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10 top love spell casters

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If we are trying to name the 10 top love spell casters, we should also mention those who pass themselves off as sorcerers and spell casters but who actually do not know a single thing about magic. I want to begin with this type of black magic love spell casters and I believe they deserve their tenth place.

10. The tenth place goes to Wiccan sorcerers. Wicca has been very popular lately. Unfortunately, no Wiccan sorcerer has real magic powers. I, spell caster Maxim, have posted plenty of articles on my website telling you how useless Wicca is, so you are welcome to read them if you want to.

10 top love spell castersMoreover, I suggest you stay away from people specializing in Gypsy magic. As a rule, promising their clients to cast one of their spells is how they find slaves for their egregors.

9. The ninth place for top love spell casters goes to liars making money by providing fake magic services. They claim they are powerful love spell casters who can improve any aspect of your life you want. They promote themselves through social media and may have thousands of subscribers.

Can these supposedly black magic love spell casters do that? No. And they do not even need to.

Nevertheless, they are included in my list of the 10 top love spell casters

This is how they work:

  • They promote themselves on the Internet through spam;
  • When they get an order, they promise the client a refund in case their spells fail to bring the desired results;
  • They wait for the situation to improve on its own;
  • If it does not, they give the client his money back;
  • f it does, they claim it proves the fact that they are powerful love spell casters and their payment is well-deserved. 

Many of those claiming to be black magic love spell casters have mental disorders

8. When people are mentally unhealthy, they may come to believe they are some powerful sorcerers or witches and they have the skills to cast any spell. These people are included in this list of the 10 top love spell casters for a reason. I, spell caster Maxim, have calculated that as much as about 15-20% of sorcerers and witches which websites and blogs you can find by googling “powerful love spell casters,” “black magic love spell casters” or “top love spell casters” have mental disorders.

What could happen to you if you work with powerful love spell casters suffering from mental disorders? This may damage your karma or energies so badly that even a powerful and professional spell caster will be unable to fix it.

Love candle spell casters7. Spell casters with some narrow specialization are ranked seventh. I would hardly trust someone who wants to cast a love spell for me without studying my subtle bodies or the karma of the person the spell will be put on. I would not ask a witch for help if she is unable to identify what prevents me from being happy – my karma, curses, etc. As you know, you must not put a love spell on a person if this person has bad karma or curse in his subtle bodies. 

 6. Looking for black magic love spell casters, you may come across those who are just learning magic. So amateurs are among the 10 top love spell casters, too. Even though they are not trying to fool you, they are. They lie to you when they claim to be powerful love spell casters but fail to mention the fact that they are only learning magic and are not ready yet to provide professional services.

There are some extracts from the letters written by those affected by the services provided by black magic love spell casters with no experience and true magic powers. Hopefully, these letters will stop you from working with an amateur.

5. Number five in our list of the 10 top love spell casters are spell casters who lost their magic powers. There are more of them than you think. They lost their magic powers because they disobeyed the Higher Powers, or they committed some severe magic crimes for which they were prohibited from accessing the energies and knowledge of the Universe. They do not understand it and agree to help their clients without knowing that they cannot.

Powerful love spell casters who do not bear full responsibility for their work

4. They are skilled, experienced and powerful but they do not care about their clients. When you work with them, they cannot know for sure whether or not there will be some negative consequences. Such spell casters simply do not want to waste their time and energy to ensure their clients’ safety which is why their clients eventually have to look for someone who could cure them from their diseases and exorcise the evil entities living in them.  

3. Powerful and experienced spell casters who bear full responsibility for their clients’ fate but often refuse to help people. They are usually motivated by religious or racial hatred or homophobia. I do not want to judge anyone. All I can say is that I help all people regardless of their race, religion and sexual orientation. I can put a love spell on anyone you want, including when I am asked to unite a same-sex couple.

2. Spell casters who do not study their clients’ fortune. The quality of their services would be much better if they used tarot cards to tell their clients’ fortune to find out if the people they unite with a love spell will be happy together or not. Such spell casters want to complete their work as soon as possible. I personally do not understand such spell casters. Sometimes the best help is talking a client out of using magic because a love spell would bring unhappiness in the client’s life. However, we have talked about it multiple times and I do not want to repeat myself.

1. The best spell casters are spell casters like me – magic experts doing our best to help people. Spell casters as qualified as I am ensure their clients’ safety, perform only the most powerful rituals, and never cast spells which might harm their clients or make them unhappy. There are very few spell casters like me in the world. But if you work with one of us, you will see what real magic is and take full advantage of everything it has to offer.

Now you can look though the websites that you can find by googling “black magic love spell casters,” “top love spell casters” and “powerful love spell casters” and you will see that I am right and my rating is absolutely correct. 

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