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Black Magic Islam for Muslims

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Question: After much thought and consideration, I realized black magic Islam was the only thing that could help me (Spellcaster Maxim’s note: I will not specify what the problem is following the author’s request). I was thinking about it for several days, yet I decided not to go to a Muslim sorcerer. I did so because it dawned on me that Islamic black magic could not help non-Muslims. It’s like with Christianity – its saints come for help only after your christening. My question is as follows: Do I have to convert to Islam to be able to take advantage of black magic Islam?

Black Magic Islam retualReply: You are mistaken. To take advantage of the forces behind Christianity or Christian prayers, you do not have to become a Christian. You just need to believe in Christianity and give some of your energies to the Christian egregor in the form of your faith and to thank him for his help. You do not have to cross yourself while doing so. This ritual was made up by the church which has been making money from Christian rituals for centuries.

This is also true for Islamic black magic. You do not have to read the Quran or follow the Islamic traditions. You have to believe in black magic Islam and have full faith in the spellcaster performing the ritual for you

That way, Islamic black magic will help you solve any problem

Question: I got my ex-husband back thanks to black magic Islam. Now I regret it. I feel bad not because something went wrong – my husband and I love each other and we’ve never been happier. I just found out that the woman performing the ritual to reunite me with my husband was not Muslim, meaning she can’t perform Islamic black magic rituals properly. Now I’m like sitting on a ticking bomb…

Reply: I do not like abstract examples so I would like to answer your question by telling you a story from my life. I am a European person sharing European values and I specialize in the so called European magic. One day I realized that I had to master Islamic black magic and other kinds of magic as well in order to be able to help people solve all kinds of problems.

I studied it for several years and I am happy I did it. There are no energy diseases today that I could not cure. Also, I can untie any karmic knot, ask Higher Powers to help my customers, and remove curses, hexes and alien entities from my customers’ subtle bodies.

Therefore, I am confident that a powerful spellcaster practicing Islamic magic does not have to be a Muslim. First and foremost, he needs to be strong enough to get Higher Powers to agree to help him, as magic is not possible without their help.  

Question: Reople’s attitudes towards Muslims have grown negative for obvious reasons. I’m not trying to say that all Muslims are terrorists who want to hurt someone. However, is there a chance that some spellcaster uses black magic Islam against the people who come to him for help?

Reply: This reminds me of another misconception that the only thing all witches and sorcerers want is to hurt people. In fact, black magic spellcasters do not serve evil. The word “black” is intended to only specify the kind of rituals they perform and the type of energies they work with.

Black Magic Islam skullIt is like helping a car accident victim. At first, it is the emergency personnel’s duty to save this person’s life. Then, it becomes the duty of the doctors from the hospital the victim is transported to. Of course, this is not exactly the same, yet it clearly shows the difference between the work of a white and a black magic spellcaster. Black magic spellcasters are the emergency personnel, while white magic spellcasters are the doctors filling the victim with light energies before helping them. 

This also applies to professional Islamic black magic spellcasters

According to the laws of magic, spellcasters are deprived of their powers the moment they intentionally hurt any of their customers, so do not be afraid that a spellcaster will want to hurt you upon learning that you are not a Muslim. It is a common misconception and a stereotype.

Question: It seems to me that Islamic rituals are effective for lower chakras and therefore should be used to solve problems related to money, health, marriage…


I am afraid you do not understand Islamic culture and Islamic magic

To begin with, black magic Islam appeared when the European civilization was at its darkest times, while the Muslim world was developing based on the culture of Ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt… Believe it or not, but maths, philosophy, medicine, architecture and even hygiene were adopted by Europeans from Muslims.

Thus, in addition to  your everyday problems, Muslim magic can improve the function of your chakras, giving you love, wisdom, prophetic abilities, and even an ability to make contact with Higher Worlds and Higher Powers. 

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