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Black witchcraft spells and sexual techniques

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Various sexual techniques can be used to accumulate and enhance your energies for doing black witchcraft. I, spellcaster Maxim, am going to tell you about each of them from a different perspective:

  • Your partner does not possess knowledge of magic and cannot control his or her energies;
  • Your partner can control his or her energies and can help you, while allowing you to control the process;
  • Your partner is an advanced spellcaster and he or she can prepare your energies for you to enable you to cast black witchcraft spells successfully.

To take advantage of the below sexual techniques, you need to at least be able to feel them: how they flow, where they concentrate, their color, levels, etc. If you cannot do that, forget about witchcraft black magic spells. Being unfamiliar with magic, you may hurt yourself and will not be able to use witchcraft ever again. Instead, you will have to focus on restoration. Some of those who tried casting black witchcraft spells unprepared, spend dozens of years or even their whole life trying to restore their energies afterwards.

The use of sexual energy in black magical spells

Black witchcraft skull spellThe easiest way to accumulate the energies needed for black witchcraft is to stop having orgasms. Have sex with your partner every day after dark but before midnight. This method is great for everyone intending to cast witchcraft black magic spells to find love, attract someone’s attention or enhance their creative abilities.

How long you foreplay and have sex is irrelevant. Your goal is to stop before you have an orgasm. Do not have after-sex cuddling, either. Ideally, you and your partner should spend the night after having sex in different rooms. The next day, interact with each other as little as possible directing the energy you have accumulated at ritual preparation. You can use it to enhance any of your subtle bodies, strengthen a weak chakra and create a channel of energy and information exchange with the person who you are going to cast your black witchcraft spells on in advance.

Generally, energy levels reach their peak on the 5-6 day in men and on the 3-4 day in women. Energy levels drop on the 7th day in men, while in women they keep rising and drop on the 14th day or the date of the start of their next menstrual cycle.

Another way to prepare yourself for black witchcraft spells with sex is to make your partner a donor. In that case, sex is divided into two phases:

  • Preparation phase;
  • Main phase.

During the preparation phase, you need to prepare your partner to ensure that he or she has multiple orgasms. During the main phase, make your partner climax taking over part of his or her energies. Every time your partner has an orgasm, take deep breaths and hold your breath gathering the energy radiated by your partner. Be careful for it may exhaust and harm your partner.

When an experienced spellcaster helps you prepare for black witchcraft, let the spellcaster accumulate the energies of the world and give them to you during an orgasm. This method requires good foreplay.

Another way to accumulate the energy needed for casting witchcraft black magic spells is to entrust a professional spellcaster or person specializing in tantric sex with it. In that case, the sexual technique enabling to prepare for casting black witchcraft spells should be divided into several phases:

1. Your partner makes you have multiple orgasms, thus removing all stagnant energies from your subtle bodies and chakras.

2. Your partner adjusts your chakras by stopping right before you climax.

3. You and your partner have an orgasm together during which your partner is giving you his or her energies (see the above black witchcraft preparation methods).

In this case, you should know for sure which charkas will help you cast your witchcraft black magic spells so your partner could adjust the right chakras.

Black witchcraft doll spellsThe last method is great for people who have no sexual partner. You can prepare yourself for casting black witchcraft spells even if you have no sexual partner. Go to a solitary place and, having made sure no one is going to bother you, meditate for a few hours. Your goal is to accustom the energies of the places of power to yourself, connect to them and get in tune with them. When you are ready, masturbate but stop right before climaxing. When you start experiencing spasms (spasms are common when people stop before climaxing), absorb the energies around you. This will empower you to perform the most complex black witchcraft rituals at your best.

   Dispose of the energy which you have left after you finish casting your witchcraft black magic spells and do what it takes to protect yourself from dark energies, entities and magic retribution. By doing so, you will make your black witchcraft spells irreversible.

The best way to dispose of the energy you have left after doing black witchcraft is to masturbate and have an orgasm. Do so where your energies will not be able to pass to others in the form of hexes or curses. I advise you to go to the country and find a solitary place. Remember that a cleansing ritual may be required afterwards in case you need to protect yourself against all consequences of your witchcraft black magic spells.

If your partner is a spellcaster, ask him or her to cleanse you. By having sex with you and making you have an orgasm, he or she will take over your energies and redirect them at his or her own discretion: influence a third party or use them in a different way. Do not be afraid of karmic consequences because the spellcaster bears full responsibility for his or her actions. As for you, you will play the role of an energy donor, and energy donors are usually not punished by the Higher Powers.

Sex alone is not enough to prepare for casting black witchcraft spells

The following rules need to be observed, too:

  • Fast and do not overeat;
  • Do not drink alcohol, take drugs and smoke;
  • Walk in a park or in wild nature a lot;
  • Do not overwork physically and emotionally;
  • Have enough sleep and rest;
  • Try to avoid strong feelings, positive or negative;
  • Avoid those who may be energy vampires or people passing their negative energies onto you.

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