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How to prepare for casting spells magic on your own

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Firstly, the most horrible decision you can make is to try to cast spells magiс on your own without preparation. Preparation for any ritual requires at least a couple of weeks. You need this time to understand how our reality works, how energies interact within it, why magic sometimes produces a desired effect and sometimes not, turning into a magic kickback. 

Secondly, you need to understand what a magic kickback is. Out of 8 people casting spells of magic for the first time, 6 should expect a kickback. No, I’m not trying to scare you. I just receive too many calls from people who got hurt or hurt their family members and friends trying to cast spells white magic on their own. 

No, it’s not a misprint. Even though white magic is believed to be safe, casting its spells magic may bring curses, illnesses, insanity, loneliness, poverty or even death to the one who has no proper skills or knowledge to do so. I’ve already told you about it in some of my articles, so I don’t want to repeat it. I just want to let you know that if you want to find out more about it, see my other articles posted on this website.

Prepare for casting spellsThirdly, it’s important to choose the right ritual that will allow you to achieve your goal. If you want to get rich, use wealth spells of magic. Besides, you need to understand what exactly you want, namely:

- How much money you want;

- How fast you want magic to make you rich;

- How you want to make your money.

Once I had to help a client who doomed himself to poverty by misusing spells white magic

He performed powerful rituals, repeating, “I want easy money.” The next day he found $10. He thought it was a sign and magic was actually making his wish come true. However, a few days later, he got fired, then his wife filed for divorce and got half his money. He was a shareholder and his company went bankrupt. As a result, he lost everything he had. It was his punishment for misusing spells magic. 

If he had followed the instructions I provided above, none of that would have happened to him. Performing his spells of magic, he would actually get rich, avoiding the consequences of misusing his spells white magic.

Fourthly, it’s important to choose the right spells magic. Choosing a spell, read as much information about it as possible. I assure you that along with the description of the ritual and its effect, you will find some warnings, too. Probably, you will also come across some reviews posted by those who have attempted to cast this spell, which will let you understand the risks.

Always use only safe spells of magic

Even though they may seem less effective, if you make a mistake or fail to perform the ritual properly, you won’t get hurt, and I won’t have to clean your karma and remove negative energies from your subtle bodies. 

Also, rehearse your ritual. Almost all spells white magic don’t forget spell casters slips of the tongue and other mistakes. So learn the sacral text by heart and make sure you know your ritual perfectly, all of it. To perform the ritual successfully, you need to be able to perform it with your eyes closed! Also, make sure you are not nervous or afraid. Remember, your anxiety disturbs the energy layers, seriously distorting the program created.

Spells white magic candlesAlso find out when your ritual can be performed (days or lunar phases). All spells magic are connected with certain dates. Performing a ritual on a different day is prohibited. The thing is energy fluctuations are actually bound to the calendar and lunar cycles, and they get stronger or weaker depending on the day. Moreover, depending on the day, dark or light forces are reigning in the universe. That’s why dark rituals shouldn’t be perform on “light” days, and spells white magic shouldn’t be performed on “dark” days. Either way, you’ll be punished.

Rule number six: start fasting one week prior to performing your ritual to clean your channels. One day before the ritual, stop eating. This will enhance and clean your energies. Don’t drink alcohol, use drugs and have sex to not waste your energy. You’re going to need this energy to cast your spells magic like a professional spell caster. On top of that, this will ensure that you won’t fall victim to some evil being. 

Many beginners make this horrible mistake. Overestimating their powers, they cast spells magic to a point of energy exhaustion. Subtle bodies of a healthy person are capable of withstanding the attacks of alien beings even when spells of magic are being casted. But an exhausted spell caster gets extremely vulnerable, so the alien being easily gets into his subtle bodies. Once it gets inside, only a very powerful spell caster can get it out. 

Do I do that? Sure I do. However, I think that if you try to be careful casting your spells white magic and save enough energy to perform the ritual properly, you won’t even need my help. But if you make such a mistake and realize that you let some alien being into you, contact me immediately! Possessed, you may end up in a mental hospital or in jail. Worst case scenario, you’ll die…

Rule number seven: casting spells magic, always pay attention to signs. They may try to tell you that you’re intruding on something you should stay away from, that you’re making a mistake for which you’ll have to pay, and so on. For instance, one of your magic tools that you’re going to need in your spells of magic may fall down on the floor, or a candle may start smoking or go out. You may feel cold or hot suddenly, hear voices, rustle or even laughter. Or you may see something from outside of our reality. 

I’m going to need to write another article to describe what needs to be done if you fail to cast some spells white magic properly. In the meantime, I’d like to say this: using magic is more difficult than it seems. Before performing any ritual, think twice. Is the goal you want to achieve worth the price you may have to pay? Do you need to take those risks at all, if you can contact me and use my services, always professional and affordable?

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