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A simple binding spell and external energies

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“Your articles have been really helpful, thank you. However, there’s one thing I don’t understand. Why can’t I put a simple binding spell on a person if there is another person in love with the target (I’m a woman and I want to put a spell on a man)? Who cares if there is another woman out there in love with the man I love? Simple binding spells are supposed to help me since I love him, aren’t they?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Simple binding spells with candlesPeople are not only vessels containing various energies, but are also transmitters emitting or receiving energy flows of different intensity and lengths. Every simple binding spells is a program changing you and your energy flows which we receive.

So let us imagine your love triangle as a simple geometrical pattern. Draw it by yourself if you want to. There are three points – you, the man you love, and another woman. There is a flow of energy coming from you to the man, that is your love. However, there is similar flow of energy coming to the man from that woman, that is her love.

Do you know which flow is stronger? Your simple binding spells will enhance both the flows, and the strongest will win. It makes them stronger due to the fact that magic always complies with all the laws of the Universe. First and foremost, with your simple binding spell, you turn the man into a more sensitive transmitter. As a result, he feels the energies coming to him better (your love and that of the other woman).

For this reason it is important that the other woman falls out of love with the man. Otherwise, the man will choose the woman whose energy flow is stronger or purer. You can never know that your love is stronger than that of the other woman or that the man will like your energies better than those of the other woman.

True magic (my magic) always takes into consideration such details. Therefore, I always offer my clients to put a spell not only on the target but also on all the people who are currently in love with the target. That way, my spells improve your energies and make them stronger, giving you competitive advantage. Besides, it makes them highly desirable. As a result, when one of my simple binding spells is cast, the target is sure to direct his energies at you.


“How comes the spell takes into account the energy of another woman if I cast a targeted simple binding spell, pronouncing my beloved’s and my names, and using our pictures?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Ask one of your friends to carry out the following experiment. Sit down opposite to each other and put a candle in between. Light it by yourself and then start blowing at it together in order to move the flame. Which way will the flame bend? The winner will be the one who can blow harder. At the same time, it does not matter who lit the candle, you or your friend.

This is what happens in magic. Even if you are the one who cast some simple binding spells, the energies created by them will always be controlled by the one with a stronger energy field or the one having natural abilities in magic. This person is the one the man’s heart will end up belonging to.

This is why I also prohibit my clients from casting even a simple binding spell on someone they do not know. If that is the case, I refuse to cast any spells as well. Firstly, there is no channel to connect you. Secondly, even a targeted spells will bind not you and your beloved, but your beloved and whoever he likes more or whoever has stronger feelings for him.

Speaking of the experiment with the candle, it is like trying to blow out a candle from behind a closed door or from an adjacent room. A true spellcaster can make the candle flame shake if he is strong and experienced enough. However, the energy he will need to put into it is not worth the results. Therefore, the spellcaster will ask you to make friends with the target before simple binding spells are cast. 


“You say that a simple binding spell can harm the target, too. But if I love a man and want to be with him, how can I harm him? If I want to be happy by practicing magic, how can I hurt myself?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Simple binding candle spellLet us get back to what I said at the beginning of this article. All people carry various energies. They emit and receive them. Humans, like any other living creatures, can generate energy on their own, but in small amounts and only of poor quality – the energy helping them survive. If people want something more – become rich and famous – they need to learn how to get energy from the outside.

An improperly performed ritual affects not the person but his energies and his ability to receive them. Therefore, we have to deal with various consequences of improperly performed rituals:

- You can no longer receive external energies and have to live using only your energy. If your life is hard, eventually you develop some diseases;

- Chakra signs change – positive energies turn into negative ones, bringing out the worst in you and turning you  into a monster;

- Energy ties and clogs lead to a disturbed energy flow. You develop depression, fatigue, memory loss, mental disorders. Also, you age faster;

- Your energy flows are redirected connecting you to the energies of the lower (infernal) worlds, and you end up being possessed;

- Your energy protection is chopped up to influence your subtle bodies and make you vulnerable to the evil eye and curses.

The list goes on. As with all improperly cast spells, the spell harms not only the target but also the spellcaster. The spell backfires causing the spellcaster a lot of trouble. In addition, the spellcaster’s karma gets heavy and the spellcaster has to pay off his karmic debts through pain and suffering.

For more information, please read my articles.


“You say that while choosing simple binding spells, it is important to pay attention to which forces the spellcaster engages in his or her work. The other day I found a simple binding spell requiring the assistance of the moon. How can one be so naïve to believe that the moon can hear a spellcaster and refuse to help him?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

The world is far more complex than you can imagine. Thus, the moon alone is associated with thousands of powerful egregors.  Also, there are millions of invisible powerful creatures living on the moon’s energy. When a spellcaster asks the Moon for help, he also asks all its egregors creating those energies.

What are they? Given that the moonlight is the only thing that can save them from the dark or give them inspiration, then they must be not that bad and not all of them wish people ill. Similarly, when a spellcaster engages the forces of the world of the dead which are dangerous to people not because they wish them ill but because they help people in exchange for their energies.

This is why it is important to know who is going to help you cast your simple binding spells and how you are going to pay for it. If your ritual is performed improperly, you can end up being forever in their debt.


Below is another video about simple rituals and how to perform them. Watch it and you will find out how to cast a simple binding spell in a safe manner (keeping both the target and yourself safe).

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