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Why people are afraid of real white magic

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You would be surprised to learn how many people are afraid of using real white magic. My experience shows that this fear is so great that many people prefer black magic rituals, even though they know how dangerous black magic kickbacks are for their health, psyche and karma, and they are deaf to my persuasion and articles that I publish on my website in which I warn readers against using black real magic rituals on their own. I can’t describe how happy I am when people listen to my warnings.

Real magic can be absolutely safe

However, the question brought up in the title still hasn’t been answered. I understand why people don’t understand why some refuse to use best magic spells despite knowing what they’re capable of. Some of them even know that real white magiс is absolutely safe. Below is what cases this fear:

Using real white magic1.  People are afraid that they are not 100% white and clean, so if they order some white real magic rituals, Higher Powers will notice that and punish them for their sinful actions.

Higher Powers are watching us continuously. They’re watching every word you say, every thought you have and every action you take. So don’t think they’ll pay your attention to you only after you order the best magic spells. No, they always keep an eye on you and no punishment will ensue. The only punishment you may face is that Higher Powers may keep real white magic from helping you.  

It happens rarely. Real magic is not some kind of reward for your good deeds, but a cure that makes you better, wiser and friendlier. If that’s so and you really need help of the best magic spells, Higher Powers will do everything to help you get what you want and change your life for the better. 

2. Many people are afraid of having to work hard to achieve their goal, because that’s how real white magic works. In this case, it’s more about mere laziness rather than fear. Strange as it may seem, some are ready to accept their karmic punishment, only to avoid having to work hard. That’s why they prefer black best magic spells, even if black magic will take away their happiness, health, beauty or even some family members and friends. 

By the way, white real magic has a number of simple rituals to boost your energy and help you overcome your laziness. With real white magic, you can work hard and enjoy it! This is described in an old prayer “give me what I’m dreaming of, and strength and wisdom to achieve it.” However, people like to take advantage of magic in every possible way, and they expect it to make all their dreams come true, while they are hanging out in a bar with friends.

That’s how black magic works. That’s why many people chose black magic over white magic. However, they don’t know that by using black magiс they fall into a trap. The help of black magic is usually short-term. At first, it actually gives you what you want. However, after a while you lose it, along with something else that you have. As a rule, you lose it forever.

3. Also, people are afraid of mind parasites that live in the subtle bodies of the majority of people. I don’t want to tell you about it in this article, because I guess you already know what they are. Probably, you don’t know that your fear of real white magic is actually caused by these mind parasites. Parasites are aware that if you use some best magic spells that belong to white magic, they will be forced to leave your subtle bodies. Needless to say, your subtle bodies give them a place to live and food (they eat your negative energies and the energies of the problems you have). That’s why they’ll do whatever it takes to keep you away from white real magic.

Real white magic with candle

Fighting mind parasites is incredibly difficult. However, a spell caster who has mastered real white magic can easily get any evil creature out of your subtle bodies. Unfortunately, such exorcism is short-term. After a while, you lose the purity real magic gave you, and the parasite will come back shortly to continue to control your mind and will. However, you need to do this if you really want to be free and get away from your boring and eventless life.  

Even if best magic spells help you get rid of your parasites for just some time, you’ll be free. This feeling of freedom will become your reference point for you to later evaluate your inner state, as well as your goal to achieve. Now your mind parasites are trying to convince you that you can’t get clean, but once you declare war, they won’t be able to do anything to you, for you excel them in intellect greatly. 

Some people are afraid of real white magic because of all the rumors circulating around it.

4.  Out of 6 esoteric websites, 5 contain false information. The thing is the owners of these websites have nothing to do with real magic. As a result, readers get confused and get a false impression of magic, its principles and the price you need to pay for magic help.

5.  A lot of people are afraid of white magic because they have already encountered a fraud or frauds who were posing as spell casters. As a result, some of them lost their precious time and money, others lost an opportunity to get rich, find love and happiness. The worst case scenario is when a fraud fails to perform a real magic ritual property, for which his client gets cursed or gets into trouble.

It’s hard to convince these people that things would have been different if they had contacted an experienced spell caster. If you no longer believe in magic, contact me and order a spell to change your fate, improve your health or relationship. I know a lot of the best magic spells, so I will always find something for you and perform the ritual professionally. 

This will change your life dramatically! Your dreams will come true, even if now you are confident that it’s impossible. Your dreams can become your reality! On top of that, I can make any dream you have come true! All you need to do is to believe in magic and contact me! I’ll show you that magic is the greatest art that can make anyone healthy, rich and successful!

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