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A magic shield against very strong love spells

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Looking through the articles posted on my website, I, spellcaster Maxim, cannot help noticing that my strong spells are viewed from just one perspective – from the perspective of a person who is going to order a very strong love spell from me or is going to try to cast strong love spells that work on his own. However, very little is said about what needs to be done if you have a love spell on and how to protect yourself against various love spells. Well, it is time to talk about how you can protect yourself against a very strong love spell in case someone is trying to cast one on you. Given how popular magic is today, any person may fall victim to a love spell. Statistically, strong love spells that work are cast on every fourth man and every seventh woman. Yes, women tend to believe in magic more than men. Therefore, women use the services provided by spellcasters, sorcerers and witches more often than men.

I have already told you how to find out if you have strong spells on you and what needs to be done to remove them and prevent them from influencing your life, the choices you make and your emotions. Today’s article is going to be focused on protection methods and I would like to begin with the simplest one – ordering a magic shield from me.

A magic shield against very strong love spells

Very strong love spells magic shieldMy magic shields can be used by individuals to protect their subtle bodies against strong love spells that work and by married couples or couples who do not want to get married but are going to spend their life together. I, spellcaster Maxim, also offer magic services to same-sex couples. So, no matter what sexual orientation you have, please contact me if you need to protect your relationship or marriage.

My magic shields will protect you against rituals performed to make you break up and introduce disputes and quarrels into your relationship. They will prevent you from losing your soul, burning out or getting bored. Also, they will protect you against other rituals which may cause you to end your relationship for good. Believe me, sorcerers and witches specializing in this kind of magic are able to do so easily, unless you protect yourself against their influence in advance.

Putting your house in order

The effect produced on you by strong spells and your living conditions are interrelated. These are the energies of your house in the first place. Analyze your day to understand if something is wrong. Signs indicating that something is wrong with the energies of your house include:

    You go out happily and feel stressed to come back;
    You do not feel safe at home. You are haunted by the feeling that you are in danger;
    You cannot relax and feel uncomfortable;
    You have nightmares and feel fear when you need to go to another room in the middle of the night;

      All of the above signs will disappear after I cleanse your house and restore its energies turning it into your castle. A house with balanced energies not only supplies you with the energies of health and rejuvenation but also protects you against any very strong love spell.

      Your lifestyle and strong love spells that work

      Unfortunately, I cannot help you here. You will need to help yourself. Strong spells cannot influence people who take good care of themselves. To protect yourself against a very strong love spell, make sure you have enough rest, like your job and work out. The more you enjoy your life, the less chance magic has to influence you.

      Your diet and strong spells

      I have posted an article recently on how excess weight increases your chances to fall victim to a spell or curse. The article contains some recipes how to lose weight with magic and cleanse and enhance your subtle bodies afterwards. So my website already has everything you need to know to protect yourself if you have weight problems.

      There is one thing I would like to add though. You may need no diets or weight loss pills to lose weight. All you may need is having your chakras cleansed and enhanced and having your subtle bodies strengthened simultaneously. This will enable you to protect yourself against magic.

      Simple rituals against strong love spells that work

      Very strong love spells candles1. A great way to protect yourself against very strong love spells is having sex with a stranger (or someone you know very little about). If you choose this method, make sure all men and women who may cast a very strong love spell on you find out about it. The fact that you cheated on them will make them jealous or angry and, as you know, any strong negative emotion is able to break magic and set you free.

      However, you may have to have sex with a stranger more than once. However, breaking a love spell is worth it, is it not? There is another condition: you should have an orgasm. The more intense it is, the purer your subtle bodies will become.

      2. You are going to need salt. Fill your bathtub with warm water and add some salt. If you are 40 years old, add four tablespoons of salt; if you are 30 years old, make it three tablespoons; and so on. Add a few pinches of salt. If you are 43, add seven pinches of salt (50-42=7); if you are 36, add four pinches of salt (40-36=4). Stir until the salt dissolves.

      Take a bath. Lie in the tub for at least 20 minutes. Make sure the water covers your body and head so put your head under the water repeatedly.

      Do not use a towel and do not take a shower for the next four hours. Do not put your clothes on. If you have an opportunity to go out and be in direct sunlight, do so. In four hours take a shower washing the salt off your skin and hair, use a new towel to wipe yourself, and hide it in a secure place for this towel will be your protection amulet for the next few months. Put on some new clothes.

      As a rule, one ritual is enough to break even strong love spells that work. If it is not, perform the ritual two more times. If it still does not break your love spell, contact me.

      3. If you have no stomach or digestive system disorders, swallow three peppercorns before each meal. The use of peppercorns is a very old protection method and it is as efficient as the use of salt or garlic. If you want, you can carry peppercorns in your pockets to protect yourself against magic. 

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