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A powerful miscarriage spell – One of the most dangerous spells magic has to offer

Homepage Practical magic A powerful miscarriage spell – One of the most dangerous spells magic has to offer
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What is a powerful miscarriage spell?

Unlike any other science or art, magiс can make your dreams come true. Since people have dreams which can make others happy or, on the contrary, unhappy, magic split into two branches, black and white. With death at their core, spells to stop pregnancy are black magic spells. Even though it is the death of a yet unborn baby, it is still a death, and such spells will never be white magic – the kind of magic that nourishes life, love and happiness.

You need to be very careful every time you come across black magic. When you invade this unknown dark world, you become personally responsible for all the consequences.

Powerful miscarriage spellcasterImagine yourself standing in front of two tables while casting your black magic spells for miscarriage. On one of the tables is the body of the person you are putting the spell on. You put this spell or any other abortion curse and the body starts to change. At first the changes occur only in the energies and they are invisible. These energy changes cause psychical changes in the body and eventually lead to a miscarriage which seems perfectly natural to most doctors who do not believe in magic with its spells and rituals. They will come up with some explanations as to what caused the miscarriage and it will never cross their mind that it was actually a magic spell.

Miscarriage spells cause a wide range of bodily changes, yet the outcome is always the same. It is a miscarriage which cannot be avoided. Moreover, a powerful sorcerer or sorceress can cause a miscarriage with a magic spell in any pregnant woman no matter how far along she is, leaving the baby no chance of survival.

Some rituals which are abortion magic are designed to impact not the body but the mind of the victim. Thus, a pregnant girl can forget about having to be careful and lift something really heavy or take a hot bath. Black magic abortion spells can also influence the victim through various circumstances and events. For example, the girl may get in a car accident or get raped and have a miscarriage shortly after it. She can buy some spoiled foods at the store and get food poisoning which is very dangerous during pregnancy and may cause a miscarriage. Besides, because of such spells the girl may develop some diseases causing pregnancy complications which are fatal for the baby.

This may lead you to believe abortion magic spells are a great way to take revenge or punish someone. But do not forget about the other table standing in front of you while you are performing your ritual. You do not really see it because it is in the shade. There is another body on this table and this body is yours. Whatever happens to the victim’s body because of your magiс spell happens to you. Generally, the changes occurring in you are much stronger and more harmful. It means when you put a black magic abortion spell on a girl, you put the same spell on yourself.

A spell to cause a miscarriage and its terrible consequences

Child-bearing aged women are the most susceptible to the negative effects of a spell for a miscarriage. The odds are when they get pregnant, they will have a miscarriage too. Moreover, they are likely to have more than one miscarriage or abortion, with doctors being unable to help it. When you cast a miscarriage spell and end up suffering its repercussion, the only person who can help you is a professional spellcaster who can perform a salvific ritual for you.

Do not think you are not in danger if you are a man. According to the laws of magic, you will still be punished but indirectly. You will suffer watching your loved ones suffer. Thus, if you cast a spell for miscarriage, your wife is sure to have a miscarriage and you will never become a father. Also, the spell can affect your daughters or granddaughters contributing to their infertility.

I have been working with such men a lot. Many of them married younger women hoping they would be able to carry the baby to term but nothing worked. The spell will not let go of you until you have paid your debt. The problem is you never know the amount of your debt. If this debt is in your karma, you will have to pay for the miscarriage spell cast for your whole life and maybe even in your next life.

If you already have children, casting miscarriage spells is still dangerous for you. The magic can take it out on your children or transform your karmic debt into a family curse affecting future generations. And that is not the worst case scenario. I have come across families which ceased to exist because they could not have children. It was the price they had to pay for one of their ancestors daring to cast one of the spells to induce miscarriage.

Magic for abortion can be safe only in the following cases:

- You cannot be the baby’s mother or father by karma;

- You punish the person who deserves it;

- You are a professional magic practitioner and know how to protect yourself and your family from the consequences of black magic spells;

- You agree to deal with the consequences of spells for causing a miscarriage;

- You hire a professional magic practitioner to do this job for you which is the best option.

As I told you before, magic practitioners have a special relationship with Higher Powers. Sorcerers like I am are entitled to impact other people’s fates. They have earned this right by dozens of years of hard work and dedication. They know how to cast witchcraft abortion spells minimizing the possibility of negative effects. They also know when it is better to talk the client out of taking revenge to not disturb the Universal balance – the crime for which people are punished in the way described above.

Miscarriage magic ritual

In the worst case scenario, the sorcerer takes over responsibility keeping the client safe. Just remember that it is not a 100% safety. Even if no negative consequences ensue, it will still be written in your karma that you ordered a spell which killed someone. It means doing it again will result in a severe karmic punishment you will not be able to avoid.  

So even if you are going to work with a powerful spellcaster, remember that by ordering one of the spells to stop pregnancy, you are using your only chance to make a mistake – let us call it so. To avoid punishment, you need to be a good person. It becomes especially important when you realize that the harm caused by spells to cause a miscarriage cannot be repaired. To learn more about the capabilities of abortion magic, click HERE.

