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Attract a Lover Spell Used to Influence One’s Sex Chakra

Homepage Practical magic Attract a Lover Spell Used to Influence One’s Sex Chakra
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Question: Are there any restrictions regarding the use of an attract a lover spell influencing people through their sex chakras?  

Spellcaster Maxim’s response: Yes, there are. Since such spells are used to influence not the mind but the sex chakra (that is the second chakra), first it is important to find out how pure and strong it is, and if the energy it generates is enough to keep the partner sexually aroused all the time.

As for the customer ordering one of the spells to attract a lover through sex, he or she has to love sex and enjoy it. Therefore, do not use such spells if you are frigid or impotent.

Candles hearts to attract a loverQuestion: Is it possible to improve the function of one’s sex chakra?

Spellcaster Maxim’s response: It is. However, I provide such services on two conditions: firstly, you trust me and follow all my instructions (there are going to be a lot of them); secondly, improving the function of a chakra and its energy quality is a time-consuming process, which is why you have to agree to be patient, not to hurry me, and do not give up.


Are there any reasons you refuse to cast attract a lover spells? Is the customer’s old age one of them?

Spellcaster Maxim’s response: No, I do not refuse casting such spells because of the customer’s old age because the function of the sex chakra can be improved at any age. There are some other reasons though. For example, I do not provide my services to underage individuals. I may refuse to provide my services to customers with bad intentions. To find out what a customer really wants to achieve with magic, I tell the customer’s fortune before performing my rituals. I reserve the right to refuse to provide my services to people with mental disorders or mind parasites. As a rule, I advise such customers to have their subtle bodies cleaned before ordering a spell to attract a lover.

Also, I may refuse to provide my services to people suffering from various medical conditions, including genital and hormonal disorders which first need to be treated using traditional medicine. The above also applies to the people the spell is going to be put on. I do not cast spells on underage people, those who will be unhappy because of it, mentally ill people, people recovering from suicidal thoughts and feelings, etc.

Question: My husband and I used to be perfectly compatible in bed but now we are not.

Can our sexual compatibility be restored with a spell to attract a lover?

Spellcaster Maxim’s response: Before answering your question, I need to examine you and your husband with magic. There are lots of reasons sexual passion fades in a relationship. First of all, this can be your age, bad habits, satiety, sexual monotony, etc. Also, this can be caused by some health issues. Oftentimes couples’ libidos are affected by curses and hexes put on them by those who are jealous of them for some reason or who want to destroy their relationship.

If so, the curse\hex needs to be removed first. After that, I will be able to focus on the function of your lower chakras.

Question: I enjoy having sex once or twice a month. My man wants to have sex almost every day. That is why we broke up. I love that man and want to be with him.

Do you think one of your attract a lover spells could help us be together?

Spells to attract a loverSpellcaster Maxim’s response: Such spells will help you only if cast together with other spells and rituals. Since you broke up because of you, you are the one who needs to be influenced first. Your energies need to be strengthened to ensure that you come to enjoy having sex almost every day. This will make you the perfect partner for your boyfriend and he will never leave you.

Question: They say spells to attract a lover influencing some lower chakras are dangerous because the couples are together only because of sex. They have amazing sex, but outside of their bed they bore and irritate each other. Is that so?

Spellcaster Maxim’s response: This is possible when you work with a weak and inexperienced spellcaster. Spellcasters like myself are aware of this threat and therefore make sure that an attract a lover spell unites people not only through their sexual energies but through other energy centers as well. In this case, sex is not the only thing keeping people together. As much as they are good lovers, they are also good friends, and as you know, friendship gradually transforms into strong mutual love.  


When do such spells to attract a lover expire?

Spellcaster Maxim’s response: It depends. To answer your question, I need to examine you and your partner, your fates, karma, energies, etc. So if you want to know how long your relationship is going to last for, order my magic examination services.

If you work with a different spellcaster, note that your spellcaster’s skill, experience and responsible approach will be of great importance.

Question: Does the effectiveness of an attract a lover spell depend on the type of magic used during its casting?

Spellcaster Maxim’s response: No, it is not. The effectiveness of a spell depends on the spellcaster and the state of the subtle bodies of the people united with magic. Also, it depends on the customers’ patience and belief that the spell can work. 

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