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Cleansing yourself before love witchcraft

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There are no half-measures in magic. If you want to use love witchcraft, you need to prepare yourself for it first. Being an experienced spellcaster with thousands of quality love witchcraft spells cast, I assure you preparation has nothing to do with reading books and buying magic accessories. By the way, those are essential, too. The key to a successful witchcraft love spell is your inner purity. Magic will fulfill your wishes only after you cleanse your chakras and fill your subtle bodies with pure energies.

Today I, spellcaster Maxim, am going to tell you how you can cleanse all of your seven chakras before love witchcraft. I hope you will study my advice carefully and follow it.

1. Cleansing the first chakra before casting love witchcraft spells

Witchcraft Love Spell ritualBegin cleansing yourself with your first, the lowest, chakra before casting witchcraft love spells. Strange as it may seem, the first chakra is cleansed through sleep. You should sleep a lot, go to bed before midnight and wake up with no alarm clock. It may be difficult for you at first but you will go through the following three stages:

  • You make yourself fall asleep;
  • You sleep a lot, more than 12 hours daily;
  • You sleep 5 to 7 hours and wake up rested, refreshed and energized.

2. Cleansing your second chakra before love witchcraft

The second chakra is cleansed through walking in nature. It does not matter what time of the year it is and what the weather is like outside. If it is cold, put on some warm clothes; grab an umbrella or put on a raincoat if it is raining; take a bottle of water if it is hot. You can go to a park but a forest is a much better option, especially if you walk in solitude.

Be careful while having such walks but do not let your fear control you. Try to spend at least one day in nature without meeting a single human and you will be amazed at how much it will change your subtle bodies and your consciousness. Your thoughts and feelings will be brighter and purer than ever before. This is how you should cleanse your second chakra while preparing to cast your love witchcraft spells.

3. Cleansing the third chakra before casting witchcraft love spells

The third chakra is cleansed through food and control of your negative emotions before love witchcraft. First and foremost, abstain from unhealthy food and alcohol. Eat more cereals, seasonal and local vegetables and fruits. Replace meat with cottage cheese or beans, coffee and tea with herbal tea and water with honey. Your subtle bodies will quickly respond to such diet changes as this will fill them with energy and improve their health.

Speaking of your negative emotions, you should avoid things that make you lose control of yourself and do not let you be happy. These include envy, obsessions, dreams of power, dominance and wealth; anger, rage and aggression; being judgmental. Any spellcaster should learn to accept and love himself the way he is. The energy of being comfortable with who you are (just and sincere) is so strong that it can help a spellcaster cast the most complex love witchcraft spells successfully.

4. Cleansing the fourth chakra before casting witchcraft love spells

Witchcraft candle love spellsThis chakra is cleansed through high spirits, good thoughts and daring plans. For instance, you want to do love witchcraft but you are worried because you are not sure the object of your love spell will fall in love with you after you perform the ritual. The more you worry and hesitate, the more you block your fourth chakra. Let yourself dream of happiness. Imagine that you will cast your love spell successfully and be happy in your relationship with the object of your love spell and live a long and happy life together. This will help you prepare your fourth chakra and cast your love witchcraft spell successfully.

Do not be jealous, try not to have premonitions, and do not exhibit fatalism. Let your heart be filled with joy, love and happiness.

5. Cleansing the fifth chakra before love witchcraft

The fifth chakra is the easiest to cleanse. It is cleansed through laughter, loud conversations and singing. Sing like no one can hear you and your fifth chakra, filled with energy, will open up like a beautiful lily, turning your voice into a unique magic tool.

To cleanse your fifth chakra, try to be eloquent, stop swearing and speak in a quiet but confident voice. Say more kind, loving and praising words. Strange as it may seem, reading poems, kind and beautiful, out loud can also help you cleanse your fifth chakra.

6. Cleansing your sixth chakra before casting love witchcraft spells

To cleanse your sixth chakra before casting witchcraft love spells, learn how to take your mind under control. Controlling your brain is easier than you think. To begin with, make it stop taking. If you are an amateur, do as follows:

  • Have a good night’s sleep;
  • Do not have breakfast and have a contrast shower instead;
  • Go to the country and find a solitary place;
  • Meditate;
  • Try not to think about anything and watch your brain cease talking.

Only a quiet mind can generate truly productive energies, while only the thoughts appearing in a pure and clear mind turn into orders which can be heard by reality to change it the way you want.

7. Cleansing the seventh chakra before casting witchcraft love spells

The seventh chakra is cleansed through praying. At this point many beginning spellcasters start to panic because they began learning magic with giving up religion in hope to find the answers their religion could not give them. But do not worry. There are no specific requirements for a prayer. You can use canonical prayers of any religion you want. You can use mantras or make up your own prayers by addressing the forces you like or the entities which you consider your patrons.

I know people who prayed to their Higher Self or their inner child and received amazing results. They opened their seventh chakra and were filled with Divine Energy coming from the Higher Worlds. On top of that, they obtained immense knowledge of the Universe. This can be explained by the fact that the seventh chakra is a conductor enabling people to connect to various information fields. 

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