Life is unpredictable. When a witch or sorcerer is telling your fortune, they may indeed see that something bad is about to happen to you or someone close to you. Actually, there is a 50% chance of that. The best way to protect yourself from fraudulent psychics and witches is to go to another fortune-teller and have your fortune told without telling about the results of your previous fortune-telling session.

If the new fortune-teller also predicts some bad event, don’t waste any more of your time and do what’s needed to be done to prevent it from happening. Otherwise, you may let that fraudulent psychic or witch know that you know who they really are and tell them that you don’t need their services anymore.

Witch casting black magic spell

The last psychological trick used in black magic is HYPNOSIS. Note that hypnosis can be used to do not only evil but also good. With hypnosis, you can change the behavioral habits of a person or influence his subconscious mind in a way that the person will be able to protect himself against black magic on his own and, on top of that, start generating the energies of success. 

Unfortunately, hypnosis is mostly used to do evil. To break up a couple, you don’t need a powerful breakup spell. You just need to send one of the partners into a trance and make this partner behave in a way which disgusts the other one. If you want to ruin someone’s career, send this person into a trance and take away his zeal, initiative and ability to generate new ideas.

Unfortunately, there are hardly any effective protection methods against spellcasters-hypnotists. Those that you can find on the Internet are basically useless. Nevertheless, I, spellcaster Maxim, would like to tell you about them:

1. If you think someone is trying to hypnotize you, start counting from 1 to 10 and then from 10 to 1. Keep counting for as long as you are talking to the hypnotist.

2. The hypnotist will be powerless against you if you are singing a song thinking about nothing but the lyrics.

3. Never look your interlocutor in the eye. This will ensure that the hypnotist won’t be able to establish contact with you.

4. Hypnotists often begin their attempts to send people into a trance by breathing in time with the victims. So don’t forget to hold your breath once in a while or change your breathing rhythm.

However, the best way for you to protect yourself from black magic sorcerers armed with the knowledge of psychology is one of my protection amulets. Buy one to also protect yourself against hypnosis and attempts to manipulate you. 

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