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Why a real magic spell may fail to help you

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Today, I’m going to tell you why a real magic spell may fail to help you, even if it’s cast by a real spell caster with a broad experience. Hopefully, having read this article, you will no longer ask yourself why a real spell has failed to help you and what needs to be done to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. 

You choose the wrong goal or don’t quite understand why you need a real magic spell.

1. Magic can’t do that for you, and you are the only one who decides which aspect of your life and which problem a real spell should influence. This mistake is pretty common. That’s how it happens: you think, “I’m going to order a love spell, and after a while I’ll meet someone amazing I’ll fall in love with.” However, nothing like this happens, even if the spell was cast by a real spell caster. Why? Because you failed to specify which partner you want. 

2. You choose the wrong spell caster. Even if some real spell caster promises you that his real magic spell will make any dream you have come true, but he lacks experience and skills, his real spell won’t help you.  Any spell needs the energy of the one it’s cast on. However, a spell is created by the spell caster and his energy. If the spell caster lacks energy or knowledge, he won’t be able to create a program to help you.

Casting real magic spell3. You fail to follow the instructions provided by the spell caster before and after performing the ritual. That’s how many frauds build their businesses. A fraud promises you to cast a real magic spell, you pay him, but he doesn’t keep his promise.  When you return to him complaining that nothing’s changed, he shifts the blame on you, accusing you of failing to follow his instructions, and claiming that your thoughts and actions have broken the magic of the spell.  

However, a spell caster doesn’t necessarily have to be a fraud to say that. If you hear it from a professional spell caster, who by the way actually gave you some instructions to follow, it’s actually true. For example, a love spell will fail to help you if you don’t love the one who you want to cast your spell on; business rituals prove useless if you aren’t ready to work hard and expect someone to give money to you on a silver platter. Sadly, no real spell caster is capable of that. 

You order a real magic spells without specifying what for

4. It’s similar to what has been described in Paragraph 1, but not identical. For example, you want to treat some illness you have and order a real spell that will improve your health in general. 

After a real spell caster casts your spell on you, you experience a burst of energy and it actually makes you feel better. 

However, the spell doesn’t cure your illness completely. The problem is you should’ve specified which illness you wanted to cure with the help of your spell. 

5. A real magic spell may fail to help you if you’re cursed. Before performing his ritual, a real spell caster will warn you about it, while a fraud won’t. A fraud won’t tell you that your curse acts like a shield keeping magic from influencing your karma or fate. That’s why the real magic spell that he’s going to cast will prove useless. Perhaps, it will make you feel even worse. This happens when you work with a black magic spell caster. Black magic spell casters influence people with the negative energies their curses feed on, meaning they make the curse much stronger. If you contact a white magic spell caster, a ritual charged with positive energy will be used. Positive energy damages or even destroys curses, that’s why curses do whatever it takes to push it away, meaning it won’t help you either.

That’s why before ordering any real spell, you need to let your spell caster diagnose your subtle bodies and order a spell to clean them up, if needed.

6. A real spell may fail to work if your destiny differs greatly from the life you want to get, when heading to meet your spell caster. I know many people don’t quite understand what I mean, so here’s a few bright examples: 

Real magic spellsYou want to be rich and order a ritual accordingly, or even a number of rituals. However, nothing happens. You let your spell caster diagnose you and it turns out that according to your karma, you have to live your life in poverty for a while, learn to be modest, respect yourself not for the money you make but for something else, or learn to be thrifty. The better you fulfill these karmic tasks, the more money you’ll get. Nothing will make you rich before you do that.

Or imagine that you’re a woman and you have a love spell cast on the one you want to be with, but magic proves useless. After a while, it turns out that fate has a different man for you, who you’ll meet later, who will marry you, and who will be the father of your children. You’re fated to spend your whole life together and be happy. According to Higher Powers, you can’t escape this meeting. This means that no matter which kind of magic you use, it won’t help you change your future. 

7. Spells fail to work if you order them from two spell casters at once. Or if you order a spell from one spell caster and ask another one to watch him do his job. In the first case, the spells will collide, neutralizing each other. In the second case, the second spell caster will interfere with the work of the first one, which will affect the results. As a result, it may turn love magi
с into a loneliness curse, or money magic may make people poor for life. 

8. Magic may fail to work for you if you try to use it on your own, as if your do your own surgery and can turn lead into gold! I’ve written lots of articles about the danger of performing magic rituals without having the proper knowledge and skills. That’s why all I can do is to remind you that only a real spell caster can guarantee that your problems will be solved and your goals achieved.

Yet, usually a real magic spell fails to help people when they order a ritual from a spell caster but don’t believe that magic can actually help them. 

Can your thoughts and attitude influence magic? Yes, they can! Your disbelief blocks your energies, which prevents the spell from connecting to your subtle bodies. It’s like a flower that has to grow without water. If that’s the case, your ritual, just like that flower, eventually turns into dust. 

So if you contact a spell caster, you need to believe in magic until your problem gets solved. The more you believe, the more magic helps you. That’s the way it is. 

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