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Useful love magic tips from white magic spell casters

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White magic spells have been considered the best and safest love spells since ancient times. For this reason why have always been very popular. A lot of people have used them to create a happy family and even more are about to. A lot of men and women got their love back or found their happiness thanks to this never-aging magic. To take advantage of white magic love spells, you need to know how to cast them properly. In this article you will learn how to cast white magic love spells from professional white magic spell casters.

White magic spell casters on what not to do when you cast white magic love spells

White magic spell castersAdvice No. 1 from white magic spell casters: NEVER CAST LOVE SPELLS JUST IN CASE OR TO SEE IF THEY WORK OR NOT. Do you remember that story about a boy who kept crying for help claiming he was attacked by a wolf? When the wolf actually came, no one believed the boy and thought it was just another prank. If you bother Higher Powers with no need for it, they will ignore your calls when you actually need their help, thinking you are not being serious again.

Advice No. 2 from real white magic spell casters: DO NOT CAST LOVE SPELLS AS A PRECAUTIONARY MEASURE. Many people are overly suspicious and always presume the negative. They literally attract problems with such attitude. Negative thinking should be fought with as a very dangerous energy or mental disease. With regards to white love magic, sorcerers warn people against using love spells as a precaution. Drugs are helpful only when administered to treat a specific illness, but they become poisonous otherwise. The same is true for love spells and rituals. They should be used only if the patient needs them. Otherwise, they can have a reverse effect and kill your love or push your loved one away who was not going to break up with you before you performed that love ritual.

Advice No. 3 from white magic love spell casters: DO NOT USE WHITE MAGIC TO DO EVIL. With magic, you can take revenge, attract a man for selfish reasons, destroy a family out of envy, or put a love spell on someone you do not love. However, this kind of magic can never be light. When you use magic rituals to do evil, you break the laws of karma, for which you are sure to be punished. Besides, this causes damage to your energy protective shield exposing you to danger.   

Advice No. 4 from white magic spell casters: DO NOT USE MAGIC UNLESS YOU ARE READY FOR IT. You need to prepare for each ritual. If the ritual requires you to “buy magic candles”, buy magic candles. If you need to wait for a specific day or lunar phase to perform the ritual, do not think you can break this rule and get away with it. You will not!

Besides, never cast love spells:

In apartments/houses which do not belong to you;

In places where you feel scared or uncomfortable;

In close proximity to hospitals and cemeteries;

If there is a sick person in the house;

In places where a funeral ceremony took place not long ago;

Using things which belonged to people who were unhappy;

Saying the words which meaning you do not understand.

Advice No. 5 from real white magic spell casters: DO NOT CAST SPELLS FOR OTHER PEOPLE. Higher Powers will help you only if you fight for your happiness. If you want to cast spells to help someone else, remember that you will have to pay for it. All magic rituals involve energy influence and energy does not appear from nowhere. Thus, to put a love spell for someone, you have to give your energy to bring the people together. On top of that, to keep them together, you will have to give your energy over and over again.

Advice No. 6 from white magic love spell casters: DO NOT USE MAGIC UNLESS YOU KNOW YOUR KARMA. About three in four people are prohibited from using magic for karmic reasons. If you break this rule, you will be punished or lose your luck and become an outcast.

White magic spell casters on how to use white magic

Real white magic spell caster's ritualAdvice No. 7 from white magic spell casters: FAST BEFORE EVERY RITUAL. Abstinence from meat and fatty foods will purify your energies and bring them to a state suitable for casting high-quality white magic love spells. Abstinence from alcohol, sex and negative emotions will allow you to accumulate enough energy to perform a white magic ritual.

Advice No. 8 from real white magic spell casters: DO NOT EXPECT TOO MUCH. Love spells cast by an inexperienced magic practitioner have short-term or poor results. In other words, do not expect a miracle. At best your loved one will develop a certain affection for you and maybe even fall in love with you, but his feelings will go away shortly. Long-acting love spells can be cast only by professional magic practitioners.

Advice No. 9 from white magic love spell casters: DO NOT CAST PROHIBITED LOVE SPELLS. Love spells which do not involve alcohol, blood (including menstrual), animal sacrifices and dead animals are allowed for personal use. Prohibited love spells are those spells which require you to promise something in exchange or give your word to work it off later. Remember that safe rituals are only those involving interaction with light forces.

Advice No. 10 from white magic spell casters: STAY IN SHAPE. Never cast spells while under the influence of alcohol or if you have some physical or mental illnesses. Practice magic only if you are perfectly healthy, both physically and emotionally. Magic needs light energy and light energy is radiated only by healthy and pure people.

Advice No. 11 from real white magic spell casters: REMEMBER ABOUT AGE RESTRICTIONS. Spells should not be put on children. Such rituals can be performed only by experienced magic practitioners as an exception. Do not cast spells for yourself if you are under 18 years old. Do not cast spells on underage people. It is believed that underage people are unable to take care of themselves, so they are protected by Higher Powers. Thus, if you break this rule, you will declare a war on Higher Powers. Fighting against Higher Powers is fighting a losing battle.

Advice No. 12 from white magic love spell casters: STICK TO EASIER OPTIONS. In many cases it is easier and safer to use an amulet or a talisman instead of a spell. If your problem can be solved with an amulet, get a good amulet. For more information about magic amulets, view the articles about white love magic available on this website.

White magic spell casters answering your questions


“My ritual has failed three times in a row. Should I keep trying?”

White magic spell casters:

Stop trying to perform magic rituals. If you fail once and keep trying, you will get in serious trouble.


“What do I do if I cast a love spell when the moon was waning?”

Real white magic spell casters:

If it has not had any negative consequences, thank your lucky stars. Otherwise, contact a professional spell caster as soon as possible and let him fix it.


“Can I put a love spell on several men? I hope that way at least one of them will fall in love with me.”

White magic love spell casters:

No, you must not do that. Higher Powers help only those who are in love but are not loved back.


“How strong is a marriage created with the help of magic?”

White magic spell casters:

Such marriages can be stronger and happier than those created naturally, without the use of magic, because professional spell casters not only bring two people together but also protect their relationship from falling apart.


“Can love spells be used by people in their 40s or 50s?”

Real white magic spell casters:

Yes, they can, provided they are special spells chosen according to the age of your loved one.


“Can you describe at least one good love spell?”

Real white magic spell casters:

Watch the following video about one powerful white magic love spell.

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