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A real caster is telling about other real powerful spell casters

Homepage Practical magic A real caster is telling about other real powerful spell casters
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You’re a famous real spell caster known for your ability to perform complex real spells that work. So I believe you’re the one who should answer some of the most common magic-related questions regular people have. To begin with, why do you and many other spell casters claim that real spell casters reviews shouldn’t be trusted?

Unfortunately, we are living in the world where almost anyone can become “famous” quite easily and make sure that their websites appear first when users google such things as “real powerful spell casters” and “real spell caster”. It is a multimillion dollar industry. For example, there are multiple websites paying money to users for liking Facebook posts and pictures or leaving positive reviews under Instagram posts.

You can buy positive reviews too, including real spell casters reviews

Real powerful spell castersFor example, you can ask a copywriter to write real spell casters reviews on behalf of a client who has worked with a specific spell caster who solved all his problems, and then post these reviews on some forums or websites (addresses attached). Imagine that you want to find out as much as possible about some spell caster you want to work with to make sure he can cast real spells that work, so you start googling him. You find multiple positive reviews and come to the conclusion the man is a real spell caster and he can be trusted.

In fact, real powerful spell casters do not promote themselves

Moreover, they ask their clients not to tell anyone about having worked with them and especially about the rituals which have been performed. As you know, magic processes are fragile and a thoughtless word can impede them. Therefore, there are a lot of very powerful spell casters without a single positive review about them. At the same time, there are fraudulent spell casters with lots of reviews which appear when you enter “real spells that work”, “real powerful spell casters” or “real spell caster” in your browser.  

Okay, you’ve made it clear about the reviews, however there’s another thing I don’t understand. You said when we, regular users, enter “real spell casters” in the browser, the websites owned by scammers are the first to appear. How’s that possible? How can cheaters be ahead of real spell caster?

Any search engine, Google, Yahoo! Or Bing, are no more than just a computer program. When they receive multiple complains about a website, they close it. Until then, such websites are fully functional and even manage to dominate the search engine’s first page. They do it due to certain algorithms which can allow specific websites to come up first in the search results for, for instance, “real spell casters reviews”. This is illegal and Google blocks such websites. However, it does not happen instantly. In my experience, the owners of fake magic websites have about 1-2 years to scam users before the websites get closed.

If real spell casters reviews can’t be trusted, and a lot of people who claim to be real powerful spell casters are scammers, what should users do? How can they protect themselves?

Real powerful spell caster's candlesOn my website you can find detailed information on how to select a real spell caster and which questions to ask before paying for what the spell caster can describe as some real spells that work. I do not want to repeat myself. If you have any questions, there is my website with all the answers.

A lot of people know you as an expert in your field. I am sure many of your clients who work with a real spell caster for the first time, might not have full trust in you and your real spells that work. How do you manage to keep and convince them that you are the one they need but no other real powerful spell casters?

Well, I surely do not offer them to read some real spell casters reviews on some website. Joking aside, I am not trying to convince anyone. I know life is more complex than we think and many processes occur outside of our reality. If someone comes to me, I know it has happened for a reason. Clients are brought to me by Higher Powers. It means Higher Powers want me, a real spell caster, to cast a spell for this person, so they will find a way to make him believe in me and my magical abilities.

If there is someone else who can help him or if Higher Powers do not want my real spells that work to help him, they will take this person away from me and lead him to one of my colleagues or to a fraud.

Does it mean people do not choose to go to a spell caster or not.

There is someone else choosing it for them? 

Not always. Strong people who are in control of their life and fate make this decision by themselves. As for weak people and victims of alien entities or mind parasites, Higher Powers make this decision for them. They also interfere when black magic is involved causing people to make the wrong and dangerous choices.

Can any person work with you? Do you always agree to work with the people who come to you?

Anyone can contact me and ask me for help. However, I reserve the right to refuse to provide my services or to postpone my services, for instance, in case my clients are underage. However, there are exceptions to this rule and I may consider the requests made by children who want to help their parents, and by parents who want to help their children.

As one of real spell casters, I always offer my clients white spell alternatives when they want to use black magic spells. I refuse to work with people who are not telling the truth or provide inaccurate personal data. Besides, I almost never work with people with mental disorders.

Speaking of mentally ill people, why such discrimination?

Can’t you, a real spell caster, help them?

I can help such people by curing them if the reason of their illnesses is energy parasites. However, I will not help them if they want to order some black real spells that work or death spells and curses. Their condition is pretty bad as it is. Interaction with magic, especially black magic, will make it worse. I never let my clients suffer because of me, even if it is not directly my fault.

Do you refuse to work with such people even if you know they will post some real spell casters reviews about you which are going to be negative?

No matter what I do, there will always be people who do not like my work and post some negative real spell casters reviews about me. However, my mission is not to worry about my reputation or read customer reviews about me. As one of real powerful spell casters, my mission is to help people who need my help and support, and sometimes I am the only one who can help my clients (it happens when doctors, lawyers or psychologists are powerless).

Thank you for this conversation.

I was very helpful and interesting to hear it from a real spell caster practicing real magic.

Do you have anything to say to our readers? Any advice?

I would like to wish everyone the best of health and happiness, as well as money, love, and to never be lonely. All people deserve it at least because no one comes to this world to suffer. When there is suffering, something is not okay, it is not normal. This is why Higher Powers have taught people magic enabling them to change their fates and improve their lives thanks to real spells that work.

It is your fault that you have not taken advantage of real powerful spell casters yet. You are afraid of magic or think miracles do not exist. I can assure you that it will change as soon as you change your attitude towards magic. It is easy. All you need to do is believe in it. 

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