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People have many dreams. Some of us dream of going to the seaside, buying an apartment or a car. Others want to have a good job or a promotion. However, wishes don’t come true unless you work hard or are in luck’s way. Is there a way for you to make your wish come true sooner? Spell casters claim there are spells which can make a wish come true. They were first used by our ancestors centuries ago.

If you want to perform the rituals below successfully, don’t question the power of magic.

If you do, it’ll be just a waste of time. Besides, don’t discuss the rituals with other people. The fewer people know about the ritual performed, the better.

A ritual with a hen’s egg

How to cast a spellA ritual with a hen’s egg is one of the most effective rituals to make a wish come true. It allows people to achieve their goals quickly – they win a lottery or inherit a fortune. The egg should be fertilized by a rooster, because in the ritual the egg symbolizes an unborn life which energy will be used for the wish to come true. So, eggs purchased at the grocery store must not be used.

The ritual is performed at night, during the waxing moon.

Make sure you’re alone in the apartment. Take the egg (its point end turned up). Focus on your wish visualizing the results (the car you’ve bought, job offer, money, etc.) Say your wish aloud, but make it sound as if you’re not interested in the financial matter.

The Universe is believed to have a negative opinion of such words as “money,” “car,” “gold.” Instead, ask it for health and well-being, but think about your wish. Your words and thoughts combined, it’s a great way to address the Universe.

While performing the ritual, say,

“I, (your name), for the good of my family and me, ask the Universe (voice your wish as I’ve taught you above).”

Wrap the egg in a black cloth and hide it in a secure place where nobody can find it.

A ritual with 40 stitches

To perform this ritual, take a clean kerchief, strong red threads, and a needle. You should know how to embroider. Make one stitch on the kerchief every morning (40 days total), thinking about your wish and saying,

“As stitches come one after another, my wish is coming true. My word’s strong. The lock’s in the mountain, the key’s in the sea.”

When the last stitch is made, make a bundle of the kerchief and carry it with you as a talisman. It is believed that the talisman can make the wish come true in a short time.

A ritual with a red box

The ritual originated in China where red is believed to have magic properties. They say this ritual makes a wish come true in less than a year. If a wish is complicated, it comes true in about three years. Even though the ritual may seem easy to you, be careful while performing it.

The ritual is performed during the waxing moon. Take a sheet of paper and use red ink to write down your wish. For example, if you dream of having a car, specify its brand, make and color. Use Present Simple. The more details you provide, the sooner your wish will come true. The wish can be written in the first person singular, such as,

“I, (your name), buy a black Mercedes-Benz…”

Fold the sheet of paper and put it into a nice red box. Tie the box with a red ribbon. Hide the box in a secure place. Note, you will have to take it out once in a while and shake it to activate the energy streams working to make your wish come true. 

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