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Black and white magic as seen by Christians

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A very common misconception with Christians is that up in the sky on a cloud there is some man punishing anyone trying to use black and white magic or order white and black magic rituals from witches or sorcerers. Interestingly, the more religious a person is, the more they long for such punishment.

Christians do not understand one thing: since everything in our World is created by God, then black magic white magic, along with black and white magic spells are His creation as well. They were created not to test you and see if you are strong enough to resist the temptation to improve your life fast. Besides, all religions are based on the article of faith that everything happens according to God’s plan. Since white magic and black magic are a part of His plan, it would be strange if people did not use them.

Black and white magic ritualsI am not trying to change anyone’s mind. I am just reasoning about the attitude of religious people towards black and white magic. Therefore, if you stick to your opinion after reading this article, I will be just happy. However, I know that even now a lot of readers are angry with me. For some reason, those preaching kindness, forgiveness and love (this is how Christians see themselves) are incredibly intolerant. Believing in some avenging angel, they have undertaken his mission and are ready to crush everyone who disagrees with them.

As a result of this approach, coupled with superficial knowledge of the world and the processes occurring in it, Christians tend to consider white and black magic to be evil and blame people for using black and white magic spells in order to improve their lives. To find out how it happens and what makes it possible, click here

Why blame anyone if there is such thing as freedom of choice? Our fate is the result of our choices that we make every day. We are born with some abilities and talents. We can either develop them by hard work or by using black magic white magic, or give up on them. In our next lives we are presented with multiple opportunities which we either take or miss. It is always only our choice.

I have been studying white magic and black magic for many years and I know that there is no such thing as a judgement. On the contract, God does everything he can to make us happy and help us achieve self-actualization. For this purpose he created black and white magic enabling us to cure our fate and mind, love and be loved, be strong and achieve success.

You can use white and black magic as much as you want, changing your fate multiple times with black and white magic spells. No one will punish you for it, except you. Black magic white magic is like cosmetic surgery, which by the way Christians disapprove of, too. However, cosmetic surgery makes people happier. It gives beauty helping people overcome insecurity; helps fire and car accident victims, cures birth defects. By improving the body, it improves the soul. At the same time, it may be dangerous for those making the wrong choices. I am talking about self-inflicted punishment. Google “cosmetic surgery victims” and you will understand what I mean. 

This is also true for white magic and black magic. The use of magic is not associated with punishment. You punish yourself when you try to cast black magic and white magic spells by yourself instead of working with an experienced spellcaster, or when you work with a fraud, or when you use white and black magic to do harm to someone. The evil you do will come back to you. But do not blame God. He is not the one punishing you. It was your decision to cast black and white magic spells in order to harm people. Eventually, the energy of your meanness will come back to you.  

Black and white magic candlesChristians are tough. They keep claiming black magic white magic is evil, engaging some infernal entities. Actually, they are right in some sense. The goal of every living creature is to develop and reach the highest possible level, the one where God exists. Strange as it may see, the entities from the lower worlds have a similar goal. Some of them indeed help perform white magic and black magic rituals. However, many of them do it not to do harm but to purify themselves and move to a higher level of existence.

Here is another thing Christians do not understand. If black and white magic can give health and happiness, love and faithfulness, if it helps people better understand their soul, become more tolerant, protect those they love and care about, what evil are they talking about? If you use black and white magic spells to give someone happiness and job, how can white and black magic be evil?

Unfortunately, a lot of people cannot or do not want to think. They prefer others to think for them and believe those claiming that black magic white magic is bad, that the use of white magic and black magic is a sin, and that suffering is redemptive. Perhaps, you know what karma is. Well, according to a karmic teaching, a small percentage of people are born to atone for their past mistakes or learn something through suffering. Most people come to this world to love and be loved. However, not knowing how to love and be loved, people keep suffering refusing to use black and white magic, along with black and white magic spells, to find happiness.

If you want to argue with me, go ahead. I am ready to hear out all opinions about white and black magic. However, let us agree that your arguments will be based not on some books but on common sense and real-life examples. If all you have is the meaningless “that’s what I think” or “I was told so”, please keep them to yourself as I am not going to waste my time on it.

Also, I refuse to pay attention to those writing that “black magic white magic is bad because it is bad” and those trying to convert me to their religion. Remember that there are such things as experience, knowledge, analysis and freedom of choice. They allow us to figure out who we are, how and by which laws the world works. You cannot learn anything, especially life, through a book. If all your arguments are some quotes from a book, prepare that no man with freedom of choice and committed to self-improvement through real deeds will take you seriously.

In conclusion, I would like to present to you something only a few people know of. The word “magic” means “inner strength” which can be light or dark. At the same time, you may think you are doing good things while in fact you do evil. Similarly, a person with dark energies may do good by cleansing his energies and consequently himself.

We can talk about it forever. Christianity is about two thousand years old and people are still arguing about it, so let us do it this way: whether you agree with me or disagree or want to argue with me, write me. I will reply to all your letters in a separate article which I promise to post on my website about white magic and black magic, spells and witchcraft, shortly.

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