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A spell to separate a couple and separating energies

A spell to separate a couple and separating energies

To cast a spell to separate a couple, it is not enough to just want the couple to break up. It is not enough to just say the spell and light some candles. Yet, a spell cannot be cast without those things, either. All spellcasters know that spells to separate a couple are effective due to their energies which can cause two people who love each other to want to break up.

It is very difficult to make two people fall out of love with each other, start hating each other, divorce, and never think about each other again. To this end, spellcasters use a variety of methods, such as causing the couple to face financial problems or to suffer from infertility. Speaking of a pure spell to separate a couple, you should always prepare to work with separating energies. To call up such energies, you need to take a series of actions to attract or to create them.

There are a lot of spells to separate a couple, including:

Custing spell to separate a coupleCAT AND DOG HAIR MAGIC. As you know, cats and dogs do not get along. They have always been enemies. If you use some cat and dog hair in your ritual, the man and the woman will live a cat-and-dog life, hating and fearing each other, and never trusting each other. Dog and cat hair can be used as it is. Also, you can add it to dough and bake some bread to be buried or hidden at special places. Animal hair is widely used in voodoo magic for making voodoo dolls. In some Muslim rituals, it is used in thread weaving. They hide the treads under the bark of the trees growing around the house of those the spell to separate a couple is cast on.

COUPLE PHOTOGRAPH MAGIC. In this case a ritual is performed to separate the people from the photograph. The photograph is torn, set on fire, folded in special ways, etc. in order to split it apart. It is important that one half of the photo shows only the man and the other one shows only the woman. If the man’s half shows even a fragment of the woman’s image and vice versa, all effort you put into casting your spells to separate a couple will prove in vain, and the lovers will still love and be attracted to each other.

APPLE MAGIC. If you want to cast a spell to separate a couple with an apple, begin with charging the apple with the couple’s energy. In the past, when pretty much everyone had some fruit trees growing in their gardens, spell casters did not have to charge any apples. They just needed to pick up one from one of the trees growing near the house of the people the spells to separate a couple were cast on. Such rituals were highly effective.

Today, when apples are grown commercially and hundreds of people participate in their picking, transportation and sale, it is very difficult to work with such apples. Apples sold at grocery stores carry the energies of dozens of people who have touched them. Therefore, before such apples are used in any rituals, such energies need to be neutralized.

Generally, apples are halved in separating rituals which is how the energy of rejection and dislike is attracted.

Note that often spellcasters use various combinations of the magic accessories and items described in this article. They do it for a reason. By combining and mixing various techniques, they enhance the energy to make their spell to separate a couple more powerful.

THREAD MAGIC. Threads are torn to prepare a couple for a breakup. However, you need a special kind of threads. In the past, women would make threads by themselves. Such threads were perfect for breakup rituals. Today you are going to have to figure out a way to get some threads from the couple’s bed sheets, blankets, or clothes (such as sweaters), in which case two threads are needed – one thread from the man’s sweater and one thread from the woman’s sweater.

FOOD AND DRINKS MAGIC. To cast such spells to separate a couple, you need to make some special food or drinks and serve it to the couple. Such food and drinks are made from incompatible ingredients, yet they can be very tasty and at the same produce the desired effect on the couple.

NAME MAGIC. If you cannot get any of the above listed items, use the targets’ names in your ritual. Write the names down on a sheet of paper and use it in your ritual in the same manner you use photographs in the ritual.

SALT MAGIC. As a rule, salt is used for protection purposes. However, it can also be used in the spell to separate a couple. It is effective when the partners were brought together by magic, for instance, by a love spell. Salt breaks the love spell causing the couple to break up.

Now let me answer some of your questions.

Spells to separate a coupleQuestion:

- Is there a way to break up a couple without using magic?


- There is one way to do that, but it also involves magic. You can buy a special separating amulet and give it to the couple without telling them about the amulet’s properties. As soon as the amulet is brought home, it will start destroying their relationship. Eventually, they will break up, with the amulet making sure they will never get back together again.

So, magic is unavoidable, yet in this case it is used indirectly. Besides, as you understand, you will not have to do anything except for giving the amulet to the couple, while the amulet itself shall be made by a professional magic practitioner.


- What should the client do to help the spellcaster cast his spells to separate a couple?


- The more items the client can get which belong to the lovers, the easier it is for the spellcaster to cast the spell properly. The spellcaster needs to some personal information of the couple, such as their first and last names, and their date of birth. However, these data are usually enough only for very strong and experienced spellcasters. The majority of spellcasters also need the couple’s photograph, clothes and some personal things. To maximize the spell’s efficiency, get the couple’s biomaterials, such as hair, nails, sweaty clothes, paper tissues with saliva traces, etc.


- I have a lover. He’s married. I want him to leave his wife. I have his sperm. Can it be used in the ritual??


- Yes, it can. Moreover, it will make your spell much more powerful. Yet, this will be a spell to make the partners sexually incompatible. Your lover will no longer be able to make love to his wife. The only woman will be able to make love to is going to be you. Eventually this will cause him to divorce his wife.


- I divorced my wife two years ago. The other day, it dawned on me that it had been no accident. I’ve read enough of your articles to know we divorced because of magic. How can I confirm my suspicion?


- Have your relationship diagnosed by a professional magic practitioner and you will know for sure why your marriage is over.


- What if I’m right?


- Ask your spellcaster to cast a spell to bring you back together and restore your marriage. However, before you do that, make sure both you and your ex-wife are currently not dating anyone. If you or your ex-wife is in a relationship, the spellcaster will need to use a spell to end your current relationship and then use another one to restore your family.


- Are there any physical diseases indicating a love spell in a couple?


- There is a variety of them, from skin to stomach diseases. Yet the most common physical diseases are mental and genital disorders. When such rituals are involved, the most vulnerable area is our mental health and genitals.


- Who develops more diseases, men or women?


- All of them.


- I’ve been married for over 20 years now. Should I be worried that my marriage can be harmed by magic?


- It does not matter how long you have been together. No relationship is safe unless the required measures have been taken. Otherwise, if a professional spellcaster like me tries to harm your relationship, he will, and sooner or later you will want to break up.


- Could you tell us about some powerful spells to separate a couple? Thank you!


- I can, but I will tell you about it in the video below. This ritual is not complex but effective. It can be used by both male and female spellcasters.

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