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What can an abortion curse do to you?

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An abortion curse is used by professional spell casters and black sorcerers to cause a miscarriage. An abortion hex is ordered by men and women who want to influence a situation related to an unwanted pregnancy. To better understand what I mean, let me tell you who uses spell abortion and why.

Examples of how to use abortion curse

Example 1. 

Abortion spell ritualYou become pregnant from your lover and it’s too late to have an abortion. You consult specialists and they tell you that you have to keep the baby because having an abortion is too dangerous. You can spend thousands of dollars and have an abortion illegally, or try to get rid of the baby using folk medicine. Or you can order an abortion curse and solve your problem once and for all. After the ritual, you will have a miscarriage. It won’t affect your health and will let you keep your infidelity a secret.

Example 2. 

You suspect your wife of being unfaithful to you. She is pregnant and you think it is not your child. You can wait until the baby is born and have a DNA paternity test to confirm that you are not the child’s biological father. Or you can order an abortion hex. Your wife will have a miscarriage and all your problems will be solved.

Example 3. 

You are in love with a man and he loves you. The problem is he has a pregnant wife or girlfriend. What are your options? Use spell abortion to cause a miscarriage. However, I have to warn you that if Higher Powers disapprove of your actions but you still order the curse, Higher Powers may severely punish you for it (both you and the man you love).

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Example 4. 

An abortion curse can be used by people who can’t afford another child. If you don’t have enough money to raise another child, order an abortion hex. The hex will allow you to get rid of the unwanted baby without risking the mother’s health.

Example 5. 

An abortion hex is useful for parents who care about their children’s life (especially those who have a daughter). Knowing that you can order an abortion hex any time from me, you may not worry that your son will become a father earlier than he should, or your daughter will get pregnant from an unworthy person.***

*** - A spell abortion ordered before a sexual intercourse can be used as a contraceptive preventing a woman from getting pregnant.

47% of women find out that they’re pregnant when it’s already too late to have an abortion. For some women, an unwanted pregnancy is the beginning of the end. It ruins their career and prevents them from fulfilling themselves, dooming them to unhappiness.

A pregnancy may endanger the woman’s life. Doctors promise to do whatever it takes to not let the pregnant woman die, but they can’t guarantee it. Spell abortion, on the other hand, can end the pregnancy before it affects the woman’s health. Causing a miscarriage, an abortion curse saves the woman’s life, giving her an opportunity to get pregnant again and give birth to a healthy baby without risking her own health.
Attention Please! Read about the negative effects that you can get if you yourself will cast a spell miscarriage

However, if Higher Powers want a baby to be born and protect it, an abortion hex proves useless. It happens when the baby is too important to mankind or when Higher Powers know that in the future it will make the woman happier than she thinks. That’s when Higher Powers cancel the magic powers of spell abortion and give the baby a chance to live.


Casting abortion spellsHowever, Higher Powers usually let the woman decide what to do. They almost never punish women for using an abortion curse, just like they don’t punish them for having an abortion at the hospital.


However, an abortion hex may be dangerous.

It may target the wrong person. If you don’t want to take risks and prefer safe magic, contact me and order spell abortion from me (details of your order, as well as the price, are discussed individually). If you try to cast such an abortion curse on your own or order it from an unprofessional spell caster, it may strike any person, including: 


-          Random pregnant women;

-          Random children (they will be cast an infertility curse on);

-          Random young women (they will have trouble getting pregnant and carrying their pregnancy);

-          Unborn babies (they will be cast a death curse on).


Higher Powers will punish you severely if an innocent person suffers because of the ritual you performed incorrectly or entrusted some fraud with.


So if you need spell abortion, be cautious

Contact me and I will make sure magic targets only the person you want (whether it is you or another woman).

Don’t hesitate to order an abortion curse from me. I guarantee that no one will ever find out that you used my services. It is confidential. I never disclose information on my clients to a third party. Trust me, the secrets of magiс are kept even better than the seal of confession.


If you have a question I haven’t covered in this article, contact me. I will tell you more about spell abortion and how it will change your life in particular.

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