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An online love spell caster talking about magic for people with karma-related issues

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An online love spell caster talking about karma-related issues


“What are karma-related issues?”


Any online love spell caster would tell you it is karma problems. To understand what karma is, imagine a user manual attached to your life. In this manual it is clearly stated what you can and cannot do, what will make you happy or unhappy. Also, it has information about the rewards you will get if you learn certain lessons and what punishment you will be subject to if you accumulate more karmic debt.

Online love spell casterThus, karma-related issues may include:

A ban on the performance of love rituals;

A ban on using magic to find love;

A ban on fidelity or a good sex life;

Predisposition to changing lovers;

Predisposition to poverty (a very common problem);

Permission to love only one person – karmic couples;

Permission to marry at a specific age;



“How do the best love spell casters online identify such karma?”


It is very easy for a powerful online love spell caster. There is a good old word “healer” that is barely used today. This word was used to describe psychics and sorcerers. Spell casters can read people like a book. They know everything about a person the moment they see a picture of this person. This knowledge comes from Higher Worlds which are accessible to spell casters.

This is how the best love spell casters online work. One of such spell casters is me, spellcaster Maxim. Other spell casters need to examine the client’s karma or make a karmic chart. Such methods are quite accurate but not error-free. As for spell casters with psychic abilities, they almost never make mistakes.


“Does it mean spells shouldn’t be put on people with bad karma?”


No, you can put spells on such people, provided you use special rituals and take their karma-related problems into account. This is the topic I want to talk to you about in the next chapter.

Best love spell casters online talking about putting spells on people with bad karma


“Why should one take karmic nuances into account when buying a spell from an online love spell caster?”


They should be taken into account not by you but by the spell caster. That is exactly how the work is done by the best love spell casters online. They study the client’s karma and that of the person the client is in love with. This is vital for successful love rituals just like the issues of energy integrity and energy health (for more information see the article titled “Online spell caster talking about magic for people with energy problems”).

A lot of clients are not ready for it and think that it is easy to put a love spell on a person and it can be accomplished in just one step. Magic ignorance makes them think they are being fooled or tricked into buying the services they do not need. As a result, sometimes it is easier for an online love spell caster to refuse to perform the ritual at all than to change the client’s mind.

Best love spell casters onlineQuestion:

“How often do you refuse to work with such clients?”


As a professional magic practitioner, I am always honest with my clients and tell them the whole truth. It is for them to decide to believe me and finally become as happy as they can possibly be in this life; or not and end up paying to a scammer for some fake love spells.


“How do the best love spell casters online perform such rituals?”


When they work with people with karma-related issues, it is not the ritual they perform that matters but following the procedure. As you know, high-quality magic services begin with karma examination. If any karma-related issues are revealed, such as bans, knots or obstacles, the spell caster decides how to fix them. It is very difficult to work with karma. Do you remember how I compared it with a user manual? Let me continue this comparison. When spell casters work with karma, they have to amend the content of the manual without changing the operation of the device.

This is accomplished in many ways, including by modifying the person’s energies, habits and the way of thinking. The person remains who he or she has always been, but his or her karma is different allowing the spell caster to put a love spell on this person successfully.


“Is it how each online love spell caster works who specializes in white magic? What about black magic spell casters? Black magic love spells which force love are quite effective, aren’t they? Are they better than white magic ones?”


Black magic love spells are not the best choice. Karma responds better to positive and light energies after it changes for the better. In other words, when you give a person an opportunity to love you, it is the power of his love that can improve his karma eliminating many of its knots. Black magic does not give people true love. It makes them obey and causes the person to generate black energy, and black energy makes the existing karma problems even worse.

It applies not only to the target. It affects your karma too, filling it with future hardships. As a result, you lose good luck and people stop respecting you, you develop diseases and face financial problems. The worst karma effects for women include infertility and loss of beauty. Also, it can doom the woman to always be a widow no matter how many times she gets married – all her husbands will die shortly after the wedding. By the way, karma-related issues are also a major cause of obesity in people who find it very difficult to lose weight.


“What if a man’s karma is fine? Does it mean it’d be easy to put a love spell on him?”


Every love spell involves two persons – your loved one and you. It means your karma-related issues need to be taken care of as well. Below are a few signs for you to check yourself for karma problems:

The same problems happen to you over and over again;

Your thoughts seem to be going round in a circle;

Obsessive dreams you cannot make come true;

Unhappy love life;

You are loved by the people you hate;

You are hated by the people you love;

Frequent headaches and inappropriate thoughts;

Frequent failures;

Knowing that whatever makes you happy will be destroyed soon.

The best love spell casters online know other signs suggesting that you have some karma-related problems, but we will talk about them in the next part of this article.

If you are the one with karma-related issues


“Can I forget about it and live my life like nothing’s ever happened?”


You can try but you will fail. You cannot overcome or change the obstacles or the circumstances thrown your way by your karma. You cannot ignore them either. You can only accept them and take them into account. Otherwise, your life will get increasingly more difficult.

Here is a simple example. A woman wants to love and be loved, but it is stated in her karma that she cannot find true love until after she gets pregnant, feels the pain of being left during pregnancy, has a baby, and takes good care of her baby at least for a few months. This is how she can earn the right for love. This karmic scenario will start over and over again. It is pointless for her to have an abortion or to trick the man into marrying her through blackmail or threats.

This example is one of the most dramatic ones, yet the best love spell casters can change it too. Generally, spell casters have to untie much simpler karmic knots, but anyway each such knot keeps some woman from finding a good man and becoming happy.


“Does karma put such pressure on all people?”


Speaking of the previous generation, I mean our parents, there were not many people like that – not more than 20%. Today about 80% of all people live according to the laws of karma. It does not mean we are worse than our parents. On the contrary, only advanced creatures come to this world to work off their karma.

Your children will know more about it. They will know their karma as well as you know your teeth or nails. As for modern generation, they cannot examine, feel or understand their karma, but they have us, the best love spell casters online. We can help them with our advice or a magic ritual. A modern online love spell caster does not work without taking karma into consideration and now you know why.


“Can I fix my karma-related issues by myself?”


Please watch me, online love spell caster Maxim, answer your question in another video that I made for my readers which is available below.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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