When you try to find information about a “stop pregnancy spell”, you usually come across articles about this kind of magic spells and how to break them if they are influencing your life. If you are the one putting this spell and you want to break it, you should repent before the victim and convince this person to contact me or another powerful magic practitioner. If the victim asks a magic practitioner to save her, she can have a chance to carry the baby to term. This is the only way to stop the destructive impact of this horrible black magic spell.

So never rush to use black magic spells. No matter how mad you are now, you will get over it, while what is done with a black magic miscarriage spell cannot be undone.

Types of spells to stop a pregnancy

After a detailed analysis of the market of magic services, I came to a conclusion that many spellcasters do not have a clear idea of what such spells really are. As a result, they offer their clients services which should give them the creeps. So I, spellcaster Maxim, decided to analyze some of the most popular search queries for you to understand how dangerous or, on the contrary, useless (I have come across such queries too) each of them is.

Voodoo doll miscarriage – (or hoodoo spell for miscarriage) – it is one of the most dangerous rituals from the perspective of one’s karma. First and foremost, by casing it, you bind yourself to an evil creature becoming its energy slave at least for a few years. What is worse, you let this creature take control of your unborn baby, killing it. The baby has a soul and with this spell you commit a terrible crime by letting the evil creature drag it straight to hell.

Gypsy spells to cause miscarriage – before using them, remember that ancient Gypsy culture is very different from all other ancient cultures. This is when magic was born reflecting some Gypsy values. Ancient Gypsies had many children and they were often taken advantage of. When they were little babies, their parents would use them to beg for money. When they turned 2-3, they made them beg for money by themselves or steal money. They never really cared about their babies who would get sick a lot when it was cold and could even die. Perhaps, this is when a spell to make someone have a miscarriage was created, and when you use it, you have to pay for it with the wellbeing of your own children.

Traditional black magic abortion spells – they are dangerous because the spell caster communicates their wishes directly to Hell. However, these are hardly the most dangerous spells in magic. When cast by an experienced sorcerer who knows and can control some demons, the punishment does not ensue. Let me tell you one more secret. The most experienced professional spellcasters like I am know how to minimize your karmic responsibility, but it is not always the case. For this reason it is so important to examine the client’s future before casting a spell for abortion.

To find out more about how to order such spells click HERE.

Wiccan abortion spells – it is another attempt to take advantage of your ignorance. Even if we forget how helpless the most experienced Wiccan sorcerers are even at solving very easy problems, you should remember that this kind of magic was created as white one. For this reason it is impossible to cause a miscarriage with it. Try it and you will see. On the bright side, there will be no negative consequences either.

Curse of miscarriage – Questions and answers


“Are there no safe spells to stop pregnancy at all?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s answer:

As a professional spellcaster, I am not allowed to lie, even if telling the truth is bad for my business. But you have a right to know the truth – safe miscarriage spells are non-existent. You can avoid dealing directly with demons, but you will still have to answer to Higher Powers and no one can protect you from it. All people are responsible for their actions (including magic practitioners). This responsibility is usually karmic which is much worse than you think. So it should be avoided at all costs. If you want to take revenge on someone, use some other spells which are less destructive for everyone.


“I cast one of the black magic spells for miscarriage without knowing how dangerous it was. I’m fine at the moment, but I know something bad’s going to happen to me now. What should I do?”

Miscarriage spell skull

Spellcaster Maxim’s answer:

You should contact a professional magic practitioner or sorcerer immediately. There are many ways to decrease the level of your responsibility to minimize your future suffering. For example, you can order a ritual to make the victim of your miscarriage spell happy or split one big punishment into several smaller ones. I do not know if this will work for you. I will know it after we talk in person and I draw the map of your energy, fate and karma. Until then, I can only assume what is happening.


“Can I lose the baby if my husband was involved in such a ritual?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s answer:

You can read about it above. In case you have missed it, yes, you can. However, since you did not participate in the ritual, there is a way for you to protect yourself and your baby. Just remember that it requires shifting the punishment onto the one who deserves it. So if you escape the punishment, your husband will not. However, that way you will at least keep your baby safe.


“How much are abortion magic spells?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s answer:

There are no fixed prices for such spells. The price is calculated based on the answers to the following questions:

- Do you have the right to punish anyone like that?

- Does your enemy deserve it?

- Is this person protected from magic in any way?

- How well are you protected against the punishment for using magic?

- How heavy is your karma at the moment?

- How susceptible is the victim’s karma to a spell for miscarriage?

I can discuss the price only when I know all the answers. But remember that such spells are never cheap anyway. The magic practitioner who agrees to perform this ritual takes big risk and risky rituals are always more expensive.


“Can I order a miscarriage spell from you?”

If it is deserved, contact me and we will talk about it. Just do not expect me to agree to cast a miscarriage black magic spell right away. I will be able to give you my answer only after reviewing all the details of your case (preliminary examination is a paid service too). I would like to warn you against hiring those who agree to perform the ritual without reviewing your case first. The odds are you will face terrible consequences because professional magic practitioners never work like that. It is an approach typical of amateurish magic practitioners who put themselves and their clients in danger.


“You’ve been talking a lot of about the curse of miscarriage focusing more on the ritual or the ordering process. Could you tell us more about what happens to the people who were put such spells on and what they should do?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s answer:

Thank you for your question. To show you that it is really important, I have made a video answering this question and specifying the signs observed in people under the influence of a powerful miscarriage spell.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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